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  1. I have a PAMP4 that is missing the rack ears and zone output speaker plugs. Does anyone know where I can get them?
  2. Welp - I didn't realize the AVR had a discrete volume control for ZONE3, so I cranked that up, and the results are much better now, but still lower than I would like.
  3. I'm having the same issue. I have a local 5.1 zone (Denon AVRX4300H) with a turntable. I'm trying to connect the ZONE3 pre-outs on the AVR into an input on my Triad AMS24 so I can listen to the turntable over my WHA matrix.. but the levels are super low. Is there any viable solution for this?
  4. I'm looking for the best way program a single "music" button on a keypad. My requirements: I want to be able to launch Spotify in the zone and play a specified playlist with shuffle/random enabled. I want to be able to play DLNA music (random, certain playlist, etc). I want to be able to launch a Pandora station. I want to be able to adjust the volume (up/down buttons). I want to be able to skip the current song (up/down buttons?). If the sound is not currently playing in the keypad's zone, but it is playing in a nearby zone, I want to "join" that zone and start playing/streaming the same source. Given these requirements, how would you program the keypad? Am I missing any obvious requirements? My initial thoughts are to do: Single tap: Spotify playlist Double tap: DLNA Triple tap: Pandora Up/down button press: adjust volume Up/down button hold: skip track I'm unclear on how to handle the "join" situation. Would it be possible to do something like "if no music is playing in zone, hold the Music button for 2 seconds to join nearby zone"? Any suggestions and or tips? Should I be using the room control driver for any of this?
  5. My goal here is to utilize a local Denon AVR zone for WHA. I have a cable connected (using CAT6 and a balun - tested balun is working correctly) from an output on my AMS24 to an input on the AVR. When I choose the room for playback in C4, I can BARELY hear the source coming through my AVR. The input is assigned correctly, etc, but the volume is SUPER low and barely audible. What am I missing here? For testing purposes, I disconnected the output from my matrix and hooked it directly into an iPhone and the audio on the Denon side was fine.
  6. I haven't heard Origin, but they sound equally as good (if not better) than any of the Paradigms that I have heard. Not quite as bright as something like Klipsch, but they do have a -+3db switch on them to adjust the tweeter. I would suggest ordering a pair and returning them (for free) if you don't like them. I think you will be pleased. I really haven't found anything that sounds as good for the price that the HTD's are.
  7. How did this end up for you? I want to use the DLNA driver to access the DLNA server running on my NAS which contains large library of FLAC/MP3. Couple questions for anyone who knows more than I do: Is music served via DLNA available in the "My Music" interface? Is it easy to program a keypad button to start playing music from DLNA in random order? Is it simple to also have a button that skips songs? Can you create custom playlists from music available via DLNA?
  8. You're making assumptions.. and you know what they say about that.
  9. Sure - I'm speculating. But, in my experience, like I said, Snap has been a good partner and I'm hoping they realize this is a big deal for C4 customers and dealers and thus make it a pleasant transition (if it even happens).
  10. Why would it be? The SnapAV stuff has obviously been in the works for a while now, just as the Neeo acquisition (and 3.0) has been.
  11. Blah - everyone needs to quit being so damn dramatic. SnapAV is generally a good company to deal with (besides the HL fiasco). I was surprised by this, though. Curious to see what will happen with the competing product lines (Episode/Triad, Araknis/Packedge, etc), but it's going to be a while before we see anything, and I'm confident that SnapAV will make whatever transition required as painless as possible for both customers and dealers. I think everyone just needs to calm down and let things play out for a bit before drawing any conclusions.
  12. I recommend the HTD HDX series. Priced right and sound great. The HTD folks are also awesome to work with. It's also cool that they ship with two different types of grills. https://www.htd.com/Products/Speakers/In-Ceiling-Wall-Speakers/HDX
  13. Just enable Remote Desktop (requires Windows 10 Pro).. as long as it has a network connection, you should be able to get to it. No need for a keyboard and mouse.
  14. No need to run an extra 2 conductor wire from one speaker to the other. Run 4-conductor to one speaker, loop it, and then keep running it to the second speaker.
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