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  1. You can commit or hedge but can’t do both. Otherwise, it is really a payment plan not a subscription.
  2. in january, i started offering license subscriptions for bMyQ and bRoomba. each are currently priced at $12.50 per 3 months if a software/driver solution is the route you want to take. copy from my site's FAQs: What Are License Subscriptions? BNet Solutions now offers the bRoomba and bMyQ drivers on a subscription basis. Instead of a one-time purchase, you are billed at a regular interval (usually quarterly) for the use of these drivers. All billing transactions are handled by PayPal and are “friction-less”. You may choose to continue the subscription for as long as you like for cancel it at anytime. Once cancelled, the driver will continue to function until the expiration of the current subscription period and then will be deactivated. Why Only Offer Subscriptions for bRoomba and bMyQ? The rebuke to these drivers is that they rely on unsupported cloud services / APIs to function and that a change to that infrastructure could cripple the functionality of these drivers. If you are a “Dumpster Fire” prophet, do not buy these drivers. I wish you well on your integration efforts but know that there are NO official APIs available for 3rd party integrations. If you want to integrate MyQ or Roomba hardware into your automated home, but want to hedge on a full license purchase, perhaps a subscription is right for you. See the bRoomba and bMyQ product pages for more details on pricing and terms.
  3. Pleased to announce the bRename driver is available! Rename your Control4 devices without Composer... or programming! Use bRename's internal web server to view your devices, rename them and refresh your navigators. Accessible from a standard browser or a touchscreen navigator. A win for installers and homeowners! Visit https://bnet4solutions.com/bRename for the bRename driver and documentation. Enjoy!
  4. So with all the talk about supported drivers, unsupported drivers, official APIs, unofficial APIs, companies merging or going out of business, it occurs to me that there is an alternative driver development/sales business model that would mitigate the medium to long-term risk of purchasing drivers. To date, we are based on a lump-sum, everything up-front purchase model. You buy the driver and hope that everything that driver touches internally (control4, hardware, etc) and externally (cloud services, APIs, etc) doesn't change, break or get discontinued. If it does and your lucky, you upgrade. If your unlucky, and there is no upgrade path - you are stuck or you buy another driver to replace the old one (if one exists). The alternative driver business model looks like a subscription. Technically, I'm not sure if it is a subscription, a lease, limited license, whatever. No matter, the concept is the same: you pay a recurring fee to use the driver. And you pay it as long as you want to use the driver. Driver breaks, a better one comes along, you no longer use/need it - stop the subscription. Other side of the coin is that if you stop paying, the driver stop working. As a consumer/home owner, the incentives are all in the right place - build a good product, keep it current and I'll stick with you. It keeps developers honest by giving you an out with limited sunk cost. As a driver developer, it is more work. We have all built some form of payment infrastructure - we would need another. Our driver architecture would need updated to handle the on/off nature of subscriptions. What is the market price of a driver subscription anyway? $1, $2, $5, $10 per month? per quarter? annually? Technically speaking, this model has some challenges - all are, I believe, solvable. The infrastructure can be built out, friction-less, recurring transaction services exists. The challenge is one of mindset and adoption. So, TECHNICAL ASPECTS ASIDE, thoughts on the driver subscription business model?
  5. re polling interval - short answer: there is no technical limitation long answer: Polling is a balance between keeping the driver’s device status up to date vs overloading the MyQ API. I have seen other apps poll as frequently as every 5 seconds –a setting that would seem to get your implementation banned (by mac/ip) within short order. 1-minute intervals seem reasonable but any feedback on this subject is welcome. re authentication action - on other drivers i had initially done away with the authentication action design. the issue was that, believe it or not, not everyone knows or enters their u/p correctly the first time. when the driver fails to authenticate after the u/p is fat-fingered a few times, the account can get lock. so, i've been using the read / aim / fire method for authentication. it is an extra step but only done once so i hope its not too much of a distraction. that's the reason anyway - perhaps a poor design choice.
  6. Wires are cheap, run them everywhere - future proof/what ifs/what could be.
  7. And it took you 10 mins to call it a “hack” Another non-answer answer
  8. I tell everyone the deal before I sell it. It's a customer's decision at the end of the day. But I give them all the info they need to make an informed decision I missed the part where you actually answer the question - you call my work a “hack” and at the same time profit on another identical “hack”. Does “all the info they need” include your financial arrangement with DC because you are clearly motivated to put the customers’ interests ahead of your own.
  9. Absolutely true - and if there was a published API, bMyQ would be using it as would the DC driver I’m sure. But there is not and so this is what we have.
  10. What is your cut of MSRP? 20% per “hack”? Or are we witnessing true, authentic altruism at work here?
  11. Perhaps he should post a financial disclosure next to his guarantee
  12. As did many of us. Partly why bMyQ is priced more “reasonably”
  13. I would always choose a hardwired/local solution over a wireless/cloud solution - just not an option for everyone. That is why we have options.
  14. What is your problem? I didn't think this would be so controversial - it is a $75 driver for a garage door. We are not saving the world here. Don't want to use a driver, then don't but not everyone has the wires in place or wants to solder. Maybe you can come down off your pedestal long enough to post the "guaranteed support for eternity" statement for your services? I'll take notes and you can go back to throwing rocks...
  15. And what makes your unofficial API usage any better? Like i said on the other thread - you want C4 to control your MyQ devices you can use a soldering iron or a driver. If/when there is an official API, I'll use that. Between now and then, this is the method we have if you choose the driver path. But since you asked, I guess the real difference is that I built a home with Control4 and use/depend on my drivers everyday. If/when a driver stops working, I'll be here to fix it.
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