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  1. Pleased to announce the bNexia v5 driver is available! bNexia is a Control4 driver designed to query and control your Nexia-compatible HVAC thermostats including Trane and American Standard and now supports Nexia Groups. Visit https://bnet4solutions.com for the bNexia driver and documentation as well as my modest, but growing, list of available drivers. enjoy!
  2. Pleased to announce the bRoomba v3 driver is officially available! bRoomba now supports selective room cleaning for your Roomba that implements room mapping functionality in addition to the standard command set of Start, Stop, Pause, Resume and Dock. Visit https://bnet4solutions.com for the bRoomba driver and documentation as well as my modest, but growing, list of available drivers. enjoy!
  3. now that makes me happy. thanks for sharing!!
  4. Is there a trial period? All of my drivers are fully functional for a 7-day trial period
  5. I did have a 960 tester and all was reported functional
  6. Attached is a screen shot from my iOS app. "Houdini" is my Roomba's name shamelessly between some of my other drivers re OS3, here is an excerpt from the driver documentation: "There have been a few icon-related issues reported while using C4’s iOS app connected to an OS3 Director. Because these issues are not repeatable on other C4 navigators (like a T3 or the Android app) or on OS 2.x, I currently believe the issue is somewhere between OS3 and the iOS app. If you have an issue with the icons, you may choose to simply not add it to your room view until the issue is resolved. The primary purpose of the driver is to enable automated commands (start Roomba when Away button is invoked) and was not necessarily intended to replace the iRobot app."
  7. Happy to announce bRoomba driver and documentation is now publicly available at https://bnet4solutions.com Enjoy!!
  8. thank you for the interest and help - beta testing is all but complete. i hope to have a release version out shortly!
  9. I have several QMotion blinds - some individual, some in groups, some battery and some wired. I don't have a recommendation, but will say that even in the grouped wired motors (best case for sync), there is a slight variation in movement speed. with 12 feet of travel, the slowest motor in the group is 1/4 to 1/2 second slower than the quickest resulting in the last blind having maybe 6 inches to go when the first one finishes. battery-powered blinds vary based on battery level but still mostly in sync. also, seems to be differences in spring tension (think garage door spring) that vary the speed in otherwise identical motors.
  10. no conflict whatsoever. i had them both running side-by-side during development for countless hours and actually still use the Nexia app on occasion.
  11. Short answer is both. bNexia is a driver designed to consolidate query and command interactions with the Nexia API and distribute individual HVAC zone update information to connected bTstats. bTstat is a driver designed to interact with an HVAC cloud proxy driver (such as bNexia) to send commands to and receive commands from an HVAC cloud service. It implements the Control4 ThermostatV2 proxy to present the user with a standard thermostat interface. Drivers and documentation located here: https://bnet4solutions.com/portfolio/btstat https://bnet4solutions.com/portfolio/bnexia/
  12. Thank you for the wonderfully kind comment zkoynz - made my day!
  13. I7 added to compatible list - thanks dzagha!!
  14. Happy Monday everyone - I have a working C4 Roomba driver and am looking for a few testers to help shake it down - please msg me if you are interested. A few notes: The driver is stand-alone (no external/cloud API calls, talks directly to the roomba) Works with "new" iRobot MQTT interface (NOT "old" HTTPS API) I'm working with model 980 It claims to be up-to-date, running firmware v2.4.6-3 Current functionality: Find Roomba on network Get/Extract username and password Basic commands: Start, Stop, Pause, Resume and Dock Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
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