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  1. Phono Input of the AVR worked. But i have two Audio Sources . hmmmmm...
  2. AVR : Integra DSX3 Audio Sources : Sonos & Fusion Sterio system.
  3. Hi , I have a client who has 5.1 Home Theater programmed with Control4 which has 3 video and 2 audio input. The client want to watch the video in the screen from the video source but listen the music from the audio source at the same time . How can I do that ?
  4. Saved the IP address . called to the IP address. The SIP phone is ringing but the TS is not receiving the call
  5. no . actually the incoming call number is showing as 000FFF80B1............ when i am trying to call back the same number the phone says " the number you entered doesn't match the dial plan"
  6. I Just set up a Grand Stream SIP phone in my composer and I am able to call the SIP phone from my touch screen. But How can call the Touch screen from Grand Stream phone ?
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