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  1. I think you would have to do this by making two rooms in composer, you might have to add a dummy tv driver in there and create a video/audio path for that room to be able to shortcut media to the room though. Not sure if you could switch between rooms using the OSD either. If you hit the C4 logo at the top left it shows all the Watch, listen, security etc menus anyway so that might negate the need for two rooms, my room screens only have favourites on and I keep all the watch etc menus on the side panel (can’t remember official name)
  2. lol wow new hardware with USB and LAN ports?! oh wait the current controllers have those, troll
  3. does anyone know what the PROGRAM_A,B,C and D programing commands do on the latest driver update?
  4. You might find this link useful. Not sure if this document has been updated since 3.0 but the concept of conditionals hasn’t changed. https://www.control4.com/documentation/Composer_HE_User_Guide/Programming_with_Conditionals.htm
  5. I didn’t realise they don’t do the glass faceplates in decora, we get black ones too
  6. Another vote for Snow White here, although I think the white glass is nicer than both the other whites
  7. They’ve already rolled out one patch. I personally haven’t noticed any bugs since upgrading a couple of weeks ago and I’m loving the new UI
  8. mine is on version 20190617 you should be able to update it from the cloud driver
  9. 1x C4-16S2-E-B 2x C4-16AMP3-B recently removed from a project because they wanted to upgrade to Triad can be collected from us or delivered to anywhere within reason around the London area. UK buyers preferable
  10. I think Lutron are the only ones with the hem bar alignment feature aren't they? not sure if other manufacturers have it under a different name though
  11. Thank you! I’ve lost the top right corner of my screen from a drop so didn’t spot that, I’ll try blindly tapping in that area
  12. Is there a way to have multiple systems saved on the new app? Like in the old app you could choose from a list of systems you’ve connected to
  13. Hi Alan, is it possible to press the coloured buttons through programming with this driver? I`m trying to set up voice command to press "green" button but I can`t find this button in the device actions side of composer.
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