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  1. I tried to go the consumer route and grab z-wave locks and identify them with some online kwikset z wave driver... no surprise... they don't identify correctly. (Ea-3 w/ dongle) while work is being done in these areas I really need replacement zigbee deadbolts. or if anyone might understand why my current locks keep saying they have been identified but to a driver that does not match in pro. Thanks! I'm in western New York area.
  2. Everyone and no one "needs" Control4. I know this isn't extremely helpful, but it's true.
  3. Thank you. A friend of mine is saying 2.10.6. I'll check it out tomorrow. much appreciation, JM
  4. Thanks for your time, Msgreenf, what os is required to have a project with 2x HC-250 and no 800. I don't want to have to buy my parents an 800 just to control their minuscule setup. They already have 1 HC-250 and I'll add the 2nd tomorrow if it's possible. unfortunately I already got a 250 and SR260 from eBay for nearly nothing. thanks again, The Madia's
  5. My nearly 80 year old parents have no need for OS3. (I love it) Can I add a second HC-250 onto a system directed by an HC-250? Does anyone recall which OS allowed for this ? I remember when I started with C4, a 800 was necessary to "enslave" HC-250s however, I somewhat remember a loosening of restrictions on 250s when OS3 came out. ugh. I really don't want to buy them an 800. Their system is minuscule. thanks JM
  6. Find a dealer and try to work part time for them. Only way I was able to get into c4 with my college budget back a few years.
  7. I forget exactly, but remember to program as user, so if/when you change the code, the programming isn't lost.
  8. Saw this guy selling an interesting product on a control4 reddit. May help some without a security system get audible alerts. Never tried, just posting.0
  9. I tried to replicate such binding in my personal system. Didn't expose the set volume value. Anyone else experiencing this? Enough support to hear from c4 maybe?
  10. Occasionally I go to play pandora or some other native service on my EA-3 analog output -> to matrix amp and I get no sound. every single time the problem has been that the output switches to 0 volume. (not on navigators, but in the properties of my EA-3). happens once a week. I even tried making a custom button to just circumvent the problem, but I don't believe the programming is exposed. Side note: the controller also occasionally requires a reboot to get IO board working. Maybe 4 times a year. unit was part of the first shipment of EAs so likely no warranty. All thoughts and considerations are appreciated, JM
  11. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that would explain how to wire 2 dvc speakers to a single amplifier LR zone. Both speakers need signal from both L and R? cant find a diagram online anywhere. thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks. Still might be a crowd pleaser for nights I entertain before going out to bars. If this quarantine ever ends...
  13. Anyone use the 3rd party IFTT driver to have you system announce Uber arrivals. does it work with Uber eats?
  14. its in composer express. Also says it on their website.
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