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  1. Sounds like your dealer may not know what he's talking about, or he's feeding you bs. Besides that, I cannot imagine being a C4 user and NOT using/having the app! I think you're missing out.
  2. Oh, yeah - you're right. I obviously haven't done it in forever
  3. Check this out: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/spotify/user-guide/english/latest//spotify-user-guide-rev-a.pdf To make Spotify playlists available in the Control4 interface, you need to "favorite" them in the Spotify app.
  4. Same here. It's very frustrating and happens at the worst times.
  5. @Darin, C4 PM UI It looks like the alignment issue was corrected, but one of my T3's is still "stuck" on indoor temperature. Progress, though!
  6. Probably so. I think I heard C4 is releasing combo decora/contemporary plates, but that sounds like a mess. How many different combinations would they need to make to satisfy everyone?
  7. I'm sure people would pay for a more capable driver (oh, hey there @alanchow!). It would be nice if C4 just fixed the native driver though.
  8. If it worked well for a while, but now doesn't - you probably have other issues like self interference, etc.
  9. Any new recommendations for decoders? This one has been recommended: https://www.holidaycoro.com/30-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-12v-DC-p/43.htm I like that it's 30 channels. I'm planning on using it for several RGB+WW strips. Any obvious issues with this one and other things that I should consider? Also - for the RS232 cable that connects the ES box to a controller (EA5-V2), will a standard DB9 cable work? Do I need to remove the 4th pin?
  10. Ah - cool, I currently use programming to set the screensaver to "none" or "blank" (whichever it is) after a certain period of time.
  11. Thanks! I guess this is already known, but it seems like the T3's do receive out-of-band on-demand updates sort of like the Neeo? Both of these issues occurred without any controller upgrades on my side.
  12. Yep this was added a couple of releases ago.
  13. Recently, I noticed that the "custom" screensaver on all of my T3's is no longer vertically aligned on the screen: The temp/date/time all used to be vertically aligned. Now you can see that it's not - the time/date/temp need to be dropped down a bit. I know this is a minor nit, but my wife noticed too. Has anyone else noticed this? I also have a T3 who is stuck displaying the indoor temperature instead of the outdoor temperature for some reason (no changes were made, still on 3.2.2). I have heard others with this issue. It's annoying because it's the T3 in my bedroom and I look at it every morning to see how cold it is. Restarts haven't helped either problem. Anybody else seeing these issues?
  14. Thanks for the info! A few questions.. Serena must be controlled by the SmartBridge (Caseta Pro) and not the RA2 Select hub, correct? Triathalon and Sivoia can be controlled by the RA2 Select hub? What type of wire should be used for a power pre-wire? Should this wire come out of the window frame? Do you happen to have any pics of a pre-wire?
  15. Are the Sivoia shades much more expensive than Serena?
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