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  1. Wondering if anyone has this similar problem. In some cases when trying to remotely connect to a clients system, the controller name, address, version, etc either takes a real long time to show up or it doesn't show up at all. I know there is a back door way to get the system's address from my.control4.com. We can add that Director address to connect to it. However, in some cases the address doesn't show there either? Not sure if the controller just hasn't checked-in or there is some kind of DNS breakdown. Any thoughts or solutions?
  2. Thanks msgreenf, it sounds like you're in agreement that the scanning is still creating a problem. What will we be losing if i disable scanning and can i re-enable it when needed?
  3. Thanks M. The matrix IP is not reserved on the router. It is DHCP and was identified using the ID button. We can try putting it on a static IP and see if that helps. We did not ping the matrix when it was locked but can try that if it happens again.
  4. Yes, we are on the latest version on the OvrC hubs
  5. I put this post on the OvrC side also. Hopefully, it will get the attention that it needs. We understand that there was an issue a few months ago with the C4 Audio Matrix's (Triad 24x24). It would lock up and fall offline. A reboot of the audio matrix temporarily resolves the problem. We were told it was caused by the OvrC scan process. An audio matrix firmware was quickly released and that "should" fix the problem. We are still experiencing sporadic situations where the matrix falls offline. We get a phone call or email from a client telling us they cant play music or they don't have sound from their TV. Again, a reboot gets it back online and working. We have done this procedure several times for some job sites. It doesn't seem to happen to all of our Triad Matrix's however, it seems that it may affect sites that have an OvrC Hub and an Araknis 300-router rather than their 310-router with OvrC built-in. However, not all of our sites with that combination are having this problem. There are a couple that haven't needed the reboot since the last audio matrix firmware update. I'm not confident that it has anything to do with the OvrC scan, but I think its something that needs to get looked at. Today we also discovered that an 8x8 audio matrix was locked up and had to be rebooted. That site has an Araknis 310-router with OvrC built-in. Some of the systems are on 2.10.6 and some on 3.1.2. All have what I think is the latest FW for the matrix. The 24x24 has V1.06.82 and the 8x8 has V1.05.72. Attached are pics of the audio matrix properties when its locked up and after its rebooted. Notice that the FW version for the audio matrix does not display. The pictures attached out of order so the after reboot pic shows up first and the before reboot is second. Anybody else noticing these same issues?
  6. Hello drmark12pa, what version of Control4 are you running with your GE alarm panel. If you're running OS3 which driver are you using for the alarm system. I have client on 2.9.1 who wants to upgrade to the latest OS3 version and his GEConcord driver is not compatible. Thanks!
  7. I have a potential client looking to add his outdoor lighting system to Control4. He currently controls the lights with a Philips Zonescape app. Its a wired or wireless device that connects to low voltage lighting transformers. Has anybody dealt with this? Does anyone know of a driver that would work?
  8. Ferbor, the 128BPT was connected to the 4232CBM on 2.10.6 and was working. The client wanted to move to OS3 so we switched to HSIM and currently having a few difficulties. We are back on site next week with the alarm company to make another attempt to gett this to work. I believe the problem is with the keypad address within the panel. Its not set up properly to communicate. Will update next week.
  9. Awesome, thanks very much for that update. We have this Vista128BPT panel in two job sites one that has the HSIM and the other with the CBM. We will switch the CBM to an HSIM and let everyone know how that goes. Both systems are on OS3.
  10. Hi everyone, its been a little bit more that 6 months since the last post about a driver for the Vista128BPT panel and OS3. Does anyone know if anything was updated or if a new driver is available yet?
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