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  1. do You have a remote control ? what model control4 controller is it ? any touch panels ? so you don’t have a control4 login now ? You definitely need a dealer to get it operational if it’s not working now. He has to login to your controller and register it for starters if you don’t have logins.
  2. I think its possible you may have a network issue other then the AP's Did you setup the network and router? Can you get into the router admin? Do you have any static IP addresses on your network?
  3. There are IR drivers for all series 1 through 3
  4. There is an IR driver for the series III Bose 321 If it were me... I would remove the Bose and get something with IP compatibility
  5. Your in good hands with J3 there. But I will make a suggestion... Don't put your primary controller on Wifi
  6. You may not need a service call. but you will need a dealer
  7. I have always been a fan of Araknis. Lately, however I have been migrating to Ruckus AP's and so far they are awesome OK, putting that aside, this is what I had to do to get the ARaknis AP's working with everything 1: Separate the SSID's 2.4 and 5 Like you already did 2: turn off band steering and turn off fast roaming 3: update to latest firmware
  8. Yes I was jok Yes I was joking. I am not sure what the annoucement was
  9. Sell over $250,000 and get 2% back at the end of the year. Oh and get a free iPad
  10. Same wiring. No additional work. For 3 ways, if you have a 3 way light in place now, then its just replacing the dimmer on one switch and the other end install a aux keypad. the yellow is the traveler the other is to Neutral. . The instructions included could not be more clear. . If he is saying he needs to install wire for the 3-way then just put a dimmer in 1 location and the other put a configurable keypad.
  11. Really ? I didn’t see that yet. Was it an email that went out ?
  12. Did you check on remote central for discretes? I noticed they have some for insignia but not sure if your exact model will work
  13. I know a great company in NJ that is hiring an experienced outside sales / system design person. Great base pay ++ Minimum 5 years experience with Control4 or similar AV field PM for details
  14. I have this one and man, it doesn’t feel cheap at all https://www.crestron.com/en-US/Products/Control-Surfaces/Remotes/Programmable-Remotes/TSR-302-B
  15. Right , so would you say this remote would work for your needs ?
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