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  1. Looking to buy a used 8 Zone Audio Matrix. Please send PM if you are selling a used Matrix. Would also consider 16 if the price is right
  2. I could never figure out how to get the picos to trigger events in composer. When you do it please post
  3. I use keypads for audio controls. Mostly volume and quick access to a source or playlist
  4. Hopefully njtechguy reports back how happy he is with us. We have been working at his home on and off since February. His entire home has control4 panels and lighting keypads in every room. Speakers in every room including closets and bathrooms. Ea5 in the rack and an Ea1 at each tv. Jap video distribution that Ari was kind enough to setup since we never did a Jap system. We delivered him a control4 centralized lighting system that will be installed soon. We just installed the ds2 and A new dsc security system with the control4 driver. And Qmotion shades on order. I left him the awesome Kaleidescape system loaded with hundreds of 4K movies to try out for a few weeks but he was having no part of it and I didn’t even give him the price on it.
  5. Yes I have had my radio ra2 main working for years also without a glitch. I think the difference is that Lutrons main repeater has a single easy job to do but the ca-1 is an entire home automation processor with many jobs
  6. I took over a job that had over 70 c4 light switches , dimmer and keypads all on a single ca-1. The controller was locking up occasionally. Switched it out for multiple ea-1 and an ea-5 in the rack.
  7. Not necessarily override programming but if you have programming turning on the fan then yes it will still come on but will always turn off if you select the auto off feature setting in the driver
  8. $450 for this like new $1500 switch.
  9. I’ll trade you for the lilin nvr and cameras that you want.
  10. Talking about controlling Coffee making machines. I just got this really cool Jura Giga 6 here and it works with my phone and ipad. Just need my Control4 System to integrate with this thing and I will be set. On a bad note I drink like 7 of these a day. Can order up many types of drinks from your phone.
  11. As promised... Another $50 off! $600 for this package. I know my friend ILoveC4 is closely watching this and waiting for it to get to $0 because he wants it for free! so I suggest keeping an eye on this and beating him to the purchase since it is getting reduced by $50 everyday until its free. (you pay shipping)
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