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  1. I have a 6x6 Kramer Matrix running 4 x 50ft runs and 2x 75 ft runs. I feel like I may have gotten somewhat lucky with my experience , but I assume you'll get away with a 20 ft run. Many, many, many people will try to influence you to go the balun route.
  2. My ea-3 handles 9 zones audio, 6 distributed zones video, 30 lights, security system, 10 remotes, 1 touchscreen, flawlessly.
  3. Definitely go with video matrix. What's the point of having such a unified solution and not have the ability to sync up all tv's in the house. the feature is a must for parties. Even guests using my bathroom get to view the music videos that I play during gathering. I also only have to rent one cable box from my provider. also TVs that sync is also great while cleaning the house. Put on a show or video throughout and enjoy it in each room. Very wasteful, but hey... c4....
  4. Is there a temperature ceiling or max reading when using an external thermistor with a z2io. I know the internal thermistor max is like 105, but I'd like to get a heavy duty external one to measure something that gets to like 300/400 degrees. it is to ensure a clients pot (medicine) smoking device gets turned off. thanks for any and all feedback.
  5. I tried to go the consumer route and grab z-wave locks and identify them with some online kwikset z wave driver... no surprise... they don't identify correctly. (Ea-3 w/ dongle) while work is being done in these areas I really need replacement zigbee deadbolts. or if anyone might understand why my current locks keep saying they have been identified but to a driver that does not match in pro. Thanks! I'm in western New York area.
  6. Everyone and no one "needs" Control4. I know this isn't extremely helpful, but it's true.
  7. Thank you. A friend of mine is saying 2.10.6. I'll check it out tomorrow. much appreciation, JM
  8. Thanks for your time, Msgreenf, what os is required to have a project with 2x HC-250 and no 800. I don't want to have to buy my parents an 800 just to control their minuscule setup. They already have 1 HC-250 and I'll add the 2nd tomorrow if it's possible. unfortunately I already got a 250 and SR260 from eBay for nearly nothing. thanks again, The Madia's
  9. My nearly 80 year old parents have no need for OS3. (I love it) Can I add a second HC-250 onto a system directed by an HC-250? Does anyone recall which OS allowed for this ? I remember when I started with C4, a 800 was necessary to "enslave" HC-250s however, I somewhat remember a loosening of restrictions on 250s when OS3 came out. ugh. I really don't want to buy them an 800. Their system is minuscule. thanks JM
  10. Find a dealer and try to work part time for them. Only way I was able to get into c4 with my college budget back a few years.
  11. I forget exactly, but remember to program as user, so if/when you change the code, the programming isn't lost.
  12. Saw this guy selling an interesting product on a control4 reddit. May help some without a security system get audible alerts. Never tried, just posting.0
  13. I tried to replicate such binding in my personal system. Didn't expose the set volume value. Anyone else experiencing this? Enough support to hear from c4 maybe?
  14. Occasionally I go to play pandora or some other native service on my EA-3 analog output -> to matrix amp and I get no sound. every single time the problem has been that the output switches to 0 volume. (not on navigators, but in the properties of my EA-3). happens once a week. I even tried making a custom button to just circumvent the problem, but I don't believe the programming is exposed. Side note: the controller also occasionally requires a reboot to get IO board working. Maybe 4 times a year. unit was part of the first shipment of EAs so likely no warranty
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