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  1. Tidal and Qobuz both integrate really well and allow hi res streaming. Deezer is supposed to work really well too but I don’t have any personal experience with it
  2. Do you know what driver your using? IR? iP? Chowmain driver?
  3. Control4 doesn’t have another platform to listen to BBC radio either so hopefully the same will apply to them, I don’t want to lose my 6music
  4. Yea I think we are all saying the same thing. It definitely worked in 2.10.x but I haven't tested it on os3
  5. I don't understand your question, I didn't mention an app allowing the crossing of VLANS
  6. This function definitely works, I use it communicate with devices on other vlans. What control4 version are you on? have you set up inter vlan routing on your router?
  7. Go the "my home" room in composer, click the navigator tab, go to locks and sensors and you can make them visible in that room.
  8. There are big differences between cat6 and lutron cable, do not use cat 6 for keypad loops or you could run in to all sorts of problems down the road. Neither lutron or control4 will support a system that uses cat6 for keypad loops
  9. im pretty sure you cant connect wifi and ethernet at the same time, especially to two different networks. I'm guessing you've got a virgin router? you can put this in to bridge mode and feed it in to the WAN port of your other router so all your devices are on the same network. what is the other router in your system? not all dealers in London are that expensive, pm me if you want me to hook you up with a good dealer.
  10. I think you would have to do this by making two rooms in composer, you might have to add a dummy tv driver in there and create a video/audio path for that room to be able to shortcut media to the room though. Not sure if you could switch between rooms using the OSD either. If you hit the C4 logo at the top left it shows all the Watch, listen, security etc menus anyway so that might negate the need for two rooms, my room screens only have favourites on and I keep all the watch etc menus on the side panel (can’t remember official name)
  11. lol wow new hardware with USB and LAN ports?! oh wait the current controllers have those, troll
  12. does anyone know what the PROGRAM_A,B,C and D programing commands do on the latest driver update?
  13. You might find this link useful. Not sure if this document has been updated since 3.0 but the concept of conditionals hasn’t changed. https://www.control4.com/documentation/Composer_HE_User_Guide/Programming_with_Conditionals.htm
  14. I didn’t realise they don’t do the glass faceplates in decora, we get black ones too
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