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  1. Sorry for the potential hi-jack here.. but, how do folks typically integrate outdoor landscape lighting with C4? Just using a C4 switch?
  2. Any time you multi-home a host (with two NIC's to two networks), you are increasing exposure. This is what firewalls are for. Use the firewall on your MT router to restrict the VPN server to only certain parts of your home network. This can be accomplished by using a separate "DMZ" network for the VPN appliance and restricting access to/from the DMZ network using firewall rules on your router. Sorry - but it's still unclear to me as to what you're actually trying to accomplish here.
  3. It sounds like your switches are just doing L2. The Mikrotik is handling all of your routing/L3. Depending on your throughput requirements and how your network is configured, I may consider a 2x10Gbps LAG from the CCR to a distribution switch, and then uplink your other switches to the distribution switch. This is likely overkill, though, and it really depends on how your network is currently configured.
  4. If you have a bridge configured on the CCR, there is no reason you can't uplink multiple switches (to separate router interfaces). This is a common configuration. There are plenty of interfaces on the CCR - or as you said, use a 10Gbps interface from of your existing switches (a "core" switch) and uplink other switches to it. Doesn't really make a difference. While internet connectivity may be <1Gbps, that is not to say that local traffic (on separate VLANs) doesn't need to exceed 1Gbps - this is one reason that using the SFP+ interfaces may make sense.
  5. There is one in the online database to do just this! Any idea what it's called or do you have a link? I'm not finding it!
  6. I have the Chowmain TP-Link driver. I would like to use one of the TP-Link plugs on my Christmas tree. Is it possible to use an experience button (or something else) that shows a picture of a Christmas tree to turn the plug on and off? I would then just "favorite" it to a room. If so, any ideas where I might find a Christmas tree icon/experience button that could be used?
  7. Not quite. You can't make connections or bindings with HE either, which can be very frustrating for the non-dealer "power" user.
  8. Because it's a NEEO and it already uses WIFI primarily. Control4 didn't design this remote. They just modified the firmware.
  9. What makes you think that is going to happen?
  10. https://planet.neeo.com/t/189mjh/neeo-now-available-for-control4-smart-home-os-3
  11. Assuming you mean the old C4 amps, and not a Triad PAMP?
  12. I personally think the Ring Elite looks MUCH nicer than the DS2/DS2Mini, but that is just my opinion!
  13. You have to add them as Spotify favorites. It's pretty clunky, but it works. Documentation here: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/spotify/user-guide/english/latest/spotify-user-guide-rev-a.pdf
  14. I *think* there is an option in the driver for that. Check the docs.
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