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  1. Yea...this is definitely a new problem. I can't think of any other reason than a bug in the app but I have no idea. This is a new problem for me and is a pain. I now do not know what the actual volume level is. It does finally correct itself but I have no idea how long it takes. Last night I watched a two hour film and near the end of the movie I did notice that the app displayed the correct percentage. I should look more closely next movie but who wants to be distracted from a good moving to watch this?! How can we get c4 to look at this and get a response from them?
  2. After rebooting the Datasat it continues with the odd behavior. When I turn up the volume on the Datasat via c4 the Datasat respinds appropriately to the correct db. The audio output level and the db reading on the Datasat remains stable. It is only the c4 level reading that snaps back to the previous output reading but the drop does not impact the Datasat. Only when i increase or decrease the c4 setting, even by just one point, the output level on the Datasat will immediately drop back to the output level where the c4 dropped back to. Therefore my assumption is that it’s c4 causing
  3. I just completed the movie i was watching and powered down the Datasat and unplugged it. It has rebooted. I’ll be running it again later this evening and will report back. thx!
  4. Ugh. Didn’t think far enough…. It’s probably the Datasat, huh?
  5. Thx for replying. My processor is a Datasat. That’s the device I’m controlling. I’m watching a movie using an Oppo 203.
  6. I’m using the most recent ios app on an iphone Pro 12. C4 is v 3.2.1. Erratic behavior just started today I’ve not noticed it ever before Ex: the volume slider will read 40 on the app. I slide the volume up to 53 or tap it up in increments. Within 1-2 seconds later the slider snaps right back to 40 BUT the audible volume level stays at the new setting of 53. Then, the second i again move the slider up one notch or more, to something like 58, the audible volume instantly lowers back to 40. Then responding slowly To the increase, the audible
  7. Wow. Fantastic! Thank you very much. I’m going to give it a shot.
  8. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology as my original question asked about a "Timer schedule". Create a schedule to lower and raise the screen and predetermined and scheduled times on any given day.
  9. Creating a Toggle button to turn timer on/off...is it difficult? Is it created like any other button?
  10. Thank you very much for replying. It sounds simple to me and I’m sure my programmer can do it.
  11. This is an odd request I’m sure. i just replace my old Electric Stewart Filmscreen ST130 material with a new ST100. with electric screens sometimes the roller can add a very small but sometimes noticeable indentation across the screen over a period of time. Most people wouldn’t even notice. I want to be able to create a timer schedule to automatically trigger the screen to lower and then raise at certain times during the week. This would allow it to hang periodically and not stay in the rolled up position for days in a row. A schedule like Monday, Wednesday and Thursday midnight
  12. jrdiandrea

    Speed is life

    Wow. After all this time....you've gotta be thrilled with that!! Congrats!
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