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  1. just a guess but have you tried browsing the music from your tv display using the remote control? just to confirm the music side is working If so then I guess the driver update possibly left out the music playback since kaleidescape is no longer supporting music playback
  2. I'm not sure I understand the issue.. Are you not able to browse the music list using the control4 remote while displayed on your TV?
  3. I had several that were defaulting back to login credentials. Pakedge support is usually very good. I don’t recall what the fix was but they will help you.
  4. I have also have a Sundance and there is a light on the outside of the tub maybe you can tap into that. Another way I have been thinking about doing this is a temp sensor.. since my tub is always 101 Degrees so if it drops below 98 I know its off
  5. Ok thanks man. But to be clear to others, these 6cl dimmers I am selling fully support Led lighting.
  6. Yeah I see they only list that model on the ra select system. Not ra2. Even though they indicate it works with ra2. Why wouldn’t they list it on the ra2 pages of Lutron a site ?
  7. I thought the cl are the latest and I know for sure they support led since I have them with all dimmable led. Also here is radio Ra2 part numbers and it shows the dimmers as rrd-6cl Maybe your thinking about the 1000 watt dimmers ? They are the older nd http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Products/Pages/WholeHomeSystems/RadioRA2/ModelNumbers.aspx#SectionHead6
  8. Are the 6cl not the newer replacement of the nd? I thought cl added led compatibility?
  9. I will go against Ari and say we use the TV Navigator constantly. You just press a big red button. You never have to look at the remote to select what you want to watch. Plus its cool to look at your TV with quick access to things especially now with 3.0 press the red button and a favorite channel or garage door status, alarm status , camera. All just 1 press away
  10. I am selling another batch of Lutron Radio Ra items. All in working order just pulled from a home. Prefer to sell entire package but will split up SELL AS A PACKAGE FOR $1700 PLUS SHIPPING OR SEE BREAKUP PRICES BELOW QTY-30 RRD-6CL Dimmers $60 QTY-3 RRD 8ANS Switches $60 QTY2- RDRD Remote dimmer $20 QTY-1 RDSW Remote switch $20 QTY-1 Lutron Main repeater $125 QTY-1- Lutron Connect BDG2 Bridge $100 QTY-1 Lutron Connect BDG Bridge $75 QTY-1 Lutron AUX Repeater (not shown in pics) $75 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE SHIPPING FEES. Some are missing screws, others have wires connected. all work
  11. Hi dinushan. Sorry but I have this nvr pulled from the system now so I can’t check it but yes we were able to navigate camera views but I don’t think we ever tried to playback recordings.
  12. I am also looking for a way to control the Bose soundbar 700
  13. I used the LILIN NVR/DVR IP driver from 5/2015
  14. I’ll check later and get back to you with exact driver. But , yes the driver was working.
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