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  1. i wish that was a option were so deep into project i have to make it work at this point. I have all the serial commands im just looking for a driver to make it easier instead of completely doing it
  2. how busy do you stay there ? im not looking so much to move but we have a smaller company in san diego and we travel and do jobs in arizona and im looking for new areas .
  3. I have a rti Ad8x amp /matrix i have the serial commands but im looking for a good driver to edit any suggestions ?
  4. what driver are you using to edit ?
  5. I have a Key digital 8X8 HDMI matrix switch that i was trying to connect into a EA-5 into a serial port. They dont have the driver for that exact model but when i talked to key digital they said nothing has changed and any driver should work. after trying to test it i got no switching. I used putty and send commands from computer and it worked . hooked it back up to the ea5 nothing. I called control 4 and i used the seral spy driver i could see the commands leave the ea5 and it said the exact serial command but it did not switch. Control 4 doesnt have answer also i tried using ir with a driver i built i couldnt get it to switch, any suggestions .
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