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  1. The 710 gives you multi-user mimo up and down. Unlikely you will see much benefit from that if any. The 610 gives you 3x3:3 antenna arrangement which is about best case for a nice laptop so it's an excellent choice. There is also a nice phone app that goes with Unleashed...easy to check and see if something or someone is on or AP status etc..highly recommended.
  2. Chiming back in, 6 APS are probably overkill, my home is 4600sqft and I cover with three R710 APs. You will get more range out of the AC and AX aps than you did the older units.. I could use one in the garage which has more to do with concrete and how that level of the house is built but its not enough for me to pull a wire or get it pulled. You need to make sure you don't have overlapping channels, I doubt a unifi system does auto channel properly. You also probably need to turn down the power after installation but that gets more neuanced based on your construction.
  3. You need to work with your dealer/installer on the C4 side of things. Communications between the C4 elements is pretty critical and much of that is wired or wireless networking of one flavor or another. You also have a lot of options depending on what you want to achive with your HA system. 1. Fundamentals - The EAs talk to each other via your network. I would try and hardwire each EA controller back. As to weather you need an EA at every TV is sort of a budget issue. For example, I have an EA5 in my main eqt closet and my living room has an EA1. My bedrooms and back patio are controlled
  4. The board may only support a few stages but the issue I had was a little more complicated. I have a Lennox system that originally had a third party zoning board. It used the standard old school thermostat wiring to talk to the board in the air handler. It was controlling staging of the blower. Thermostats in zones were first Honeywell, then Honeywell ZWave, then later Ecobee. The issue I had was Zone 1 calls for cool , meanwhile after 8 mins Zone 2 calls for cool. After another two mins Zone 1 is satisfied and quits cooling. The air handler however sees a continuous call for cool, decides it's
  5. I added commands for the new sharpening that was exposed in November or December. It's my daily driver scaler so I do keep it up to date when they add new features. They have also added features for me. Two bug fix releases in the last year were thanks to issues I discovered (The Nvidia shield issue and the one after it). I also got them to allow you to change the color of on screen messages. The new remote adds test patterns, saving config, HDR setup, auto aspect enable/disable, and input aspects for some additional formats. Of them the following are supported via serial: Test patterns,
  6. Here is a writeup of features. I've been using it for two years, I've had customers for a full year. Since I wrote this I've added the new sharpening commands from the fall firmware release and increased the number of inputs to 10 to account for the additional virtual inputs and the new hardware with 10 inputs. The preferred setup for Lumagen is to have all sources connected directly to the lumagen and then connect the lumagen to your preamp/processor/reciever. This creates an issue that you don't get any volume or mute feedback on your screen because the preamp/receiver is out of
  7. Make sure they're using the right driver. The first one I did was on 2.9 and there were several different drivers that "looked" right and somewhat talked to the module, the correct one is labeled 4232CBM(Residential). My personal system has an expansion board and several keypads so it was a pain sort out the programming on the panel and the alarm guys generally don't like to fool with it. Once it's working it's rock solid.
  8. I think this is the web site for the company he was with when he wrote that driver: They may still be able to sell you a copy or they may know where to find him. You may have to use google translate if you don't speak (I'm presuming) Portuguese: https://www.t4control.com.br/loja/
  9. Man, It's going to severely depend on the vintage of the Arecont if it would even be possible. They don't even support ONVIF on the older cameras... very proprietary. They seem to do RTSP but they don't do a great job of supporting third parties. I also see quite a few of the PTZ and muti-sensor cameras which probably are more fun to integrate...good luck.
  10. It's also possible the projector's IP board went bad. I've seen it on a JVR RS520. You could ping the board but C4 IP driver was super flakey. No amount of firmware updating resolved it, had to send in for a board replacement.
  11. I just looked and you are absolutely correct. My apologies to Roku for the slight. I haven't looked at a new one in a few months. From what I can tell they still don't support 23.976 and force everything to 24fps. If this bothers you or not it's personal. Nvidia is on a crusade (well, ok, some sort of side hobby actually) to enable global fresh rate switching and the only way to get any modicum of decent 1080P -> 4K scaling with their ai scaling for streaming content. I think the streaming providers have a lot of blame here with requiring the UI to be in 4K60 before they will present
  12. Minidrivers are NOT working as they do not create an audio path through the driver. I think this is a bug and hopefully we will see a fix soon. The minidrivers also haven't seen an update in a little while, they may need new app strings added specifically for shield. I've about had it with the apps on a few of my smart TVs and I prefer shield over the Roku for video quality reasons. With Roku everything C4 works perfectly but it doensnt support all frame rates and last time I looked no dolby vision.
  13. I can confirm it works (navigation and playback commands) with the older (2017 ?) shield. Controls are snappy with it and the 2019 shield pro. I'm not getting audio path on the universal minidrivers so there is probably an update coming that will fix that. I can also confirm that the other issue I'm seeing relative to the videostorm driver is that it doesn't expose the AV start/stop so no automating your lights to video playback... that's one of the coolest features of the shield with irusb in my book... It's also nice that you don't have to go find the hard remote if the shield re
  14. I would open a cmd prompt and ping from one of your computers. I would send them continuously. I would do the same to your araknis router. When your internet "drops out", check the pings. If they're still going it's not DNS. if it goes to your arakins but not to the address it's probably something on the fabulous quality cable network. I would get comcast to check the counters on your modem and/or run a test to it.
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