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  1. Yes, there is an issue how the Hue Bridge was designed, it does not allow external triggers, thus only pooling is a way to get the data out of the Hue System ... which takes quite some time since the Bridges are not having big CPUs.
  2. Try this one https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers Let me know via PM if you would like to use the existing Hue scenes and we will provide you a demo. All the best, Bogdan
  3. Yes and yes. This is my usage scenario, triggering the command from the keypads depending on night/day conditions. I use set scene instead of on and off room or lights to reduce the load on the HUE Bridge. Let me know your email via PM and I'll give you my newest version to try it out and give feedback.
  4. Hi @ajmccaus, I was simply creating the scenes with the Hue App and implemented in the driver the possibility to select one of them from the list and also room off/all room off. In the Compose this is realized using commands with parameters and it can be tested before by using Actions with parameters.
  5. The driver is independent of the bridge version. The sensors are compatible until now with all 3 HW revisions of the bridge (there are two different HW versions of the v2). Depends on the hight and number of animals crossing the sensor you might need to change the motion sensibility. For me the medium sensitivity works best at 2.5m height looking down the stairs (only 3 values for motion are available).
  6. I had the same problem so we updated our HUE Sensors driver to activate a Hue light scene for a given group (or room) via a command. This way you can design your light scenes with the specialized Hue App and just trigger them together with the Control4 lights from within Control4. You can check it out at https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers
  7. Please find the update for the hue driver at https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers Currently only group scenes supported. Enjoy!
  8. P.S. there is an undocumented feature: goto the UnilogIQ hue gateway driver page and under actions and also commands you will find a possibility to trigger light scenes. This is our early xmas present to all of you! We wish you great christmas time and a happy new year!
  9. Hi, The action is on the gateway driver not on the sensor side. Could you please double check the Users Guide the chapter named Installation, especially if you already did install the "Philips Hue Motion Sensor Gateway driver" (you can zoom in to see the detailed pictures). In order to connect them you should try to check the connections of the gateway driver. If there is none detected, you can enforce a search for the sensors by performing the “Discover new devices” action. After that you could install the "Philips Hue Motion Sensor driver" and connect it's input to the selected gateway connection. We tested this driver with 2.10.x and 3.0 and 3.1.
  10. Sorry for that, (a couple of days offline) our hosting provider had an issue. We changed it since a while, never have that issue again.
  11. Not that I know, it should work with both. Best regards, Bogdan
  12. If you think to take advantage of the hue sensors also, you might take a look at this C4 Hue driver: https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers It covers temperature, motion and light intensity.
  13. If you add your Philips Hue Switch or Dimmer, this gets registered in the hue gateway and communicated only via the Hue Zigbee network. So if you have no internet nor lan, there should be no issue on using the Philips Hue Switches, C4 and the apps won't work then...
  14. Just out of curiosity, do you use color hue bulbs and control a group of color bulbs from a C4 zigbee switch? For example: I cannot turn off the color hue bulb with the Control4 hue driver (it stays blue at 3%) and changing colors moves the room through a lot of colors until the final value is reached, especially when using light scenes.
  15. You should be carefully using motion sensors in the bedrooms and disable those at night or simply put them at foot level so that don't interact with the people while asleep. One option is to put it under the bed and put night lights on when you get off the bed.
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