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  1. 2 brand new touch panels remaining. pm for pricing
  2. I have 4 new White T3 Touch Panels that were not opened. If anyone wants them PM me for a Price
  3. CyKnight is being nice. Ancient hardware my friend. Next time come here and ask before you spend that hard earned cash. everything is end of life and nearly a decade old. And I’m guessing those switches are discontinued years ago Don’t be surprised if half of it doesn’t even work
  4. Yes, and you can also say "play metallica in the kitchen" or any other room connected to the matrix. And of course you can ask him to play specific song as well
  5. Some people (I am not saying antneed) may just not realize the super convenience of having engraved keypad buttons. Its up to the dealer to demonstrate this and is the reason why in NJ and NY, a real showroom in a commercial building is a requirement to be a dealer
  6. Dude I went into a $10 million house a few months ago. They have a centralized system they have been living with for over 2 years with stickers that are falling off the wall next to every keypad And this is the only means to control the lights
  7. Hey Antneed, I am being a smartass my brother.. I am not usually like that.. Hey PM your address and I am going to send you a free keypad dimmer. (probably open box slightly used) but a working excellent condition keypad dimmer.
  8. C'mon now mitch, thats silly. Why would you engrave buttons? You may have to one day pay $5 to replace a nice laser engraved keypad button that will tell you what light or music source it controls. I made the mistake of engraving all of my keypads. I regret it everyday
  9. He doesn’t need to engrave buttons. He can just use little stickers like he did on his existing dimmer. Then he can just replace the Stickers all the time.
  10. If you want it to do keypad functions then just swap it out for a keypad. Then you can engrave the buttons.
  11. I understand Josh is close to adding additional C4 native streaming services Also, the way I do it is I have 1 sonos port on the matrix. So when I want to use josh to play music, it will use the sonos. If I want to play c4 streaming music I will go to a touch panel or my phone and play tidal or whatever.
  12. Used panels should have included that tool also. Ask the programmer for one , he should have a removal tool.
  13. I guess it depends on the state. But on 2 occasions that I was involved with, Control4 stepped up to the plate and literally wrote a check to replace all of his control4 equipment. I’m pretty sure there are not that many companies out there that will do that. They terminated the dealer on both occasions.
  14. Control4 dealers are buying used control4 equipment on ebay and selling it to their clients ? I hear many horror stories of people paying full price and thinking they are getting new warrantied equipment only to find out couple years later it was mostly all used. I have a friend who trusted a dealer and paid him $60,000 and it turned out most if it was used and some already out of warranty. Of course they found out after it started failing.
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