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  1. It really depends what you have... I’ve done all sorts from lights, fireplaces, hot water, heating. Even done music on motion [emoji23] did it to my brother when it was his birthday everytime he went to the bathroom lights would flash and happy birthday would come on [emoji23] so yeah pretty much anything can be done! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. can you send a screenshot of your light graph where you have the LEDs enable and disable under certain light levels. I can compare them against mine... like someone else said check everywhere to make sure the Leds are not being triggered by something else.
  3. you could try using an IP driver from a different model. or turn the tv on enable IP remote and see if Control4 discovers the TV. for example here in the UK i use a different driver for the frame tvs as when control4 tries to add them in via SDDP it says driver unavailable. if this fails, IR or rs232 over USB Muj
  4. also be careful when using ubiquiti switches. they can be problematic at times and then be perfect too. i personally use cisco, either the SG350 or the SG500
  5. instead of atlona, maybe look into Wyrestorom Network HD?
  6. Yep I’ve got all mine to work. You have to make up the code for the launch. If you want tell me which apps you’re after and I can make up the string for you. Will do it in the morning 2:30am in the U.K. here Muj Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Frazer, youll need a delaer to add this in for you and yes the ea1 has z wave built in
  8. Hi I can help you with this just pm me
  9. Yes you can, just edit the screensaver settings for that Touch Screen
  10. Even the new ones where there’s a plastic bit that comes over the cut copper at the end? Have you ever had any problems with the copper ends shortinng a socket on a switch or hdbaset matrix? Just curious 🙂
  11. Yes the EZ ends, I know I don’t need to use them it just makes it easier when you’ve got 80+ to do in a single run, and a patch panel to do at the same time. (And the customer wants everything to work today, eventho you just got to the job an hour or so ago lol) I know about the warrenty issue, which is probably what platinum told bought out a new EZ plug that covers the coppers it’s cut. Till this date (Touch wood) I’ve never had ubiquiti Hardware die on me.
  12. Qmotion have various different models and options when you order the blinds. From what I can remember the zigbee was a separate option. What you can do is ring Qmotion give them the serial number of the blinds and they’ll be able to tell you
  13. I’ve never ran into problems, Control4 have also banned the crimping tool I use to make my cat6 but I still use it. I have a networking and infrastructure background and for the price unifi equipment is very good. I use a MikroTik switch and unifi switch in my personal setup at home and I’ve had no problems with it.
  14. Samsung announced SDDP with Control4 last year... it was supposed to be in this years models. I’ve not had a Samsung tv to play with this year I’ve just pushed Panasonic due to them having ip control and SDDP. Let me get a hold of one and I’ll let you know what I find Muj
  15. I use unifi for all my jobs and it’s great once you know how to properly set it up, ive never had any complaints from customers and not had a single call back, many of my sites haven’t had access points or routers rebooted for over 6 months (proof attached) I usually use a raspberry pi for the cloud controller, and also install ssh and vnc and VPN server on there too if I ever need access to the site. For router I usually use MikroTik, and switches usually a unifi switch with poe just incase it’s ever needed. I have however used the USG PRO and the edge router lite on a few occasions and they are both great routers, the added benefit of the USG is that you’ll see it in unifi and be able to manage it from there with the edge grear there is UNMS but it’s beta at the moment and not cross platform compatiable Access Points - unifi AC pros do me well. one tip, when you have your access points setup, make sure you do an RSSI scan per AP to get an idea of what channel you need to be on, manually set your transmit power and channel do not leave them on auto. The unifi app is also a god send Hope this helps you. Muj
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