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  1. Sorry for that, (a couple of days offline) our hosting provider had an issue. We changed it since a while, never have that issue again.
  2. Not that I know, it should work with both. Best regards, Bogdan
  3. If you think to take advantage of the hue sensors also, you might take a look at this C4 Hue driver: https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers It covers temperature, motion and light intensity.
  4. If you add your Philips Hue Switch or Dimmer, this gets registered in the hue gateway and communicated only via the Hue Zigbee network. So if you have no internet nor lan, there should be no issue on using the Philips Hue Switches, C4 and the apps won't work then...
  5. Just out of curiosity, do you use color hue bulbs and control a group of color bulbs from a C4 zigbee switch? For example: I cannot turn off the color hue bulb with the Control4 hue driver (it stays blue at 3%) and changing colors moves the room through a lot of colors until the final value is reached, especially when using light scenes.
  6. You should be carful on using motion sensors in the bedrooms and disable those at night or simply put them at foot level so that don't interact with the people while asleep. One option is to put it under the bed and put night lights on when you get off the bed.
  7. I’m using it for security triggers when I’m not at home. While at home I use it to disconnect the heated towel rail 5 Minutes after there is no movement in Bathroom. The tower rail is connected through a TP-Link hs110 wifi Smart plug for which You also find a driver under https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers In the Kids room, we use the sensors to turn off the lights when no movement for 15 minutes. Same we do with certain heavy duty electrical devices like the Iron, we turn it off if there is no movement in the house. the temperature readings we use to alert that windows are open in the winter for longer than 15 minutes. You could combine the hue sensor input with energy reading of the hs110 to decide better if person is home: e.g. if coffe machine is brewing or other lamps went on. i hope I could give you some ideas how to use the drivers. Happy to know which ideas you have. BR, Bogdan
  8. You're welcome! Remember that you cannot use the Phillips Hue Motion Sensor without a Phillips Hue Bridge.
  9. TP-LINK HS100 AND HS110 SMART PLUGS This product is a Control4 driver for the TP-Link HS100 and HS110 wifi smart plugs. It offers the possibility to connect the smart plug directly to a button or relay, to react to status changes (e.g. toggle button pressed on the plug) and analyze the power, voltage and current using variables. The name of the Smart Plug, model, Wi-Fi signal information and all values are shown in the properties page as shown in the picture below. FEATURES Control TP-Link Smart Plugs from Control4 Actions available On, Off, Toggle Automatic TP-Link Device Name Detection Energy metering for HS110 Turn off your electrical heater, fan or coffee machine after a time Turn off your device if uses to much power Turn room on/off by analyzing the energy consumption Handles 1 plug per driver (install more drivers to handle additional plugs) One license required per project Free 3 days trial Download and buy from the link below (time limited offer 30 euro) https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers Support available via email: contact@unilogiq.com
  10. Dear k3nnis, the Hue Motion Sensor driver it was working also with an old 2.8.x (although I would recommend to update :). I would give it a try: just download it from here and try it out for 2 days https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers Install the driver follow the installation instructions and connect it's output to a motion sensor from the My drivers -> Sensors -> Generic C4 motion sensor in the right side of the Composer.
  11. Sorry, I only tried to add a sensor after I already had the light in the system. Can't you just skip this configuration telling the device that it is used by external app (like homekit)?
  12. There are drivers out there doing both. Other are using different notification services like SMS, Pushover.net, etc.
  13. Hi k3nnis, I don't have any HVAC integrated, I just use the data for displaying it in the Android app. The movement sensors trigger a push notification when alarm is armed and motion detected.
  14. Hi k3nnis, Sure, you need a Phillips Hue Gateway and then can add as many sensors within radio range as you wish. You just have to connect a "C4 Motion Sensor" driver to this drivers output. The temperature can be also retrieved using a connection to a "Temperature Display Driver OS 2.10+" or a thermostat to the referenced temperature output. Best regards, Bogdan
  15. I'm using a normal light strip for 10-15 euro and replaced the LED strip controller with a Milight strip controller (30 euro) and then bought (http://www.milight.com/milight-wifi-box/) which has already a driver for Control4 (controlled over wifi). There is a limitation that the control box can only control 4 light groups, so you might need more than one box depending on your setup. Works great and it is stable! Unfortunatelly I don't have driver link anymore but I'm sure google helps. BR, Bogdan
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