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  1. Just called my C4 rep, they're in a meeting call back shortly.
  2. Technical support should be open, call the US toll free number. or the UK one and it diverts. Also why you don't update your clients straight away without doing your own system and testing it.
  3. If you have blustream where you are would highly recommend that! Their AVOIP system is awesome. in the last 3 years I’ve had one receiver fail.
  4. Hello, which driver are you using? the old one was slow and laggy, due to sending commands over ADB. There’s a new one which is much better and works all the time. Installed for many clients and no ones had an issue. if you have the old one would highly suggest upgrading. Thanks Muj
  5. There’s a bug on the OSD not displaying correctly, on 3.2.2. It doesn’t happen to every controller but does happen and causes the OSD to not work. your dealer should be able to get a fix for it from Tech support if they don’t know it. Thanks Muj
  6. Yeah, it was native C4 audio. Ive done it with Ra2 Select and Homeworks let me know if you need a hand with programming Thanks Muj
  7. Have you check under custom programming, Device Specific commands. I might be wrong but im sure its this set. Also make sure your projector is on V3.5 or newer Thanks Muj
  8. Yeah you need to make sure your tx and rx pins are the right way around. guessing you’re using a 3.5mm to db9. Might need to null the cable Thanks Muj
  9. Possible silly question but do you have 4sight? you’ll need this for push notifications thanks Muj
  10. Hello, As of the new update the NK 1 becomes an ovrc hub. And you manage the access points via ovrc try username: ovrc password: ovrc to login Thanks Muj
  11. Sounds like an issue with zigbee, best thing it to get a dealer to log in and check things out. you can also try and push the too button 15 times this reboots the switch. Thanks Muj
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