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  1. Hi it’s not an issue per say, if you have a vpn running I’ll be able to log in and take care of things for you. pm me if you’ve like me to assist thanks muj
  2. Sounds like your 4sight has expired. You’d have to renew this. It’s $100 USD a year thanks Muj
  3. Why don’t you connect the HDBT Transmitter directly to the tv, and then the soundbar on the arc Input. (Guessing soundbar supports ARC) Should solve your issue. When the soundbar is off, the audio should start playing on the tv and vice versa. Bluetooth headphones should also then work. Thanks Muj
  4. Your end points are wrong. I provide remote assistance Thanks Muj
  5. Hello, would love to help out remotely, sure i can get you up and running. PM me if you’d like Thanks Muj
  6. Yeah sorry only do it as a test. Please don't leave it in forever. Thanks @Cyknight 😉 Muj
  7. had this on Mikrotik before, we have a torch feature that we can use to see what's going on in terms of IPs and ports and response etc. sure there's something similar with PF sense, what you'll find is the SDDP and SSDP packet is getting blocked somehow, someway. ssdp - 1900udp - SSDP Multicast Discovery Port ssdp - 1901udp - SSDP Firmware Multicast Discovery Port sddp - 1902udp - SDDP Multicast Discovery Port Few things to check, UPNP NAT rules Firewall routing Also, if you don't use the SDDP address and use static addressing does your probl
  8. yeah it would be, A cool solution for you could be (ive done this many times) use a normal 12v light up push button (Or even clients existing doorbell button if they wish to keep this) wire it into the inputs on the back of processor. have this programmed into to trigger doorbell announcement and show camera feed on touch screens from front door camera. also, In theory there's nothing stopping you doing this with the alise keypad or any other lutron keypad. you'd just monitor LED state and program accordingly. Thanks Muj
  9. Hello, The alisse isn’t a doorbell?! it’s a lighting keypad for inside your house (or outside to an extent) and ties into Lutron homeworks system with a Lutron QSX processor etc. in getting spacing them for an upcoming projected and I have played with them and they seem to be great. The Engraving is done on the faceplate under the touch capacitive button. And they fit into a standard UK 35mm back box. Thanks Muj
  10. I would stick to being under 200w of LED per output. so you would go output of module --> LED Driver --> LED Tape. you can use 12v or 24v LED, what you need is a constant voltage LED driver that also dimms, C4 modules can do leading edge or trailing edge. Drivers: https://www.ukled.co.uk/euchips-eup200t-1hv24v-0-mains-dimmable-led-driver-200w-24v.html (Here's the 24v Version) LED Tape: https://www.ukled.co.uk/led-strip-high-density-240leds-m-24w-m-24v-warm-white.html This tape is really bright at 22w Per meter, with the linked driver you can use 9m of that tap
  11. why not just get a normal dimmable LED driver? https://www.ukled.co.uk/mean-well-hlg-120hb-series-ip67-rated-led-driver-120w-12v-54v.html This can be leading edge or trailing edge. OR just use 230v dimmable fittings? Thanks Muj
  12. give your controller a reboot should force the check in. failing that get a dealer involved, happy to help here. Thanks Muj
  13. Don’t turn the matrix off, this causes EDID issues and it’s not needed at all. then the power off command should work okay. helped a fellow member with their Atlona matrix too and this was advised by atlona tech support Thanks Muj
  14. UK based qmotion dealer here, happy to help re review the quote if you wish. Thanks Muj
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