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  1. I think there is via the Vera Z-Wave hub, but I'm not 100% sure.
  2. Have you considered finding a new dealer that can better serve you?
  3. I'm considering just going with a Schalge Z-Wave deadbolt for one of my doors since i don't want to drop the outrageous amount of money for another Yale Assure with the C4 Zigbee module.
  4. Another +1 for Neil's services here. He worked with me over the course of several nights to get my brand new C4 system programmed. Neil was able to answer any and all questions that I had and make the system work exactly the way that we wanted it to work. He even went out of his way to help me get some missing parts that I needed. Everyone in my household has been happy. Thanks, Neil!
  5. Ok - I took the bait and ordered a HS110 to try this! What advantages does the Chowman Advanced Announcements driver give you over the normal Announcements agent? Just the text-to-speech? What does your programming look like for the announcement? Do you just look for the VARIABLE reported by the HS110 to fall below a certain number?
  6. The older Wakeup agent is not compatible with OS3. You can use the newer Wakeup/Goodnight agent - although configuration of it via the navigator requires a T3 iirc (I think this may be changing soon).
  7. Sony has awesome out-of-the-box IP/SDDP support with no additional drivers. Vizio also has great support with the Annex4 driver. I avoid Samsung.. have had too many panel failures over the years.
  8. No - these are Cooper Aspire plates. They are a fraction of the cost compared to C4/Lutron faceplates, and they look/operate just as good in my opinion.
  9. I know this isn't Caseta, but I thought I would post just to show you what the Lutron RA2 Select dimmers alongside a C4 keypad look like. RA2 Select's "Maestro" style dimmers look a bit nicer than the Caseta dimmers in my opinion. IMG_2619.HEIC
  10. That is annoying! My 2015 model Samsung logo glows white when it is off (or on per a setting), but you can also disable it completely.
  11. Ok - these are probably pretty stupid questions, but I haven't spent a lot of time with OS3 yet. The videos all talk about a common "Dashboard" where you can add favorites/icons from any room in your house. Where is this dashboard? Does my dealer need to create a "Dashboard" room just so the UI will show this? How can I add favorites to a room from another room? I don't see the option when I press and hold an icon to place the favorite in another room. Where is the "Home screen? The C4 videos show a "My Home" screen that I cannot seem to find.
  12. Interesting, @mallom so you don't build your lighting scenes in C4 (using the Advanced Lighting Scenes agent)? You build the scenes in Lutron and then just call them from C4? I have RA2 Select, and I build all lighting scenes in the Advanced Lighting agent and just call that scene from keypads, etc. It seems to work fine, but you aren't the only person that has told me scenes should be built in Lutron.
  13. Can any dealers comment on this? Is this something that C4 has documented/is aware of?
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