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  1. Anyone here in the NYC area that can handle a 2-3 day job programming 150+ Lighting Zones with many keypads, 20 zones audio, 2 TVs, etc Manhattan Townhome ready this week starting Wednesday This is an on-site job so you should be local
  2. They are coming but not this year
  3. Did you follow all notes in the driver ?
  4. That’s not Normal I Have several and they all turn on quickly using control4. What year frame is it ?
  5. A new control4 system and your not even going to run 3.0? fyi, it’s a huge leap forward from 2.10 with the 2008 interface
  6. Your processor is end of life discontinued and has been replaced a long time ago. . It’s time to upgrade my friend. I have experienced great C4 tech support.
  7. I don’t understand what the ea1 is doing and how it has anything to do with audio delay.
  8. How is the Apple TV connected ?
  9. Lol Egg, you know darn well mister JH did not attend the mandatory 4 day training class. Hey JH, I highly suggest taking that class. Its a must. And sorry to say the worlds best trainer, Jacob, has been promoted and is no longer teaching.
  10. Ip reservation in the router. But isn’t ir the recommended control for Apple TV?
  11. Hey Ocean. You must not be familiar with the awesome Pioneer Laserdisc player that did auto turnover I had one of those and loved it.
  12. control4 is not designed for people who replace their own transmissions in their cars. It’s a luxury product designed to be programmed by trained installers. There is a reason why they make every dealer attend the 4 day class. it’s so the product works and the support department doesn’t get flooded with calls. it’s also designed that way so that when you and your friends are all trying to program a system and it doesn’t work because you didn’t program it right then complain how bad control4 is.
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