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  1. I have a Marantz NR1609 AVR With Heos Built in. Main Zone is the Family and Zone2 The Porch havent been able to set the Zone2 to work with Heos in C4. In the Heos App everithig works fine but Im missing something in connectios. I set the Zone2 of The Marantz as the Audio Selection and Audio Volume endpoints of the Porch. but when i Try to control Audio all I can control is the Family's audio Any Ideas? TIA
  2. Can anyone tell me how to do it with retroarch. I had tried different without success QLAUNCH android-app:// com.retroarch#Intent;component= com.retroarch;end QLAUNCH android-app:// com.retroarch#Intent;component= com.retroarch / com.google.android.apps.retroarch.activity.ShellActivity;end Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Alan:

    1) is there any manual or instructions to customize the mini apps in the IRUSB driver?  

    2) Is there a way to change logo to that custom mini Driver?

    Thanks in advance

  4. No Kodi in Roku. Buy Nvidia shield for 4k mkv files Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk
  5. As a Dealer for me the price difference is only 49 bucks between 4 links and a superlink. Installation is cleaner. If I had the rack space probably I'd go for 4 links. Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk
  6. I enter the driver wizard in Composer but no way to add the PREV button key in any device.
  7. How can I learn an IR code to the "PREV" Key in SR260? That key is not listed in Driver Wizard nor Page Up or Down. I add them manually as "PREV" but it doen't work Any ideas? TIA
  8. Hi I just did the project and it worked like a charm. Heos Network module driver and Heos Network player driver are all you need. Easy integration. You just need a power amp and control volume with Heos Superlink. Cost effective solution for multiroom audio Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk
  9. Please correct Driver Central driver description it says "Note that this driver requires a product called the Videostorm IRUSB be installed and configured on a rooted android device."
  10. Hi Guys Im Using a Heos Bar for my Home Theater and 2 Heos Amp for 2 Extra Zones. Im trying to Group the zones in Control4 so the content on my Amazon Fire Playing through the Bar go to the other zones but Rooms dont show in Control4 "Add Room" Tab. Any Ideas?? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Guys I need to integrate some old shutters the use a up/down switch on the wall. Is there any wireless relay I can use in C4. Im not able to run cables to a controller or ioextender. I appreciate your feedback.
  12. I'm building a multi zone system for a clinic so they need 6 zones with different content. In term of budget using a 6 zones or 8 Zones Amp non matrix with heos links do the job I already did it. There is a new Heos SuperLink but I'm not sure how the C4 heos driver works or if it's updated for that hardware.
  13. Hi Guys: Im working on a project of Multi-zone audio and want to know if any of you have experience with the new Heos Superlink or Heos Drive.Is the C4 driver able to manage these? TIA
  14. I Have the same situation. If anyone can share their experience Ill be glad to hear them. Just a few questions I have. Could the drive play different spotify sources (with family account of course) to the four zones? Or you need to have a different sources per zones? Heos C4 driver issues and limitations. Thanks in advance
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