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  1. Check out black nova, I saw a driver appear in the database the other day but I have checked it out yet, I know Crestron integrate with them too https://blacknova.co/
  2. Hi Mitch can you tell me what that driver is called? it sounds very useful
  3. Hi Alan I tried setting the pause button to pause instead of play/pause but it’s still only sending the play command. I’m using a sky HD box if that makes a difference
  4. They are getting a private flight apparently https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/australia/australia-cricket-2020-vs-england-tour-dates-september-series-location-fixtures/news-story/4cf2227c41ca8d14e4fdd62ec75fc936
  5. Awesome thanks Alan. Talking of the sky channels driver, I favourited the sky cricket hd channel to my neeo screen the other day but when I select it it takes me to the non hd cricket channel, not a big deal though. Looking forward to seeing the Aussies come over for a few games next month
  6. Has anyone else noticed the pause button not working lately? since today whenever I press pause on my neeo the sky box thinks I’ve pressed the play button
  7. Nexus21 make some nice motorised mounts, there is a Chowmain driver available for them as well so you know it’s going to integrate well
  8. Here's a screenshot of my programming, your using the wrong conditional statement. you want to use the "if Room Family room selected video device is XXX" then your action needs to looks the one below
  9. Sure, it’s fairly straight forward. Firstly you need a dummy A/V switch driver with 2 hdmi inputs and 1 hdmi output. Set up the IP driver with the mini drivers you want so it’s all working correctly, in composer connect the IP driver to one of the hdmi inputs on the A/V switch, rename the IP driver to Fire stick app switcher. Add IR driver to project and connect to the other hdmi input on the A/V switch, then connect the output of the A/V switch to wherever the Fire stick in physically plugged in. Hide fire stick app switcher from navigators. Connect IR from controller to flirc. Then in programming select a room, select “when video changes”. then in the script below put a conditional “if video source is Netflix OR if video source is Prime video OR (however many mini drivers you have) “ then nest an action to the conditional to select the fire stick IR driver in that room. let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense, there may be a better way to do the programming that others can mention but it works well. I’ll try and post a screenshot later.
  10. Here's an IR driver for a fire stick with the amazon logo. I'll also attach the config file for the flirc that the driver was based on. I use the IP driver on my system so I can take advantage of the mini drivers then switch to the flirc driver with a bit of programming when a mini driver is selected so I get IR control Amazon FireTV 20180920.fcfg mediaplayer_amazon_firetv_flirc_2018.c4z
  11. I would go for an Anthem if budget allows, I think they sound awesome and they integrate well
  12. Now we have the add music driver I love that we can add music services easily and take advantage of all the free trials for the different services and see what works best for ourselves. I love Tidal
  13. If it was me I would just get a few poe cameras fed from a local nvr somewhere on site, add a monitor and if there is another break in you can review the camera footage, just having the cameras up would probably put off any would be burglars anyway. If being able to check the cameras remotely is important to you just get a router that can use a 4g dongle and plug the nvr in to the router
  14. I’ve always thought the Triad amp is great value, it’s sounds great and integrates perfectly. You could use any multi-zone amp really though, preferably one with trigger inputs or audio sensing to turn it on but you could get one thats left on all time if you wanted, not recommended though.
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