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  1. I have the arcam av40 and ip works perfectly. They have great support , have you contacted them?
  2. We just did an all day demo on the Moip system and its seems really good. Very simple to setup. Of course they recommend an araknis or Package switch using a vlan. You can have a mix of 4K and non 4k displays and still share the same source while maintaining the 4k. You setup each receiver to match the TV resolution Switching takes about 3 seconds. Does IR, rs232 both ways. Video walls
  3. Can also Hide the fire pit in those rooms
  4. You bought a non control4 lock and got it to work in composer ? Did you change the module card ?
  5. Have you programmed a control4 advanced lighting scene using lutron dimmers ? I mean sure you can do it. But what happens ?
  6. Subhash there is a reason why programmers are required to take the 4 day class. It’s because control4 wants to maintain the integrity of their system. When non experienced techy people such as yourself try to program your control4 system , you dont do it correctly. I guarantee you won’t do it correctly without attending the class and then even after that you will need c4 support on things which you can’t get Then you will start telling everyone how crappy c4 is because it doesn’t work
  7. If your going to compare essential line to lutron it would not be ra2 maybe casetta. And I would not be using casetta in your 12000 sq ft home. just keep in mind if you don’t use c4 lighting 2 things happen 1. you lose your zigbee mesh so now you will need more c4 zigbee controllers 2 lighting programming will be built and maintained in Luton programming
  8. And I told Josh to "watch the greatest baking show" and he happily obliged
  9. And for my NJ friend Eggzlot, here is my Josh launching shows on Netflix. Very cool stuff! https://youtube.com/shorts/e7xxBLc7TGw
  10. Whatever you can turn on with a control4 remote control, josh can also do the same thing. Obviously the up down left right commands are more of a challenge. But are still doable
  11. My advice is to get all control4 working first doing everything you want to control. then use josh as a remote control or touch panel on your system. Then have fun.
  12. Then he knows the pricing. Like i I said, I love control4 lighting and I switched from ra2 to c4 in both of my homes.
  13. I prefer Control4 lighting also. However, if someone charged you 35% more for Lutron, then they were very much overcharging you since Lutron Dimmers areabout 20% less then Control4 Lutron RRD-6CL-WH is $149 Control4 is $180
  14. I used this with the Z2io and tilt sensors https://www.garadget.com/product/security-2-0-dry-contact-adapter/
  15. Radio RA Lutron was twice the price as Control4 lighting? That doesnt make sense at all
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