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  1. Good thought. I just confirmed the thermostats are all listed as Online (and they are five feet from the C4 controller).
  2. That setting doesn't seem to have an impact on the behavior I am seeing. The Control4 interface on my PC and my phone is showing the thermostat temperature heat and cool temps set a certain way, but the LCD screen of the thermostat itself shows different numbers.
  3. I have a 1st generation Control4 Thermostat (CCZ-T1-W) where C4 reports the temperature is manually set and the thermostat doesn't have the setting, so it doesn't turn on the HVAC. If I go into the Control4 interface and change the temperature, the thermostat usually gets the updated temperature and turns on or off the HVAC. Has anybody else seen similar behavior. I tried changing the battery and resetting the thermostat, but the behavior continues.
  4. I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but may be a solution for your need. A "current switch" can be attached to a contact on Control4 Controller, IO Extender, etc. I used them to monitor when my sump pump actually turns on to pump. It has power all the time and a float switch, so it only pumps when the water comes up high enough to trigger the float switch. One thing to be careful of with AC power is you only put one wire through the core of the current switch. If you put the hot and the neutral wires through the core, it doesn't trigger. I put the current switch inside the electrical box around the hot wire, then regardless of what load is plugged in to the outlet will trigger it. I have no affiliation with this company, but it happens to be where I got the current switch I am using: http://controlscentral.com/eCatalog/tabid/63/q/H300/ProductID/346694/SearchID/5/ViewType/2/Default.aspx
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. I have driver version 46 and the only options in Composer are "Debug Mode", "Spotify Connect Name", "Auto Room(s) Select", "Override Room(s) Select", "Auto Play", and "Power Off Rooms When Spotify Disconnects". Where is the option for "Ignore Source Volume"?
  6. Has anybody else had an issue with Spotify Connect being very loud? I generally have one room around 40% volume, but with Spotify Connect it needs to be at 3% to be at a similar volume level.
  7. If you're going to do that, you might want to kick off another macro (rather than put the logic in the changing variable) to keep all the logic in a series of macros rather than bouncing between macros and variable triggers.
  8. I upgraded my director to 2.10.542164 and Announcements seemed to start working, but there is one exception. If I listen to Spotify Connect without Spotify actually streaming the music. C4 GUI - navigate to the room, Listen, "Spotify Connect" Open Spotify on PC, stream audio to Control4 Spotify Connect. Announcement works at this point. On PC, change "Listening On" to "This Computer". The C4 will automatically turn off. Announcement works at this point. C4 still in room, Listen, "Spotify Connect". C4 GUI shows the song that is playing on Spotify. Announcement does not work. On PC, change "Listening On" to "Control4 Spotify Connect and the Announcement from #4 plays. Announcement works at this point.
  9. My testing has shown that your Awesome Macro will start executing and Door B will lock. If you put a Delay as the first step in Awesome Macro, Door B will lock before the rest of Awesome Macro executes.
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