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  1. I haven’t got locks on my C4 but I think I read somewhere if you favourite the lock to the room it will show up on the Neeo. Comfort is coming in an update fairly soon apparently.
  2. I received mine today, so far I love it. It feels great in the hand, a really good quality bit of kit. I only used it for about 10 mins with my apple TV so far and I can already use the transport buttons on the screen without looking at them, I think the soft buttons will bother people a lot less than they think.
  3. Sure, what do you need help with, the Flirc driver? Or the programming workaround so you can still use mini drivers?
  4. I use Flirc to control my fire stick, it’s so much better than the IP driver. With a bit of programming workaround I use the IP driver to leverage mini drivers, when one of those is selected it switches over to the Flirc driver for instant control via IR
  5. Try going to programming and on the actions side scroll down to the navigation agent, this is where you can choose a camera to display on different navigators
  6. I just installed this driver and it works great. Really fast and ridiculously easy to set up, would recommend to anyone who needs IP control
  7. Have you got an EA-1 behind the TV in your office? If you do this could easily be set up, you wouldn’t be able to answer the call on the TV though, it would just display the camera feed. Sounds like you would be better off with intercom anywhere so the DS2 mini comes through to your phone
  8. I’ve never used the rocker before but it looks like it just another style of button. In terms of functionality I don’t think there would be any difference, it just depends on how you want to configure the keypad
  9. The buttons are referred to as colour change kits, the part number is C4-CKSK-XX. XX being the colour code. AU-silver, BL-black, MB- midnight black, SW-snow white, WH- white
  10. i think there’s a driver out there that binds to a relay and shows up as a light. Google control4 relay to light driver
  11. Not sure about everything but it has all the things you’ve listed. The Mic on Crestron’s remote definitely works with Apple TV but I don’t know what other devices it works with, I don’t think it does voice search on fire stick. The Crestron piece is a really nice remote but it also costs around $1200 so twice the price of the Neeo.
  12. Awesome, thanks for your help Ryan. I know a lot of devices don’t allow use of the microphone input. I mostly use Apple TV for streaming services though and I know that they do allow for microphone input so it’s a bit of a selfish request really.
  13. Ok great, I currently I use my 260’s number buttons for text entry when searching on my Sky satellite box (UK), can I assume if I can do it on a 260 I can still do it on the Neeo? I really like the look of the remote, I think it does look like a great product, can’t wait for mine to be delivered. The only thing I’m bummed about is the lack of microphone, but we can’t get everything we want.
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