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  1. What driver are you using for the autonomics? there is one on the database specifically called "favourites for mirage media server" that might give you what you want
  2. Sounds like you`d be much better off buying a copy of composer HE from your dealer. it will let you do everything you have asked in your post and much more. When then is good for basic stuff but anything more complicated needs HE.
  3. Actually i might be wrong, i was sure they added support for the touchscreen accessory a while ago but i cant find a mention of it in the documentation
  4. I`m pretty sure some of those accessories are supported now
  5. Have you guys tried using the room control driver? it`s got a source cycler in it that does what your looking for without having to use the variables and do the programing yourself.
  6. Sure here's the documentation from the driver documentation419.rtf my mistake, you can cycle through up to 5 audio presets.
  7. Joining rooms can be done really easily now with the room control driver, This driver also makes it really easy to set up a button press to cycle through up to three audio sources without having to set up lots of programming based on variables.
  8. no the NO and NC on the DS2 should be connected to different terminals on the gate motor. What have you got connected to where when you can get it to open from the DS2 keypad? it sounds like you might have half of it right.
  9. Its not very clear on the motor instructions, you can see the open and close relays but its not clear which terminals relate to them. I would call the manufacturer to get the right info, you need to know which relay is normally open or normally closed and if the relays need to be momentary or maintained. On the DS2 side if you look at the three terminals marked relay, the terminal on the left is normally open (NO) the middle is common (COM) and the one on the right is normally closed (NC). hope this helps
  10. I've only got one wireless dual load dimmer in my system but if I look in the variables agent and check the box that says display system variables I get a long list of variables in the system. One of them for the dimmable light load is a number variable called ENERGY_USED_TODAY, I think I could use this in an email notification at the end of everyday to tell me how much energy was used for this load. If you did this for every load you wanted to know about you might be able to get close to what your trying to achieve.
  11. You might be setting yourself up for disappointment there Gary, why are you so sure they’re releasing something new?
  12. If you select a room in monitoring then click on the misc tab you can change the default room volume. To change the increase/decrease percentage on each click you might have to edit the driver and look at the repeat count on the volume up and volume down commands
  13. You have to add the new DS2 lock driver to the project as well. The documentation explains all the bindings you need to make. Then the user can add/change codes from a touchscreen or app
  14. It gives precipitation intensity and probability as well as dew point and ozone
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