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  1. Like Mitch says, the ecobee works good. We have used many in a c4 home. Ea3 would only be suggested if you needed more then 1 stream of audio in that specific room. But I think your going to distribute audio using the triad matrix and amp using the Audio streams from the ea5.
  2. Looks like a nice setup and your dealer should be explaining everything to you otherwise I would get another dealer Ea5 in the rack and ea1 at the main tv triad amp and triad matrix for distributing all of the streaming audio from the ea5. Would not recommend going with Sonos i would definitely switch the lighting to c4 you can use the essential lighting just check on led compatibility. I suggest some c4 keypads with engraving at door entry locations t4 touch panels and sr260 remote controls Luma nvr with Luma cameras you should not use the isp networking.
  3. Thanks cy but isn’t this yellow arrow 30 - 4:4:4.?
  4. Easy there mister knight. Don’t get so excited. We know it supports hdr. It was the resolution I was asking about. I have a Kaleidescape and it doesn’t support the full 4:4:4 at 60 Well I’m off to a tropical island 8 day vacation. Aloha
  5. Ok i see it now at the bottom I put my glasses on 4khdr 30 4:4:4 is supported 50 - 4:4:2 60- 4:2:0
  6. Here is the supported resolutions at the bottom of this sheet. I know my eyes are going bad but I cant find where HRD is @30 4:2:0 4k-uhd-lu-series-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  7. And since this post is about Josh, I just ordered my Nano's and Core but they are not expected until March if we are lucky
  8. Comparison of a standard electrical box and the T3/4 back box retrofit
  9. I think the 10" white are shipping next week
  10. Yes the 8" white have shipped. Some people already have them
  11. For clarification , PowerShades are also battery powered and they work great. I have them.
  12. The Chime IMO is a much better camera and always works unlike the 90 percent of the time nest hello.
  13. Hey Penn Your right about the Nest interface. That really is hard to beat. I have several nest cameras also for quick viewing and notifications
  14. They have not shipped yet. They were supposed to ship in november, then early December. Covid delays
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