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  1. Has the driver ever been updated for push and hold for irusb? I can't seem to get it to work on mine.
  2. I recently started having same issue with my Sony tv where c4 won’t turn off unless I try few times.
  3. Depends what the zero stands for... zero fees? Zero hassle? etc
  4. All, I would appreciate if you can rate each of these logos for me for a home mortgage business. I appreciate your feedback as you are from an industry that deals with home owners a lot. https://99designs.com/contests/poll/aa0fccd956
  5. Guys, Many have asked but I have not written a full c4 driver. I have created my own api for the kevo website. I then have integrated this into a project I run on a home server that creates connectivity for the following items: Ryobi Garage Door Opener Netatmo Security cameras Hunter Douglas Shades (better than stock driver) Kevo Neato Robotics I then have my home server via 2 drivers in c4 interact with ui buttons and states of them and states of shades. Its not a solution that can just be moved over and installed for someone. If there was enough interest / backing for this I would be glad to convert them to drivers but for now there is no benefit for me to spend the time as it works perfectly in my solution.
  6. @alanchow any ideas on a fix for this in the kodi driver at it seems fine in the normal one.
  7. While it is configurable it always causes the TV guide to open on shield when using the kodi full driver from @alanchow
  8. No it doesnt... it takes you to some TV app on the shield.
  9. Yea to me this a big thing missing currently Is how to go home using the c4 remote when using irusb and Kodi full driver.
  10. @videostorm and @alanchow any idea when the Kodi full driver can be updated to incorporate these changes and long press for irusb?
  11. @alanchow any plans to support this update for long keypress in the kodi driver?
  12. @alanchow after upgrading nvidia shield to latest update 8.0 the mini drivers for amazon, youtube no longer work. Netflix driver works however.
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