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  1. I got the blind controller today, got it communicated with Bond which is great. However, the cable that I pull to open/close the shade it is not beaded, so it's slipping even though I have the proper cog selected! I guess there's no other way around it unless I can change the cable to a beaded version.
  2. Thank you, I hope this one is the same I bought it from Amazon so I can try it tomorrow: YH002 Blinds Chain Motor Controller: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement I hope it will work okay with a normal cord, not beaded chain! I checked the Axis one in the past, it doesn't mention it will work with normal cord or not. That might be for another room as the unit itself seems to be smaller. Much appreciate all the help guys.
  3. We have a huge living room window that we would love to automate open/close, it has a cord that pull one direction to open, the other direction to close. I have seen quite a few of these from Amazon: BENEXMART DIY Motorized Your Traditional Roll Shade Which with Bean or Cord Chain Smart Home Automation Support APP Timer Remote Control(Bluetooth): Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement Some has Zigbee control, but can I make it work in C4? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  4. What options do we have for voice control for seniors? Should I just get an Amazon Fire Cube TV? I check and it doesn't support Canadian TV subscriber where he is so he can't tell Alexa to go to a live TV channel. Thinking of using an EA1, but does it complicate things as he just needs the TV to come on and off with voice, change channel by saying the channel name - only about 8 channels he needs to watch.
  5. Is it possible to assign a C4 button to Amazon music playlist? It would be great if it works, right now I can play Amazon music through Alexa but it would be cool to have the ability to just hit a button to play music.
  6. I have a ceiling fan where I don't need local control (using BOND controller), can I replace the regular ON/OFF switch with a C4 wireless keypad? There's no neutral wire in the electrical box though.
  7. That'd be great if I can give that a try, will the driver work with Hub 2242-222? I have a Blackwire account.
  8. I understand Houselogix is gone, but is there still a way to get this Insteon driver?
  9. Hi, I've been trying to find if there's a driver for DITRA-HEAT thermostat for floor heating? I can't find it but I'm not sure if there is a way to control them through C4? There's a DITRA-HEAT app which I can control remotely. Much appreciate your input.
  10. Thanks, wasn't aware of the Axxess occupancy sensor can monitor humidity as well! Will have a look at getting that.
  11. Is there an easy way to automate bathroom lighting or I'm just complicating things! We have Leviton motion sensor wall switches installed in bathrooms, generally they work okay, except they don't work when someone is in shower! Thinking to replace the light switch with C4, but where should be put the motion sensor, I have some NYCE Zigbee ceiling motion sensors in bedrooms, they seem to work okay. I don't know if it would be okay to put them in bathroom in particular close to the shower stall, with all the condensation that can build up! Any suggestions?
  12. Is it possible to show the camera within T3 on C4 app? Basically utilizing existing T3 screens in the house as surveillance for inside the house?
  13. Thank you so much, got RA2 Select driver installed and it's working fine!
  14. I run into the same issue where my client has more than 50 Caseta devices! I tried loading the RadioRA2 Repeater driver but I can't get it to talk to the Caseta Pro hub, I tried using lutron/integtration for telnet login but no go. Do I have the wrong driver?
  15. Seems to be working fine through Hue hub, can dim and all. Very responsive as well, just thought if there might be a way to get it integrated directly with C4.
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