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  1. Hi, The house is loaded with these switches so I'm looking for two in order to setup a 4-way for a staircase chandelier. aTdHvAaNnKcSe <-- thanks in advance RussellB
  2. Hi all, Is there a way I can test a dimmer/switch/keypad before installing it to make sure it works and is configured for zigbee? aTdHvAaNnKcSe <-- thanks in advance RussellB
  3. Interestingly... the "integration report" from the Caseta Smartbridge Pro shows 100 connections outside of Control4. The previous owner didn't upgrade the kitchen because it would take 14 dimmers/switches/keypads and I guess he didn't want to incur the cost. I put together 6 caseta dimmers, 5 pico remotes and 3 switches all now controlled by Control 4. So "Alexa, turn on kitchen lights" and everything comes up. "Alexa, turn off kitchen lights" does show that 'popcorn-effect' as the switches turn off first while the dimmers fade to off, but I can live with that. The switches are on accent lighting that shouldn't be dimmed. Now for the Philips Hue, I put 17 bulbs out on the front landscape. Power is controlled via a Control4 WHPC-10. So "Alexa, turn on frontyard lights" closes the relay, then sends commands to the bulbs to set them up the way I want. For Halloween they are all orange. For Christmas I'll alternate red, green and white. So far, no complaints.
  4. I'm using the RA2 Select Repeater driver. It supports 100 but that's what the RA2 supports so I assume the Caseta app will cutoff at 75. The kitchen I am automating has 13.
  5. Hi all, The Lutron Caseta integration is spot on for my needs as the original deployment of Control4 was 10 years ago in my current house I bought. I''ve also added a Philips Hue for the outside landscape lights so for Halloween they are all lit orange, and for Christmas it will be alternating white, green, red. Are there any gotchas that I'm not aware of? Russell
  6. Hi, I wanted to share this to see if anyone else has encountered this oddity. I wanted to replace a Harmony remote and hub with the C4Z2IO. The setup is a Toshiba TV, Samsung Cable box and an Amazon Fire TV Stick. I used stock drivers for everything except the Toshiba TV because it doesn't have direct access to inputs; you need to press the INPUT button and then a number corresponding to the input (0-8). So I edited a Toshiba driver to support the INPUT button and tested it with an EA-1 I have waiting to be deployed to another room. Hooking it up got it working with my setup including volume, mute, channel select, input select and control of the Fire TV Stick. When I replaced the EA-1 with the C4Z2IO everything worked EXCEPT for when the inputs changed it wasn't sending the INPUT button so the tv would receive a '5' for HDMI 1, for '6' for HDMI 2 and then switch to Antenna mode and basically show static. I switched back to the EA-1 and everything works fine. Anyone ever encounter something like this? Russell
  7. Hi, It would just allow selecting of a device and an HDMI input and audio. Similar to the Nintendo Wii driver. Control would be through whatever controllers are hooked up to the RaspberryPi (wireless in my instance). Let me know. Russ
  8. Thanks. Well with part-time work I've learned Python and LUA. I have a driver that can read the thermostats, get the values, poll for changes. Need to add saving the values back, then prettying it up and then testing. Does Control4 purchase third-party drivers to include in their offering?
  9. Hi all, I have a Lennox iComfort Wifi in my Master Bedroom. There's a HouseLogix driver for it but I wanted to take this opportunity to see if I can write a complicated driver. Is there a 'competitive' market for drivers in the Control 4 world? I don't want to step on any toes. Russell.
  10. I have the Orbi system with the main controller hardwired into the main hub and have had no issues either with the phone client or the wifi touchscreens throughout the house. I have three satellites that give me full coverage of the house.
  11. Hi all, My main staircase has three switches to control it from three locations, so I need: 2 Keypads 1 Dimmer What makes it complicated is I need one almond, one white, and one black. Any combination of those three with 1 dimmer and 2 keypads will work. Russ
  12. Got it working! I'll take a couple of photos.
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