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  1. I see this main repeater using sddp in 2 of my projects. Are you sure it’s on your network and has an IP address ? Test with ping
  2. No rg6 needed for dish remote joeys You put hooper in the main house and Joey in the remote location attached to the Secondary switch.
  3. Not Poe. He wouldn’t push Poe over that. Just push the Ethernet to a Poe switch and keep it under 300 feet.
  4. I’ll buy the back plate of someone is parting out.
  5. I think it needs to be 2 separate rooms. One for music and one for tv. otherwise how would control4 know which volume to control?
  6. I ran 280 feet of cat 6 from my main switch to another switch in my rv using underground conduit. If you have dish you don’t need anything else except the single cat6 cable. Dish Joey just connects to your secondary switch. (It’s what I did also ) Absolutely no problems at all. I setup another wap inside the rv as well. Try to keep your cable run under 300 feet between your switches
  7. Most Amps are dumb devices. Your source devices send the audio to the matrix which controls the switching and volume. Your ea controller provides announcements Matrix connects to the amp and speakers connect to the amp. control4 requires a dealer to program setup and configure.
  8. Yeah I’ve done that. I’ll let support check this out tomorrow. Something is going on with the controller.
  9. Something wrong with my annoucements. None of them are working. This is not a specific issue with this driver.
  10. HI Shivam. This text to speech has been working great for several months. But just recently it stopped working. Is there something I should be looking at to troubleshoot? Thanks]
  11. Tivo mini Have no monthly fee and are cheap to throw behind each tv.
  12. I’m curious as to why people use locally stored music as opposed to having access to millions of streaming titles that are fully integrated into the control4 controller ? I know some people do it because they have a few thousand foreign music titles that are somewhat not available on the streaming services, but why would you want to play your couple of thousand local stores titles when you can play them and Millions more from the services ?
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