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  1. For some strange reason, Crave TV doesn't seem to work properly with Apple TV IP driver, up arrow will automatically send the cursor to the very top menu. All the other buttons seem to be working just fine. Just the up arrow having issues, anyone else has similar issues?
  2. Can I send DS2 video to EA controller so I can set an event for someone pressing the doorbell, TV would come on automatically and go to that particular camera view through C4 on screen.
  3. It's model LU862D with audio down-mixing, I did run a calibration after initial installation, I haven't done another calibration since. However, there has been no equipment change in terms of TV's. I have attached the screenshot of the video matrix in Composer, I did set all Apple TV audio out to PCM Stereo. Maybe I didn't run the calibration properly, are there any specific procedures?
  4. Hi, I'm in Canada and after reading I can sideload Android apps to Fire HD tablet, I got myself one to try out. I have it now and I was able to sideload C4 app, I like it a lot. However, I found that I can get Alexa working on the tablet, but I'm not able to find options to enable. I have updated Alexa app through Amazon store and tablet is all up to date. I checked and it's the 7th gen tablet. Is it by chance that Alexa functionality is not available in Canada for Fire HD tablet? Much appreciate your assistance.
  5. I have been having some issues with one particular client, where Apple TV's audio would randomly stop, this includes all the clicking sound while navigating, or when watching Apple movies, Netflix, etc. This particular setup has 3 Apple TV's connected to Leaf's 8x8 4K HDMI Matrix, output is directly to Sony TV through TV speakers. Generally when this happens, will need to restart Apple TV but this has become a nonsense and client is starting to get annoyed. I have been trying to find a solution and I'm not sure if this is Apple related or with C4/Leaf. All 3 Apple TV's seem to be doing the same thing in terms of audio cutting out, there are 3 more TiVo's and a Blu-Ray player connected and they appear to be working fine. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Yes, having the same issue with clients and only with iOS devices!
  7. Wanted to know if you have any luck with this? I'm trying to integrate C4 with existing RTI system with AD8 amp. If I can utilize this AD8 amp that'd help the sale greatly!
  8. Trying to figure out a way to stream say Spotify or XM to multiple rooms with only one account but seamless to join to any existing room, for example someone started XM radio in living room, if someone else select XM in the kitchen, it would just join the existing session in living room and expand. I know the customer can just select multi room to join but is there any way to do it in programming? Much appreciate your help.
  9. Can I buy this IRUSB dongle anywhere in Canada? Shipping is expensive to Canada. Much appreciate any help.
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