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  1. Another quick question related to the topic above. When a general message is received, how do I make some light to change its state? As you can see in the pictures, the message was received and the script seems right but no light was turned on. Is there a better way to implement this? Best regards, Luis Carlos
  2. Quick question: When programming and selecting the MQTT Bridge events, what the difference from DEVICE_MESSAGE_RECEIVED and GENERAL_MESSAGE_RECEIVED?
  3. I am sorry, one more question. In the case of a dimmer, how would you send the the current light level?
  4. Thanks a lot for the tips. I would love to have access to your code. I wonder if it will be possible to make my Control4, Smartthings, Hubitat and Home Assistant talk to each other through MQTT. All talking and living in peace... One can dream that someday all will have some embedded MQTT support.
  5. David, Would you have a sample code of how to send a mqtt message? I am planning to send the status of my switches and dimmers to Home Assistant every time they change the state. I believe it won't be much different of how you send messages to Sonoff/Tasmota. Thanks in advance
  6. @harper, did you have a chance to take a look on how to implement choosing the proxy types? I would like to use your driver to send events to a Smartthings hub and having the status of my TVs, Apple TVs, Receivers and so on would be nice (on top of what you offer today). I won't mind entering the proxy types manually.
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