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  1. Eko, yes agreed networking equipment use static. But for me everything else simply press a button and reserve it.
  2. There was a time I would primarily use mostly static ip addresses. And keep it all organized. Network gear gets between .1-.20 audio video between 21-50 Control systems .51-.60 touch panels .61-.80 etc etc It becomes tedious especially for a residential project. And what happens in a couple of years when your range wasn’t large enough? For net engineers that keep logs of their networks , this would not be a problem.
  3. Ok I think we agree. I was responding to an offline switch. A crashed network (per the other message), in my opinion is one that is down and not online or functional any longer.
  4. Cy. Surely you agree that if a ea5 is connected to the same crashed or offline network switch as the triad matrix audio and the lutron repeater and the tv and the video matrix that none of that communication can occur between them?
  5. Just to clarify. If your network crashes and your router and switches are down, you will lose Everything communicating over your network regardless if you have static or dhcp
  6. I prefer reservations so the devices can be organized, sorted and tracked in the router.
  7. And I used to use the pico's in my home running control4. That 1 second + delay was a deal killer for me.
  8. Now that Control4 has the new affordable Wireless lighting line, I would think most would want to stay with control4 lighting as opposed to Lutron's The new essential dimmers work just as good as the APD at less then half the price
  9. Hi Alt The LU642L data sheet shows it does not support it Take a look at the Doc showing all of the HDMI Switchers and they all support Ethernet over HDbaseT except the C4-LU642L
  10. Scroll to the bottom Here it lists all model numbers the driver supports http://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4
  11. Yes the model number is C4-V-ODIM120-WH they are smaller and rounder then the old outlet dimmers
  12. Control4 just launched the new outlet dimmer and outlet switch for less cost. Also chowmain makes a driver for tpkink.
  13. Well I guess I agree. If you know your network, then maybe not a need for support. What about updates ? Do amazon buyers have to go and find these updates from other sites ?
  14. What is considered a legit place? Are the places that are selling these units way below actual dealer direct cost legit with warranty? Why would a dealer buy from Ruckus direct and pay nearly twice as much as amazon?
  15. Are they registered and include warranty and support or did you get them on Amazon?
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