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  1. I’d like to add a tape deck to my distributed audio system, because apparently money burns a hole in my pocket. Possibly something retro. Possibly with IR or RS-232. Possibly wall mounted. Thanks
  2. Actually the volume replacement will also need the top and bottom airgap things. I’m changing from chrome.
  3. I have a request for a keypad order: White Single Space (for 6 button keypad) 3x “Lights” w/ bulb symbol on (non-filled in graphic) 3x “Cable” w/ symbol (tv symbol) 3x “ Roku”with movie (projector) and music symbols spaced nicely 1x “ Entry Lights”with bulb symbol 1x “Arm/Exit” with lock symbol 1x “Driveway” 1x “Front Door” 1x “Bathroom” with light bulb on 1x “ Pandora” with music symbol 1x “Porch Lights” with light bulb on symbol 1x replacement updown volume White Rocker: Top: “On” With light bulb on Bottom “off” with off light bulb off Thank you for your time.
  4. Just google “pressure sensor pad” people use them for beds and chairs for occupancy. I doubt anyone has ever made a motion sensor that can withstand what you’re talking about. Of course I’ll probably be proven wrong.
  5. Might be easier to find a pressure sensor that could do occupancy.
  6. Switched to two new google DNS and now 4sight is working flawlessly
  7. My loading bar in iOS goes to 3/4 with frequent IP address change on and load 4/4 with the setting disabled. But the system never loads. Phone is updated. System is updated.
  8. Nope. Thought for sure I remembered it saying successful, but now I’m getting no return message.
  9. VPN Status reads “disconnected” in Composer Express. I did recently download VPN Express on my laptop...
  10. All 4sight is paid for. Logs are viewable remotely. 4sight has previously worked with zero network changes. Navigators work while on WiFi. Please help. There error code is (500) Error Encountered While Trying to Connect (500) Thanks for any and all input.
  11. Heard nothing.... serious problem. Been happening for a long time.
  12. I got j tech to send me a c4 driver! Yes! Rs232
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