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  1. Confirmed it's running 1011, it wasn't updating for 2 days and I power cycled EA controller and it's been working since. Thanks for your response.
  2. Will this Bond device work with Dyson heater with air purification? The Dyson has an app and it comes with a RF remote. I was hoping to make it work via C4 with RF
  3. Trying to figure out how to turn on room if someone is casting to Frame TV. Right now, TV turns on but C4 wouldn't know the TV comes on. I'm using the Frame TV driver so when room is not on, it would go to Art Mode. Much appreciate your help on this.
  4. How can you actually change the icon from a light bulb to something else?
  5. Recently got an August lock programmed in with our EA-1, been running well in terms of locking and unlocking through C4 app, however, if someone manually lock/unlock the door, it doesn't send any feedback to C4. C4 puts a timestamp but that's the last time someone used C4 to control the lock. I'd love to know for example when someone lock/unlock the door last. Not sure if I need to do something extra to make that work? Much appreciate your response.
  6. Thanks guys, exactly what I'm after!
  7. With OS3, I have seen screenshots of various rooms that have extra buttons on the GUI like "Front Door", "Theatre Shades", etc. How do I add that through composer? Through the button agent, I can add them but they don't show status and I would much prefer the device icon right in the room. Do I need a 3rd party driver? Much appreciate your help.
  8. I have a Somfy MyLink setup with C4 for few months, been working flawless! Just started about a week ago, it would not communicate and I can see from Composer that the link is not established. I can see from SDDP it's online and I can ping the MyLink device no problem. I confirmed the system ID is what it supposes to, and I can use the same ID to link from another tablet using MyLink app. I just don't know what the issue might be, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I did check "publicly accessible" in the driver for Wyze camera, any other suggestions within the camera setup itself?
  10. Got the Wyze camera with custom firmware, along with Chowmain C4 driver, works great and PTZ functions as well. One thing I'm trying to figure out, would be external access to camera feeds when I'm not at the house. Aside from that, I can see live footage from any C4 touchscreens, as well as through app locally connected WiFi.
  11. Does the HS110 plug safe enough for constant (or close to constant) 15A draw appliance? For example a baseboard heater, would like to integrate that with temperature sensor to trigger on/off, however, a typical baseboard heater is 15A and it doesn't recommend not plugging directly into an outlet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. What does it require to get the Wyze PAN camera to show video stream over WAN? It seems to work just fine with internal network, but over WAN C4 app just spins! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Got it working, it's pretty cool. For Kasa powerbar, can I control USB charging too to disconnect charging, or only limited to 120V outlets?
  14. Opps, I should be embrassed I downloaded the wrong driver - DLink instead of TP-Link Kasa from drivercentral.io!!
  15. Okay guys, I bought one to give it a try. I got the app on the phone connected to HS105, I can control it there. Downloaded Chowmain Smart Plug driver and have the cloud connected. However, when I select auto discover, nothing happens. I tried set to no auto discover, then I manually entered MAC and IP address, however, I have no idea what the PIN is?
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