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  1. No - you cannot get Composer Pro as an end-user. Only dealers have access to Composer Pro. No - you cannot add new devices to your system with Composer HE. You can only add/modify programming to devices/drivers added to your system by a dealer. You can buy HE from any C4 dealer. There are several on this forum that can sell it to you. HE is a one-time purchase. A dealer can install OS3 on your controller. There is no cost for the software, but dealers will typically charge you for the installation. You need a dealer which you can source locally or on these forums.
  2. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-device-renamer/
  3. This isn't the first "rename" driver. Nobody said you had to recommend it to anyone.
  4. Yes. If you have a favorited playlist, you can launch it from any navigator (phone, tablet, OSD) without having your phone. There are also properties of the C4/Spotify driver that will do things like automatically turn on a zone when you select a song in the Spotify app, etc. This document may be useful: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/spotify/user-guide/english/latest/spotify-user-guide-rev-a.pdf
  5. Not sure - I had heard the PTZ controls got a bit better, but I got rid of my Wyze cams and replaced them with Amcrest indoor models. No custom firmware to deal with.. they just work.
  6. Any additional info? Mini drivers for what exactly?
  7. Yeah - the sliders need some work. They are very jumpy.
  8. I think it depends on the source, but with something like Pandora, you can.
  9. Ah, so yeah, I just have simple programming triggered by Room Control functions that set the LED on my "Music" button (green for spotify, blue for XM, etc). I also have additional programming that sets the "Music" LED to "white" when any music in the rom is on (started outside of the room control functionality, etc).
  10. Use the Room Control driver. It's simple.
  11. I think @c4lona is under the impression that you are trying to use VLAN's because you are running out of IP's in your primary LAN. Most often the use-case for VLANs is to isolate devices from other devices (or other networks) and to limit broadcast domains (typically not a concern for home networks).
  12. What kind of media? What type of media server are you using? I wonder if you're transcoding when you shouldn't be and it's straining the CPU/resources on your NAS? Otherwise, it sounds like a network issue or a disk issue on your NAS.
  13. Depending on your router configuration, it's not necessarily a bad thing to hang each switch off of independent interfaces on your router. But - this depends on your router configuration. Otherwise, like Matt said, don't daisy chain your switches. Hang all of your "secondary" switches off of one "primary" switch. Trunks from router<>primary switch, trunks from switch<>switch, and trunks to WAP's (if they are serving multiple SSID's on multiple VLANs). Access ports on individual VLANs for other end-devices.
  14. I'll preface this with saying that I have zero experience with Packedge or Luxul. If your router supports L3 VLANs, it should also route between your VLAN interfaces (gateways). You should not need to trunk multiple VLAN's to your Blue Iris box. Put your BI box on whatever VLAN it needs to be on, and your router will enable routing between that VLAN and the VLAN that your cameras/C4/etc devices are on. You will use firewall rules to restrict traffic between VLANs and out to the internet. The interface(s) between your routers and switches (ones that need to support devices on multiple VLANs) need to be trunk ports. They need to be configured to tag all VLANs that should be accessible on that switch. The switchport(s) that connect end-user devices should not be trunks. They should be "access ports" on individual VLANs. Otherwise, devices plugged into these interfaces need to be able to understand 802.1q tags. Does this help?
  15. Sure - what do you need to know? What are your specific questions?
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