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  1. Hi, We're in a condo that has centralized boiler and cooling coil for heat and cool, in the manual of the C4 thermostat, should I set the HVAC type to Gas/Oil or electric? It says if I set it to electric, then the thermostat controls the fan. I understand with a traditional HVAC, furnace takes a bit to warm up so fan wouldn't come on for a while, but with a centralized heating system, when it calls for heat or cool should the fan be coming on instantly? Much appreciate your help.
  2. Hi, Trying to find out I have setup a mixed of Sonos and Triad One rooms, I was able to set Alexa to group a room with Alexa and a particular Sonos as speaker. However, I'm not able to select a speaker where Triad One is the playback device in the room in Alexa app. Am I missing something? I have asked Alexa to discover devices but no difference so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. For lighting scenes under advanced agents, if I create a scene with say all outdoor lights with their different on level, then when I go to my timers and activate the scene (ON), lights should turn on as programmed. When I'm ready to turn all outdoor lights off, can I just activate the scene (OFF)? Or I have to create another scene with all outdoor lights off then set that as the toggle scene? Thanks for your advice.
  4. I got a Nuvo touchscreen to try, unfortunately it will not work with 3.1 app. Android OS is too old on the Nuvo! Think it's Android OS5, I don't think the Nuvo touchscreen is that old but I guess they can get by with older hardware. C4 2.x app will work, but not the latest 3.1. It was a decent touchscreen and very clean on the wall if it worked!
  5. Trying to find out to see if this is even possible with Sonos and C4. I recently installed a C4 system combined with Sonos Beam in a room. EA controller is not utilized for streaming audio. They now want to add a turntable and there's a spare Sonos Connect that I can use. I was thinking to have the turntable out to Sonos Connect, then group the Sonos Connect AV In to Sonos Beam for playing turntable music. Can it be done in programming in C4 combined with Sonos equipment? Perfect scenario would be when Turntable is selected, group Connect Analog In with Sonos Beam, hope this can be done somehow. Much appreciate your input on this.
  6. Trying to figure out the best practice for sensing no one is at home, then when August unlocks the front door, base on time of day, then do certain macros accordingly, but I don't want it to automatically turn on TV if someone is home already, or alter any lights if not needed. I do have motion sensor in the hallway, contact sensor in front door, as well as the front door August lock is monitored by C4.
  7. I have a client they use Sonos soudbars in every C4 controlled room, works fine for audio control through C4 with Sonos favorites. However, if they have music playing in living room, they can't join the session to say bedroom, it's not available through C4 app. Is it possible or am I missing something during setup in Composer. Much appreciate your help,
  8. I found this NUVO in-wall touchscreen, could be an option for running C4 Android app, I found out it can install 3rd app through Play Store, question is has anyone tried it? I have an old Samsung Tab S tablet which is not supported anymore but I can still run latest C4 app, and the screen looks very nice on the wall. I just wish I could hide the USB charging cable from the bottom of the tablet, I managed to hide the USB cable in the wall so it looks clean, just the darn charging cable attached to the tablet!
  9. Thanks for all information, this is for a condo and unit comes with 2 HVAC units for main area of the condo and one for bedrooms. Trouble is both thermostats are in the same room so the bedroom thermostat is reading the main area indoor temperature. Nest remote sensor works fine except I keep getting weak signals and not sure how to get around it! If the Nest dumps down the speed to a single speed anyway then it won't matter. I'll have to check with HVAC contractor see if he knows more information.
  10. I recently added a few extra Echo Inputs, then I found out I can't really play multiple streams - meaning if I start music from Input 1, then if want to play music in Input 2, it will ask if I want to stop playing Input 1. I read there's a subscription I can subscribe to Amazon Music for family sharing, in this case, do I need to setup multiple accounts with Amazon, or I can still use the same account, but it would allow me to stream multiple devices?
  11. I was told the C4 Aprilaire thermostat will not work with multi-speed fan HVAC system? I was able to use a Nest 3rd gen to work as I need a remote sensor but the sensor I always get an error with weak signals. If I was to give up using multi-speed fan, can I use the C4 Aprilaire? Appreciate your help.
  12. How do you set the Spotify volume to control C4 zone volume? It doesn't seem to work for me when I tried it. Volume up down in Spotify will only limit how much the app is outputting to the zone.
  13. How are you guys dealing with Spotify since I can only have playlists saved in C4 interface?
  14. I recently got a Bond hardware to integrate with a ceiling fan with light, works very well. I have the Bond hardware in the closet which is about 15 ft away from the ceiling fan. I have another ceiling fan which I haven't installed yet in living room, it's about 2 rooms down, about 30 ft away! Would it be oaky to control the fan or I'd need another Bond controller? Much appreciate your information
  15. Is your HC200 still available? I need an old HC controller to upgrade switches from Embernet to new ZigBee, or is there another alternative to using an old HC controller? I'm in Canada though but I'm wiling to pay for shipping.
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