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  1. Getting 5-7yrs out of DL's products is actually very good. They are generally not reliable and do not last very long.
  2. Can someone confirm that it's ok to use a C4-KD120 without an attached lighting load?
  3. Haha - calm down, bud. Tell us exactly what makes the Triad MATRIX superior to any others on the market? It sounds like you have all of the answers.
  4. I seriously doubt that you would hear a difference between a Triad and VS matrix for WHA. Yes, this is me guessing. I do suspect you would hear a difference between the Triad amps and other inferior amps, though.
  5. Any update here? Just found the Sylvania Lightify by Osram kit which would fit perfectly in my existing can locations. Is there any integration with C4 at all?
  6. The VS audio switches do have more "knobs" to adjust in terms of audio delay, etc which the Triad matrixes do not have. I haven't used them personally, but people tend to really like them.
  7. Why are you getting mixed feedback about using your HT zones as inputs into your matrix? Because of audio delay? What is stopping you from using the Triad amps even if you do use another brand of matrix? You failed to mention Videostorm which has been recommended to you several times and has a 38x38 zone matrix advertised for $3799 on their website.
  8. Seems overly complicated to me. What happened to the VS audio matrix you were looking at?
  9. Gotcha - just wasn't understanding why you needed to convert the single-gang into a 2-gang just to use a keypad instead of a keypad dimmer.
  10. A configurable keypad? Do you mean a Pico?
  11. Do you do all of this using a keypad in your bathroom?
  12. Ok - thanks for the info. This makes me think that all of their models will work as they are all the same - except for the DC models.
  13. These fans don't even need a Light kit, so I'm assuming any of their fans will work?
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