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  1. Is your HC200 still available? I need an old HC controller to upgrade switches from Embernet to new ZigBee, or is there another alternative to using an old HC controller? I'm in Canada though but I'm wiling to pay for shipping.
  2. Trying to integrate Alexa nicely with C4, but not sure how to name devices under Alexa properly. For example, when I'm in the bedroom I only want to say bedside lights on/off, rather than bedroom bedside lights on/off. I have tried re-labelling some devices and group them in different rooms. Very often, Alexa tells me I have more than 1 device named the same and ask for specific name! Other times, if I have more than one floor lamps, it would get very confusing in Alexa app to identify which one is which! Any suggestions?
  3. Currently I have an EA1 connected to a Samsung Frame TV in kitchen, I have a Sonos speaker in kitchen which works with C4. However, I'd like to route Frame TV audio out to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth, which Sonos doesn't have Bluetooth option. Is Bluesound an option, there's a driver specifically for C4, as well as Bluetooth option?
  4. Thank you for the suggestions, I like the option to have one instance of Spotify Connect for each family member, but jumping between 2 apps is not ideal if I need to group additional rooms for playback.
  5. Wanted to find out how you guys are dealing with multiple instance of Shairbridge and Spotify drivers in a project? Do you separate them with household members, or by grouping? Right now I have multiple Shairbridge and Spotify instances running and they're based on what zones will be engaged such as "Airplay - Main Floor", will automatically turn on all zones on the main floor. Likewise the same for Spotify. Is there another way how you guys are using?
  6. I recently got the MyQ driver for garage door, it has the option within the driver to allow double-tapping to activate open/close. Thought if the lock driver can do the same would be great.
  7. I have this August driver which works well with our lock, however, is there a setting that I can change where I need to double-press on the icon to lock/unlock the door? I have a favorite button set in some rooms and sometimes, scrolling up and down triggered the door lock by accident. Or better to have a confirmation that pops up, asking to confirm lock/unlock door?
  8. Our HVAC system at our condo utilizes a multi-speed fan (3-speed), for this reason I can't get the C4 thermostat to work, ended up using a Nest thermostat. Can someone confirm the C4 thermostat will not handle multi fan speed HVAC system? Much appreciate your help.
  9. I have a UB900 and I guess I'm out of luck with the UB9000 IP driver?
  10. Hi guys, Wanted to find out if anyone come across this 4K Bell IP TV driver? It comes with Bluetooth remote control and I was wondering if anyone might have either an IP driver (preferred), or I may have to learn all the codes for it. Much appreciate your help.
  11. Confirmed it's running 1011, it wasn't updating for 2 days and I power cycled EA controller and it's been working since. Thanks for your response.
  12. Will this Bond device work with Dyson heater with air purification? The Dyson has an app and it comes with a RF remote. I was hoping to make it work via C4 with RF
  13. Trying to figure out how to turn on room if someone is casting to Frame TV. Right now, TV turns on but C4 wouldn't know the TV comes on. I'm using the Frame TV driver so when room is not on, it would go to Art Mode. Much appreciate your help on this.
  14. How can you actually change the icon from a light bulb to something else?
  15. Recently got an August lock programmed in with our EA-1, been running well in terms of locking and unlocking through C4 app, however, if someone manually lock/unlock the door, it doesn't send any feedback to C4. C4 puts a timestamp but that's the last time someone used C4 to control the lock. I'd love to know for example when someone lock/unlock the door last. Not sure if I need to do something extra to make that work? Much appreciate your response.
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