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  1. 88Tiger88


    Can Nucleus support USB DAC like DAP model DX220 from iBasso?
  2. That sucks ... EA-5 isn’t support all the high res audio like DSD.... I guess need to route OPPO UPD203 to play ....
  3. But C4 does not support MQA of “master” from TIDAL...
  4. Try to play some DSD files on NAS in EA-5, seems it does not support DFF or DSF format?
  5. Is the driver allow control4 remote to select different audio format?
  6. Finally control4 got door system work as intercom to mobile device. Connection is really fast, and both audio/video quality are good. My first system installed back in 2011, never work and waste me so much $$$ and effort ...thank god it works now.
  7. Is this drive support audio source format/type selection? Some of the blu-Ray disk contain multiple format selection like DTS-HD-MA or stereo, it will be nice to have control on C4 remote of app as well as infor button to view the details of meta data
  8. I think Ubiquit does not support multi-cast which could cause some issues for your C4 depends on device and setup configuration you have.
  9. If you want to play multi-Channel FLat or DSD from your NAS drive, and possible down-mix to 2 channel ... OPPO maybe only solution
  10. looks issues are known within C4 community " but most routers you'd find in a residential setting where Control4 would be used are in the same boat there. Likely most such installs are all on the same network where the router's PIM support isn't relevant. " https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Wireless/Unifi-Made-Control4-s-Do-Not-Use-List-PIM-Support/td-p/2288539
  11. i assume PIM multicasting is for VLAN configuration, if just flat configuration without different VLAN, is that still be issue for no PIM multicasting support?
  12. Is OPPO UDP-203 drive can setup such when power on UDP203, it always play specific network folder?
  13. For sure, you need to replace Apple router, it is the multicast that Apple router will cause network stability issue. It is better to get dedicated router as flat configuration or managed configuration with your switch. Pakedge RK-1 router is pretty good, but it is expensive... I don’t recomment AP from Pakedge, which I had bad experience.
  14. Can you program C4 on event trigger to play specific player list on network music with this IP driver?
  15. Is IP control driver for UDP203 support C4 program to pick specific player list from network drive? I wan t to launch specific playout list from event trigger.
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