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  1. Tanderson....thank you so much for working on this. My experience mimics most of the others who have commented. For my ios app to initially connect to c4 system it only takes about 2-3 seconds. Usually. Once I start an "activity"...say, "watch Oppo" and all components power up....I must keep my phone and app active....not turn the screen off if i expect to have immediate access to the remote functions. Otherwise, I must turn on my iphone , wait 2-3 seconds for it to connect to my system, then another 2 seconds for the "Oppo" remote to re-populate. To some who have commented we are splitting hairs and are expecting too much. HOWEVER, before the upgrade to 3....my iphone app connected Immediately....instantaneously, the first time AND during an activity like above was in use. If I wanted to pause the movie I simply swiped my screen open and the Oppo remote was there and active. Absolutely no hesitation nor delay. This performance is what I and many others were used to for a VERY long time. I know it took a while to get it there and now more than ever expect it will again now that I know you and your team are on it!!! Thank you!!! No
  2. Great question. I’m very curious myself. Mine updated a few hours ago. When I get hone this evening I’ll test to see if I notice any speed connectivity improvements. Not expecting that but sure would be nice.
  3. Appreciate your feedback. That’s good to know. I’llspeak with my dealer to see if upgrading to a CA -10 makes sense for me.
  4. I understand. I prefer the new. But why would they not include the instant connect feature? Maybe there’s a good reason. But I can only think of one and that’s to force the purchase of one of their remotes to get it. Frustrating.
  5. Ok, so it’s a specific feature that was not implemented or included in the new os3. I get it. So I assume there are no plans to reintroduce this feature. I’m sure it would certainly be possible. But then if it was, I wouldn’t be forced to buy a C4 remote to get instantaneous connection. Really is disappointing.
  6. My network is blazing fast. Is there a faster processor that would deliver instantaneous app connection? I have to believe that the actual issue resides within the app. I had a remote before and won’t go down that path again. Can’t change battery when needed. And the new remotes are no different.
  7. Oh, I understand it’s what most are experiencing. Are you suggesting that it’s impossible to improve upon?
  8. I don’t keep track of system numbers but there was a major update to the controler around the same time the allnew app was released. That’s when the instantaneous connection went away.
  9. Or could this be a case of by the remote to get instant connection? I would really like to think not.
  10. All due respect, it was instantaneous with both my iPhone and iPad before the major update. No changes were made to my system. Only to the app and hardware software. No doubt it’s possible. No idea how complicated it might be.
  11. Yea, I remember reading that, too. But I believe tgat was a different scenario all together. Before the major update it was ALWAYS connected!! Or it took nano seconds to rennect when opening back up.
  12. Before the major update the app for ios was fantastic in regards to connection. Now, it looses connection frequently even when I keep it open and my iphone from going to sleep. This isn't idea as it drains battery, of course. However, if i wake the phone up it takes 5-7 seconds for the app to reconnect. Before, it would almost instantaneously reconnect. It was awesome. Can we expect any improvement in this area? If so, when?
  13. Thanks for responding, dinom. I thought I might have been imagine things. It was really slick Now.....while I like the new layout, it is not nearly as efficient. I really hope they intend on addressing this.
  14. It seems to me I had better local connection performance with the older app. I believe once connected it stayed connected. Even after turning the iphone screen off then opening the screen up to the app 20 minutes later while watching a bluray movie, as an example. It would still be connected. Now, if its more than 2-3 minutes after using the app, it must reconnect taking about 4-5 seconds to connect. Then, when it does, it goes to the home screen instead of the device (Bluray [player) remote screen I was on. Then, I need to select the activity again to get back to the full device remote screen. Really is a big hassle. Is this now common? Is there a solution to keep the app active even if I close the iphone screen? Maybe I'm nit picking here. But I swear it performed better in this regard before the new version.
  15. Now realize since this is a post titled c4 iphone ap that my question may have been stupider than I thought....)
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