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  1. I have a like new with warranty until 2021 Pakedge complete network $8064 MSRP Pakedge RK-1 Router SOLD Pakedge Switch SX-24P8 (qty2) Pakedge Access point WX-1 (qty2) Pakedge Access point WK-2 (qty2) Pakedge NK-1 Network Controller ASKING $4300 MAKE OFFERS. YES WILL PART
  2. Purchased new 1/18/18 Lilin NVR 3216 with 2X 4TB drives Lilin MR8422X OUTDOOR HD IR VARIFOCAL IP CAMERA QTY4 $1650 includes shipping to USA address Great condition under warranty includes the mouse and power supply as shown in picture. I do not have original boxes but will be packaged and shipped insured by UPS
  3. I'm not sure if this has been discussed but here is something I discovered. There was a custom button on every TP that included programming to change the screen savers on all TP's to 1 hour. (this custom button was also called up in Keypad presses) I deleted this Custom button thinking all the programming attached to that Custom button would also be deleted. But see the attached screen shot. I deleted the custom button, but the button still shows as UNKNOWN EVENT 406 with the programming. When looking at the custom button screens in the Agent, it shows there is no custom button. The only way to remove this programming (which is nowhere to be found other then detective suite) is to add back in a custom button on the TP's and then the programming can be deleted.
  4. I have a brand new Kaleidescape Strato S 12TB player/Server ready to ship Price includes $250 in movie store credits and free loading of your movies $5200 Plus shipping
  5. Although cool I personally wouldn’t include that since the command might not work or the music might change instead of a light scene
  6. Nice. Thanks for that tip. I’ll try it. Would be nice if there was a 2-way driver though.
  7. Doesn’t it get hot in that enclosure ? I just ran a 18-2 from my controller to the fireplace
  8. I have 3 homes running pakedge Networking alll with several wap’s and the nk controller. I don’t have any problems. I setup and manage it myself. Anyone using pakedge having issues ? Anyone use araknis products here.? Seems like the ovrc software is cool.
  9. And I like to turn off all screen savers on all tv’s and all touch panels. Just to show the cool interface. Also i set up everything return to home in 3 minutes
  10. Just sold a home I have a 2 button keypad at Front door and Garage entry door and just reprogrammed the "Welcome" and "Goodbye" scene. Also set up a custom button on all touch panels labeled "Realtor"- Welcome and Goodbye Welcome, turned on all TV's and displayed the TV navigator Sent a Smooth jazz playlist to the entire house (correct background volume levels) Adjusted every light in the house to mostly 100% Turn on the fireplace Turned off the screen savers on all touch panels and TV's
  11. He would like the Roku news12 app. Not only is it live streaming the Channel but you can pick other news stories and play them back as well. Dad will be frozen to the screen like me
  12. OK brother thanks. Hopefully something comes up. For now, its just another step.
  13. I am a dealer and I talked to control4 support 2 different techs told me not possible.
  14. I am told this can't be done unless there is a News12 universal Mini app. I was hoping that we had the option to add any Roku channel directly to the watch menu in navigator Please share if you have an another way to accomplish this Thanks
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