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  1. I use Sonos attached to my audio matrix. C4 control of Sonos is a little clunky, especially if using keypads. I currently use Alexa voice commands to run my Amazon audio through my C4 controlled speakers.
  2. Do you a Sonos in your rack? I had an echo placed in my rack I also named "house echo". I soon discovered that using my Alexa to control my Sonos worked better than having one echo talk to the other. With the Sonos it's still a two command system (ie turn on room THEN turn on music) but I gain functionality like skip track, pause, etc.
  3. True. My Sonos is my Control 4 rack. It's only purpose is Amazon, as Pandora and other services are managed separately by Control4. Unfortunately, sonos has never been great with Amazon, and the newest rendition is worse. And the search continues....
  4. Thanks. Good thought on Heos. I'm looking at it. Better than Sonos? Does it require a physical box in the rack or just a driver now? IMO, Alexa should be able to play Amazon music the best. So why run it through some other agent (Sonos, Heos). And I won't have the issue of updated drivers impacting Amazon playability like the latest Sonos update.
  5. Yes, assuming the echo in the rack is an audio input for the control 4 installed speakers (ie I don't want playback on my echo devices). Ideally I want Amazon music playing from another source other than Sonos.
  6. Under my current set up with Control4, I play Amazon music via Sonos. However, Sonos is clunky and doesn't allow me to play user generated playlists on command. With Epic, can you ask Alexa to play Amazon music (Prime music) through your control4 speakers? (ie "Alexa, turn on Great Room Amazon playlist xxx") Or has someone placed an echo device in their rack as a input source? Thanks
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