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  1. I know about those expensive plasma tv's.. I just bought a house at the jersey shore and almost every room has a fujistu plasma. It pains me to do it but they gotta go. Not even an HDMI port.
  2. I thought I read somewhere not to use the web interface for configuration because it could be overwritten when the driver gets updated since the driver takes priority. (I could be wrong here)
  3. Yes, the DS2 will email/text you snapshot notifications without any other component. (Other then a Control4 controller)
  4. I see chowmain just launched the awesome driver but is anyone going to pay the $1500 ++ for each movie that only allow to watch it twice in a 36 hour period? I've been waiting for this to come to Kaleidescape, but at a reasonable pricepoint ($300+) and of course owning the 4K movie when it does become available
  5. Yes intercom anywhere and DS2 are very reliable I have several control4 homes and I don’t have any Av components falling off line. when you hear about that it’s usually 1 of 2 reasons. 1: customer didn’t want to upgrade their network components and have network issues. Or just an improperly configured network 2: a diy person trying to program the system without the proper tools and experience.
  6. Hello Alan Can you take a look at the Movie cover feedback to the Neeo remotes? It seems the neeo is not getting the cover art feedback I am attaching an image of it next to the same rooms T3
  7. Damn $18,000 map for 8 zones. That thing is expensive
  8. Haha I didn’t want to say it like that l, But it’s crazy they are still new in boxes. Pretty sure I just threw away some of this stuff on a job.
  9. I know someone that hogged them all up and ordered 20!!
  10. Exactly right. Its a little 7" touch panel! Its not meant to watch video on it. A quick glance to see who is at your front door maybe..
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