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  1. Thanks for responding, dinom. I thought I might have been imagine things. It was really slick Now.....while I like the new layout, it is not nearly as efficient. I really hope they intend on addressing this.
  2. It seems to me I had better local connection performance with the older app. I believe once connected it stayed connected. Even after turning the iphone screen off then opening the screen up to the app 20 minutes later while watching a bluray movie, as an example. It would still be connected. Now, if its more than 2-3 minutes after using the app, it must reconnect taking about 4-5 seconds to connect. Then, when it does, it goes to the home screen instead of the device (Bluray [player) remote screen I was on. Then, I need to select the activity again to get back to the full device remote screen. Really is a big hassle. Is this now common? Is there a solution to keep the app active even if I close the iphone screen? Maybe I'm nit picking here. But I swear it performed better in this regard before the new version.
  3. Now realize since this is a post titled c4 iphone ap that my question may have been stupider than I thought....)
  4. As a Long time user but technically challenged ..... will this update to speed connection reside in the iphone ap or will it be part of a firmware update to the controller?
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