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  1. What’s the model of the processor you’re using? I would have thought you’ve got the right one if it was in discovered but you never know. check the dimmer drivers have HomeWorksQS in the name check username and password, you may need to set up a different one that the default
  2. Do you have to add drivers for the dimmers as well as the processor?
  3. I think this is done with the navigation agent now. Go to the programming tab and find the agent at the bottom on the right hand side and it’s got jump to camera options
  4. I’ve done similar with a Crestron system but not control 4, it would depend on how the Control4 driver is set up. When I’ve done it I used rs233 to talk to the lumagen, there are a bunch of queries you can ask it and it will send information back and you can program off that, I’ve used it to detect changes in aspect ratio to then control screen masking automatically. How is the Lumagen controlled? It might be that the variables you need are already in the driver. Getting volume feedback through the projector isn’t possible because there’s no video path from your AVR to the projector
  5. I don’t think there’s any way to get the message you tell google to broadcast in to Control4 to then be announced. You could use the voice scene driver and advanced announcements to send pre made announcements through the speakers. I think @Shivam Paw text to speech driver allows you to send custom announcements on the fly from the C4 app through the speakers but I haven’t used it.
  6. You could also use flirc, cheaper than IRUSB and has been bulletproof for me, no lag at all. No need for an app on the android box either
  7. Could this be done with the intercom anywhere app and putting some T3s in monitor mode? I’ve tried monitor mode between T3s before but never tried it through the intercom app
  8. October 13-15 it’s a SnapAV event but hoping for some Control4 announcements
  9. Hopefully it will get released at their online event in October
  10. Check out black nova, I saw a driver appear in the database the other day but I have checked it out yet, I know Crestron integrate with them too https://blacknova.co/
  11. Hi Mitch can you tell me what that driver is called? it sounds very useful
  12. Hi Alan I tried setting the pause button to pause instead of play/pause but it’s still only sending the play command. I’m using a sky HD box if that makes a difference
  13. They are getting a private flight apparently https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/australia/australia-cricket-2020-vs-england-tour-dates-september-series-location-fixtures/news-story/4cf2227c41ca8d14e4fdd62ec75fc936
  14. Awesome thanks Alan. Talking of the sky channels driver, I favourited the sky cricket hd channel to my neeo screen the other day but when I select it it takes me to the non hd cricket channel, not a big deal though. Looking forward to seeing the Aussies come over for a few games next month
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