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  1. I’m in Canada so you probably couldn’t offer me much of a deal after all the duties and such. I will probably use my programmer to get the amp for me. He’s done an excellent job for us. I just want to be sure it’s the correct amp for me.
  2. That looks like a nice option. Thanks
  3. I’m back in the market for a stereo amplifier/receiver and I’m looking for feedback on those that own or have experience with the Triad One. This seems to be the simplest option but it’s not the most cost effective. I’ve also looked at the Pioneer SX-S30 which is roughly 40% less and does have a driver for C4. I don’t need any special features and the speakers I’m driving are an easy load. Any other suggestion on option are also appreciated. thanks,
  4. You were correct, that is on the pricy side. I think my router was less than that?
  5. I tried the Apple unit because it was on hand. It looks like I can connect this via Ethernet? Is that correct? Can anyone tell me the pricing in Canada? I’ll talk to my installer about it as soon as my garage is ready.
  6. My garage is a separate building from my home and our Packedge wifi router range doesn’t extend far enough. I ran Cat6 out to the garage and connected an old Apple wifi router. Unfortunately I can’t seem to use it as an extender (I tried to configure it without luck) so the garage has its own wifi now. i use Nest Cameras and smoke/carbon dioxide products in my house and wanted to add more to my garage. Will I still have access to these products from my house if the garage is using a separate wifi. It’s all connected to the same switch in my basement. If not, what is the best solution to maintain the network in the garage while utilizing the Cat6 (from my switch) in the garage?
  7. Thanks Dan and Ryan. Everything is working perfectly now.
  8. The wire is just lose in the photo because I was trouble shooting. They will be cleaned up once the sensors are back up and running.
  9. The wire is run from my garage into the house and into the EA5. Nothing in between. I don’t know if it’s programmed, but I believe it was? When I purchased the switch that controls the garage doors and the sensors you mentioned it was programmed to change the light colour (on the switch) when the door was closed. The circuit reads as though its closed regardless of the garage door position, which is why I thought I should connect this to NO instead of NC?
  10. The photo shows what I have installed. It’s wired directly to the EA5. Sorry, but the photo is sideways.
  11. I’ve had sensors installed for about a year now, but they have never worked. It hasn’t been a huge concern so I left it alone. Now that I have a little more free time, I wanted to get them working properly. I checked the sensors themselves and they work fine. They are open when the garage is open. I have them connected to the COM and NC connection on the EA5. Possibly because of this, when I test the door sensors when installed they always read closed, regardless of what the state of the sensor. Should I use NO instead of NC?
  12. I own a Tesla, so no Android auto or Apple Carplay. The car comes with Slacker, but it isn’t very good in my opinion. Spotify was introduced not long ago. what’s involved in using Spotify with C4? By the sound of it, you need to use your phone or iPad in the Spotify app? How do you send the information to C4?
  13. I current have a Deezer subscription for my C4 system and it works well. Unfortunately my car only supports Spotify and I’d rather not have two separate music subscriptions. Are there any differences between the two services as far as functionality and service in C4? I’m considering a move to Spotify but it needs to work well. Thanks,
  14. I plugged everything in when I returned home today. It started working pretty much right away. Not sure why, but I’m not complaining. thanks,
  15. I have a USB dongle connected to my android box. I had to disconnect the box today to get it updated at my IPTV provider. Same firmware on both devices still. when I connected it back I have no remote control access any longer. I don’t remember how to set it up again , even though I did it originally. I’m stuck on the following screen.
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