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  1. Thank you for the wonderfully kind comment zkoynz - made my day!
  2. I7 added to compatible list - thanks dzagha!!
  3. Happy Monday everyone - I have a working C4 Roomba driver and am looking for a few testers to help shake it down - please msg me if you are interested. A few notes: The driver is stand-alone (no external/cloud API calls, talks directly to the roomba) Works with "new" iRobot MQTT interface (NOT "old" HTTPS API) I'm working with model 980 It claims to be up-to-date, running firmware v2.4.6-3 Current functionality: Find Roomba on network Get/Extract username and password Basic commands: Start, Stop, Pause, Resume and Dock Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  4. Thx! Been using this for my son. While not happy at 3:30a this morning when alarm triggered, I was happy to see him again for breakfast! Fires event at configurable low and high sugar levels. You can do anything C4 can do in response to event - lights on in room(s), pathway to kitchen/carbs, alarms/sounds on touchscreens, etc. Even has an alarm snooze that resets after levels are back to “normal”. Based on UI Proxy so uses icons to show CGM level at anytime (see attachment) I just need to retrofit some architecture and get it documented - shouldn’t be too long. bDexcom will do the same, just will hit the Dexcom API instead of Nightscout.
  5. I realize this is likely a small slice of Control4 users out there but does anyone run NightScout (http://www.nightscout.info/)? If your interested, I have a driver that integrates CGM data into C4 and am looking for a few testers. Also, for an upcoming driver, anyone using Dexcom CGMs?
  6. Pleased to announce my Nexia driver is officially available! Thank you to my testers for their feedback - it is a better product because of you. Visit https://bnet4solutions.com for my modest but growing list of drivers. enjoy!
  7. Just to put a bow on this thread - BNet Solutions is a Licensed Control4 Development Partner with full access to Composer, SDK, API docs etc. I do NOT have access to the dealer forum and have been told it is for "dealers" only. I believe the premise of the orig question is still valid - other than the dealer forum, where do Control4 driver developers discuss driver development? I'm not sure if it exists... Should we start one? Separate category on this site? Different site? Most importantly, is anyone interested? I don't need a forum to talk to myself...
  8. Pleased to announce my Nexia driver is officially available! Thank you to my testers for their feedback - it is a better product because of you. Visit https://bnet4solutions.com for my modest but growing list of drivers. enjoy!
  9. I was asking what type of share you created - samba/CIFS, NFS etc. I created a Control4 user and granted read-only permissions to the share/directory/files and access it the same way you noted above: \\<synology>\<share> Min SMB protocol is also set to SMB1 I used to use an app called MediaMonkey - if it is still around, I would recommend no matter - glad it is working!
  10. Thank you for the replies. I'm not interested in challenging C4's business model, looking for download links or on a C4 bash-fest - I love my C4. It is truly the centerpiece of my house. That's why I would like to fill in a few missing functionality holes and address a few driver issues. And if I make a product that someone else likes in the process, that's great. I've only been at this for a few months and my appreciation for the framework continues to grow but development has been somewhat tedious. On the upside, I really have enjoyed figuring some of this out. But... When API/Proxy docs say a functions return a string but it only ever returns nil, what am I doing wrong? Turns out, the reference docs are wrong - who knew? (Ryan knew) When my thermostatv2 driver <extras> crashes the C4 iOS, is it me, C4 iOS app, proxy driver or something else? Works perfectly on my T3s and android app but bombs my C4 iOS app every time. Has to be me, but why? Spend days on this one with no luck... What are people using for their IDE? Has anyone successfully integrated Visual Studio Code remote debugging? And a few dozen more somewhat mundane questions... I'll muddle on if need be, I just know there are smarter people who have already been down these paths... and it sounds like those paths perhaps all lead to the dealer forum. (above questions are just some examples - I'm not necessarily looking for answers just included to support the larger question) Thanks for your time.
  11. Short question - Is there a driver development forum where I should be posting development-related question? Longer version - While there are certainly some development posts and I've incorporated several tips, the forum seem more geared toward dealer/user-related questions and composer-related programming than driver-development. I'm happy to post my development-related questions here, I just don't want to lob questions that no one else cares about... Also occurs to me that developers may feel like they are competing with each other so the spirit may not be there... Thanks!
  12. Thank you Ryan - sorry I didn't see your reply until recently. I moved past the sync/async issue for now but have an upcoming project that will be perfect for your suggestion. side, side note from above - tParams didn't pass along my integer or floats either so maybe just string are supported... Thanks again!
  13. I control my firepit from aux button on pool controller (aqualink driver). Had to install remote starter kit. Wired solution obviously...
  14. What type of share did you create on Synology? Error msg?
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