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  1. Not too sure if i have same serial interface but i have attached pictures of our drivers running on os3. these have worked since 2.10.6 or something since we installed them. Hope this might shed some light. Ive also attached a pic of the transmitter we use.
  2. Just bringing this back to the surface as ive just had this same problem over the past couple of days. And not really sure i found the answer online. Small brief Hikvision alarm out has 2 terminals "ground" and "1" Control4 io has "signal" and "+12x It would make sense to make a generic contact driver to the control4 io which can be triggered when alarm out is "alarmed" but like some mentioned above it just does not trigger in control4. Even after all the physical tests it just doesnt work. Anyways i found a solution. 2 core wire. (Alarm, cat,etc) 1 core into signal c4 io, 1 core into +12 c4. Then at the hikvision nvr. Twist the pairs together and insert both of them into "1". Everything should be 0 volt. And not had any problems with each of the equipment. Would love if anyone could shed light on why this works as its been driving me insane but i think this might help people solving the same problem with hikvision alarm out and control4 io Sorry for renewing an old thread but ive seen when ever new topics are made for old posts it always gets redirected.
  3. we hit this problem a few month back, not due to our fault but customer adding more extras. we used resistors or "dummy loads" to take the hit and get the light (single light in our case) to switch off.
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