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  1. one of Our iPad mini’s has been plugged in for several years now. No issues so far. It’s just now mounted more neatly to the wall now. I have heard about the possibility of the battery bulging, but haven’t had any issues myself. My brother in-law has 3 that have been plugged in longer than mine have been. Not saying it can’t happen, but the chances are slim from the reading I’ve done. I haven’t made any for larger iPads, but the process is the same.
  2. I plan on purchasing the Triad One for our living room to power a pair of easy to drive loudspeakers. But in the not too distant future I would like to add a larger amplifier for a larger set of speakers. I won’t be using both sets at the same time. Will the Triad One act as a preamp? I know it has stereo line outs, but I’m hoping it will also act as a volume control for those outputs. thanks,
  3. Thank you. It’s been a good way to use older iPads.
  4. Here is the link. Let me know if you have questions. I’ve changed the magnet system to look better and switched to spray on suede (flocking). Looks better now.
  5. Yes I have the option of using a charge cable. I routed a space to allow for a cable to fit. Magnets are used to hold it in place. I found much nicer looking ones after I finished the video. I’ll use them in the future.
  6. Not sure if this is the correct section, but I think it is. I was in the market for an iPad mini wall mount.I have several old models around the house and wanted make use of them. All the mounts I found that looked the way I wanted cost more than the iPads are worth so I made rather myself. I got a little carried away and made a few more than I actually need. Just curious if anyone is interested in them. I made a video on YouTube about making them, but I’m not sure if I can post links? iPad Mini 1-3 bare mount $30 painted with magnets, $45
  7. Everything is updated to V225. How can I setup the device to control the box again?
  8. I tried unplugging with and without the box on. No change.
  9. It shows 7.1.2. I tried to update but it says I’m up to date even though it’s an older box. Buzz TV XPL Basic This is the device my TV company provides.
  10. The box is Buzz TV. I don’t know what firmware I’m on?
  11. The city turn off the power in our neighborhood for a few hours. Long enough for my back up AC to run out. Once again, we’ve lost all control of our TV box. I have static IP address. I’ve update the firmware and I think everything is configured correctly. Generally it just starts to work eventually. im thinking IR may be a better solution than this? any suggestions?
  12. I’m in Canada so you probably couldn’t offer me much of a deal after all the duties and such. I will probably use my programmer to get the amp for me. He’s done an excellent job for us. I just want to be sure it’s the correct amp for me.
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