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  1. Yea man the 302 feels like a more premium remote. I wish C4 would come out with a wider range of remotes to suit different needs, I would love to see a simple waterproof remote for bathrooms and other wet rooms
  2. I love the Crestron remote’s buttons and layout but does no one else think it feels really cheap? It’s so light and the plastic feels like it would be so easy to break. TSR310 with a metal body like neeo would be my ideal remote
  3. Didn’t Legrand buy qmotion a little while ago? It would be good to see some shades added to the product line, it sounds like a lot of hype for shades though
  4. That driver from intrinsicdev is awesome, I’ve used it a few times now and it’s rock solid. So much better than the official driver
  5. Dymo rhino 5200, different tape sizes, colours and materials available, 12mm wide, black on white, flexible nylon are my go to, I’ve never seen them fall off or fade over time, comes with a great hard case for when you take it on site too
  6. I think blinds can show on the OSD if you favourite it to the room using a T3 or mobile app
  7. I use a Dymo label maker but their flexible nylon cartridges are awesome for using on cables, I've never seen one unpeel and fall off.
  8. That is a good point, I hadn’t thought of that. On the topic of changing/editing programming though, the new way of replacing a line of code with another by holding shift makes this so much easier, it’s saved me so much time since they introduced that feature, I also love that you can select the whole script for copying and pasting now instead of just one line
  9. I think you could do this easier and without the need for a variable. If your in the programming tab and scroll down the device actions pane on the right hand side, find the scheduler at the bottom and you can add a conditional for time at the top of script, that would save you a whole bunch of other programming, setting of variables etc
  10. @IntrinsicGroup are the guys that make the other IP driver, I’ve been using it a few weeks and it’s been rock solid, really easy to set up too, could be done remotely by any of the dealers on here
  11. I'm finding it great to use with Sky, I'm the same as you in that guide is probably my most used button, by default guide appears on the touchscreen but using chowmains sky driver you can remap buttons, I mapped guide to the menu button on the remote control so now I do have a hard guide button, doing this made it so much better to use. Fast forward and all other transport buttons are on the touchscreen, I thought it would be annoying having to swipe to another screen for transport but it really hasn't bothered me, it might take you an extra half second to pause a show but its not a big deal, once your on that screen it doesn't change so you don't need to keep swiping back to it. I picked up my 260 yesterday just to try using it again and it felt huge and clunky, its funny how quickly you get used to something when you use it every day
  12. I do get that and it would probably bug me too if I was in the US and I used dish, but I'm in the UK and back is used more than cancel so this change works for me
  13. So the issue is with having the word "back" on the remote instead of "cancel"? That's fair enough if that's what your used to, but as someone who's had to answer the question "why does it say CNCL instead of back?" for years, I prefer it saying back
  14. Does it not do the same thing? cancel on my SR260 does the same thing as back on my Neeo this sounds like more of a driver limitation than a problem with the remote can't you re-map the buttons in the dish driver?
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