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  1. Thanks for all the ideas guys. Yeah programming is the fun part!
  2. I'm an AmeriCAN, not an AmeriCAN'T! So I realized that the problem might be that after initially hitting the c4 button in an off room that the room was turned on so it never hit that if statement condition as the room was already on, so I did this: 1) Add a variable "IS_KITCHEN_TV_NAVIGATION" default to FALSE 2) Add this program to the 'When command 'CONTROL4' is received in Kitchen TV Room If Variables->IS_KITCHEN_TV_NAVIGATION is False Select the Cable TV as the video source in the Kitchen TV Room Variables->IS_KITCHEN_TV_NAVIGATION = True Else
  3. Hi all, This is one of those "Da misses hates Control4 because it's too complicated issues". My wife wants to hit ONE button to turn on the cable TV in the kitchen. I setup the 'green' command button on the SR-250 to set the video source to the cable tv, but her comment was "Can't I just hit the big red '4' button?" So I tried to do an if/else program on the button such that if the room is off when it's pressed it sets the cable tv, and if the room is on it brings up the navigator: When command 'CONTROL4' is received If the Kitchen TV Room Room is off Select the Optimum a
  4. Hi, Cleaning up an installation... Telling Alexa "Turn on Theater Curtains" closes the curtains; "Turn off Theater Curtains" opens them. It's more natural to say "Close Theater Curtains" or "Open Theater Curtains". I can't figure out if I can configure this properly. Anyone else run into this? RussellB
  5. Ok, for posterity... I tried all kinds of combinations and couldn't get this to work: 1) Creating "Master Bedroom" and "Master Bedroom TV", setting endpoints appropriately, and programming POWER_STATE to turn off the other room respectively left me in a spot where without the Receiver being used I couldn't change sources (Control 4, Optimum Cable, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku) or control those sources. 2) The Receiver is responsible for changing inputs so trying to use the stand-by pass-thru of this particular receiver only passes through the last selected hdmi port. I was thinking maybe us
  6. I ended up getting a Sony Surround Sound receiver to replace the Pyle. It didn't have the same MUTE problem and works great.
  7. So I'm trying to think this through. Basically I want to replicate the room so I end up with Master Bedroom that has everything in it and a Master Bedroom TV Room that has everything except the Receiver so sound control is via the TV. I can't duplicate the EA-1 in each room so I don't think that's going to work. I think a custom scene is the way to go, turning off the receiver and setting volume control to the TV.
  8. The receiver I'm using has a particular problem, more like behavior. When it's on MUTE, it doesn't accept any other commands except UNMUTE. So if I mute, then power off the room, it remains on mute. I tried doing some custom programming but the "Current Mute is" conditional is disabled. I think I can program it to respond to Mute changes, assume mute is off when the room is off and use a variable to store the state. Is there any other way?
  9. Nice idea! Let me play with that today.
  10. Hi all, I came into this setup, but brought it current by replacing a dead DVD player that also acted as an Amp and replaced an HC250 for an EA-1: Master Bedroom 1) Ceiling speakers tied to the Audio Matrix Switch output (Audio End-Point 1, Video Volume 1) 2) Sony Bravia TV (No room control connections) 3) New Pyle Amplifier attached to a Bose Sound System (5.1) around the master bed (HDMI Out Video End-Point in the room) The amplifier is an HDMI switcher as well so I use it to switch between the EA-1 (On-screen Navigation, Samsung Cable Box, Fire TV, Chromecast)
  11. I wrote a driver for the Lennox iComfort that communicates to the cloud API to control the thermostat so it can be done.
  12. As mentioned in the title: HC800 w/ power supply 2 HC250s w/ power cables 1 C4-TW7C0-WH Touch Screen with black mounting hardware 1 SR-250 with minor crack on top right of the controller 1 SR-260 with a dim display, works otherwise. 2 SlingBox 500s with cables and power supplies More you buy better I’ll go with pricing/shipping. Can be boxed and shipped out of NJ within 48 hours of payment. All items are on 2.10.x Make me an offer. **HC800 Sold***
  13. Guess I'm about to post two HC250s for sale. What's a good going price for them? I also have an SR-250 that has a slight crack, and an SR-260 with a dim screen, which was a failing of that particular model. Boat anchors?
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