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  1. I had all lutron radio ra lighting in my control4 home but then it became so much extra work to create scenes. You need to create your scenes in lutron then call them up in control4 programming. Then if you want to tweak a scene, back to lutron. If you have control4 lighting , you can easily tweak the scene right on your touch panel or phone using the control4 app. And only control4 lighting extends your zigbee mesh.
  2. All touch panels include the removal tool. It’s not going to be easy with a paper clip.
  3. Yep my doors and garage doors all accurately display the status. Have Mitch take care of that for you in a few minutes
  4. Nest doorbell and nest cameras never worked with c4. Only the nest thermostats that stopped working but now are working again.
  5. Nw. You are good man. You got the latest greatest control4 system setup
  6. Thanks Mitch https://www.control4.com/press_releases/archive/2015/02/09/control4-introduces-new-whole-home-high-definition-video-intercom-intuitively-smart-climate-control-and-elegant-high-performance-touch-screens
  7. Nothing to read into C4.. A friend was sold a new Control4 system using HC250 / 800 and the older touch panels in December 2016 just wanted to send him exact dates of ea/t3 releases (ps-- my DS2 has no issues)
  8. Does anyone know the release dates of the EA series processor and T3 series Panels?
  9. What about watching recorded video ? I know on the nest it works great from a smart phone. Can you quickly just scroll through recorded video on ring .?
  10. Couple things your dealer can easily be changed to another dealer located anywhere. You can also turn off remote access from your dealer in your customer.control4 account as far as you making some changes. , yes there is 4sight then when then and also you can purchase composer for home users.
  11. I would start by checking out how you configured the load led it’s connected to
  12. But what do you do when the day comes that all media is digital? As I understand it some 4K titles are digital only now. I stopped ripping a long time ago. Man those were frustrating times. It’s expensive but Kaleidescape has almost all of the studios now and it couldn’t be any easier to use. And nothing is as reliable
  13. Could possibly use that third speaker as the sub
  14. Yes. You need your other controllers for audio and everything else they are doing. Ca10 doesn’t do audio. It runs your project only.
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