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  1. Pretty sure TIDAL is going to be your best bet if you care about seamless C4 integration and quality of source+stream.
  2. Agreed. What annoys me about security cameras is that they are terrible on the OSD. The PTZ functions are slow, not fluent, etc.. resolution looks poor (even worse than it should at 720p imo, but maybe I'm wrong). Just wish they would fix this.
  3. 3.1.1 is more likely to happen seeing is that there are already several bugs discovered in 3.1.0 (which goes back to my comment of the latest is hardly ever the greatest). Assuming they are following semantic versioning [1] - so, yeah, 3.1.1 would make sense for a bugfix release. [1] https://semver.org/
  4. New versions are not always better than old ones. New versions can introduce new bugs, incompatibilities, etc. It's usually a good idea to let new versions bake for a bit. Sure, the hope is that minor version releases FIX these bugs, etc.. but that is not always the case.
  5. Yeah - very underwhelming. Hopefully they will announce more this week.. shocked a new remote wasn't announced today. With that being said.. I don't think the CEDIA keynote is the right place to announce all of C4's new products, so my fingers are crossed!
  6. It's a 1U x86 server with some redundant stuff (PSU, etc) - that is it from what I can tell. The spec sheet is 404'ing on control4.com. Interested to see pricing on this one.. but, overall, I'm not very interested in this at all.
  7. TP-Link has a model that does energy monitoring, and you can use energy levels for programming triggers if you use the Chowmain driver.
  8. Why are you contemplating switching? Are you having issues? You may also want to look at Araknis which should be fully supported now as well. Not sure what the price difference between Pakedge and Araknis is.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something, but the camera compat test driver lets you specify your own custom URL's for Still/MJPEG/H264. Are you saying that sometimes something other than these three types of URL's are necessary?
  10. But - if the IP camera has a RTSP feed, what stops you from using the "generic" or "compatibility" driver and just manually specifying the feed URLs? What does BI or SecuritySpy when used with C4 give you in addition? Does it allow you to watch recorded video or something? If so, I'd be willing to bet the native interfaces/apps for BI/SecuritySpy are better anyways. Asking because I'm curious!
  11. Coming in a little late here.. but, if everything is working properly, should BI be able to expose a 720p H264 stream to Control4? Or is it some crappy low-res 640x480 video only?
  12. I think you're just describing "favorites"? You can add them from app. The videos on this page will help you: https://www.control4.com/os3/getting-the-most-out-of-os3/
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