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  1. Thanks Yes LED strip lights. I was trying to buy these from blackwire ( I need 45 feet) https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/prolux-rgbw-24v-16-4ft-led-strip/ but they do not have this engine available any longer https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/engineering-solutions-dmx-rs232-engine-rj45xlr3/ I need something very reliable since its for a commercial location and the entire 45 feet needs to be controlled as one light
  2. Anyone know where else I can find RGBW tape lights with Control4 Compatibility? Blackwires Engine is no longer available
  3. Yeah I tried that also and they told me to buy the hub
  4. No, just the kitchen backsplash outlets.. I think I would proably try to match the base board moulding color so they dont stand out. So if the basebaord is white, I would keep white, IMO
  5. Yes. I just did that in a Kitchen that has all Control4 lighting.
  6. And that is MSRP. if your nice to ARi, you might save some $$
  7. It’s much less then $400 per year if you go with 5 years or a lifetime license
  8. I was under the impression that it is suggested to use unleashed in an under 5 wap deployment and then zone director or the other online controller when going over 5 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Lippa. Do you suggest using the zone director over unleashed even for a 5 and under wap deployment ?
  10. From my understanding , the price point is not going down at all. Its certainly a luxury item and it is not for everyone. Just like Control4
  11. And the Josh app rocks! it is much nicer then Control4 app IMO I have a nearly 6000 Sq Ft home with 3 Micros. Master Br, Kitchen and my office. Its great because whatever micro you are near it will control only that room unless you tell it otherwise. I will be adding more micros eventually.
  12. Ike I said. Under a $1000 for 5 rooms of control try it for a year. Once you live with it you will get more micros and more years
  13. There is no 1 room license. Minimum is 5 then 15 then unlimited rooms. then there is - 1year , 5 year and lifetime license
  14. No. Not correct. 5 rooms
  15. I think the driver is not in the c4 database. I believe you get that from josh
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