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  1. Thank you both. I know it’s probably too soon, but is there a way to get the Chime Template? I wanted to have it pre drilled with nylon/rubber grommets. The gentlemen I am working with has 13 different color options and I am just trying to develop something that everyone can use at minimum cost. Thanks again
  2. My DS2 decided to stop working properly a few months out of warranty. With such a huge price disparity for a new one I am going to go with the new Chime. With that said, I am working with a fabricating to make a plate and was wondering if someone could share the template and flush mounting instructions for DS2 Flush-mount. If it works well, I would be happy to share his contact information for anyone that wants to follow in my footsteps. I am sure C4 will address this one day, but I haven't heard anything yet. Truly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Used or new... I am looking for a WH rocker with out the holes for auxiliary keypad. One of the tabs broke on mine.
  4. Thanks for the all the C4 product. Everything works perfectly.. thanks again
  5. Fist bumping.. for all the excellent information and CONTROL4 product I purchased from cidle323
  6. Thanks for the switches! Perfect and exactly as described..
  7. Update- touch screen still working perfectly... (2 weeks)...but here is a question for the experienced C4 tech/dealer/person. I am expereinceing other bugs and I am wondering if it’s the controller. My alarm has set itself several times by itself and also sent a medical emergency alert. Just the other day some channels of the (c4-16amp) amp went out and when I rebooted it only some started to work again. This coupled with the connection problem with the touch screen has me concerned. I am going to reboot the controller tonight. Thanks
  8. Thank you. My wife actually bought me two for Xmas. Thanks again
  9. Looking fo two switches in white new or used in very good condition. Thank you
  10. Quick question- do I really have to contact my dealer to upgrade to the new version? Thanks
  11. Matt- the OS version is for the director and 2.9.1 for the touch screen. Thank you Anzir.
  12. Update: i basically can’t explain it... Reset the internet and all hardware. Still didn’t work Tested the wire. Tested good. Tried different ports still didn’t work. Looked at the Network settings and tinkered around . Still didn’t work. Downloaded C4 ME and couldn’t get it to load on my Mac. i then downloaded the C4 app onto my Mac and connected to the director...just coincidentally at the same time the touch screen started to connect. i tried the touch screen and it worked perfectly for seven hours. When I woke this morning it was off/sleep mode (wouldn’t come on with touch) so I hit the power button and it came right on. Since then it has worked perfectly. Hour 13 and no problems. I guess I am just waiting at this point to see if or when it will happen again. Really no answer.
  13. Thanks CYKnight. I am thinking I will need to upgrade soon. I just spent three hours labeling wires because the installer didn’t. I found the touch screen and tested the wire. Seems to be fine. I rebooted the system and it looked like it was fine, but it’s still struggling with communication between the controller and touch screen. Control4 advocacy hasn’t called me back. I am not happy with my dealer after spending almost 40k, so I need to find a better fit. I get it , I did buy it from them, but I don’t believe it’s the touch screen, but what do I know. If any one hasn’t any other suggestion on what to check, please let me know. Also any dealers in Orlando area ? thanks again
  14. Thanks for the info. I need no more than 4- 6 ports POE - the rest is internet.
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