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  1. Check CEC on the Apple TV is turned off as well, not just on the TV
  2. With the changes google are making this summer I've read a few places that the integration between google and ifttt will be breaking. I currently use ifttt to integrate google assistant and google calendar in to my system, does anyone know of any other solution for integrating these if ifs true and the google/ifttt integration breaks? I`m keeping my fingers crossed that if c4 fix the "works with nest" issue then it will also add some google integration but I'm not going to hold my breath
  3. Snap are associated with some distributers in the UK.
  4. I have heard about people having the same issues you have had with the remotes but I haven't experienced it myself, I believe there was some firmware released recently that was supposed to fix the issues with the remotes making noise. I can only speak from my own experience but my living room sr260 remote has lasted me 3 years and it has bumps and scratches all over it from being dropped and bumped, I have found them to be really durable and reliable and have never had an issue with it.
  5. Do you have access to the dealer portal? a lot of your questions can be answered by searching through the knowledgebase or by watching smart skills. you also might want to sign up for the dealer forums
  6. without the matrix you would only be able to listen to the source that's plugged in to that particular zone. you would be better off getting rid of the two sonos connects and just using ea-3 with a matrix and an amp.
  7. What driver are you using for the autonomics? there is one on the database specifically called "favourites for mirage media server" that might give you what you want
  8. Sounds like you`d be much better off buying a copy of composer HE from your dealer. it will let you do everything you have asked in your post and much more. When then is good for basic stuff but anything more complicated needs HE.
  9. Actually i might be wrong, i was sure they added support for the touchscreen accessory a while ago but i cant find a mention of it in the documentation
  10. I`m pretty sure some of those accessories are supported now
  11. Have you guys tried using the room control driver? it`s got a source cycler in it that does what your looking for without having to use the variables and do the programing yourself.
  12. Sure here's the documentation from the driver documentation419.rtf my mistake, you can cycle through up to 5 audio presets.
  13. Joining rooms can be done really easily now with the room control driver, This driver also makes it really easy to set up a button press to cycle through up to three audio sources without having to set up lots of programming based on variables.
  14. no the NO and NC on the DS2 should be connected to different terminals on the gate motor. What have you got connected to where when you can get it to open from the DS2 keypad? it sounds like you might have half of it right.
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