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  1. Hand me down speakers from my sisters wedding lol! I’m a budget c4 enthusiast. Oxymoron?
  2. Forgive me. I’m having trouble deciphering where each of the conductors go. I’m no pro at reading these diagrams. 1)will I continue to have stereo sound after this? Doesn’t seem like both speakers could get an independent signal. 2)maybe I’m just reading it wrong. Does the sub amp just essentially get a lead from one of the stereo outputs? Thanks for any clarity on the subject j
  3. It doesn’t seem like the triad rackamp 300 has high level outs. I still need to power the LR in that room.
  4. I’d like to add a subwoofer to a room that only get its audio from a matrix amp. Would like to add a subwoofer inline. anyone recommend any products? Thank you.
  5. These things are true. I swore I saw a secondary keyboard companion, but can’t find it today.
  6. Why does RTI have full IP control over Xbox One and no one will develop the same for Xbox one? If no IP driver is made for the x series, then this forum should consider crowd funding one. Well at least those who wish... link to rti driver... ugh. So jealous. Last IR connection in my project and I use the EA-3’s blaster... lol https://www.mydevice.com.au/component/virtuemart/rti-drivers/gaming-consoles/xbox-one-power-detail?Itemid=138 not only is this freeware, but it senses variables and power state changes and also a full keyboard seems to be possible through the use of another driver on same site. any way one could buy a RTI processor and push commands from c4? Prob never get the keyboard or variables and what not... Thoughts?!
  7. And the OG Xbox one can also be controlled.
  8. Buffalo brand NAS drives are cheap and work well. I have my movie server on one.
  9. Ok. So it would save someone time rather than just “b -ing” back to the home screen?
  10. My driver seems fully functional. What does your driver offer?
  11. Mujtaba.Khokhar recently integrated an LG display via the Annex4 IP driver for my apartment. He troubleshot it all through teamviewer (a free screen sharing platform) and got it working flawlessly. No delay at all!! I then enlisted his help to integrate a Kramer 66h HDMI matrix. I could not figure it out myself. I was frustrated and had little documentation for the product. It was an eBay buy and I nearly wrote it off as broken. He stepped in. We switched drivers, we switched control protocols. IP, serial, we nearly settled on a damn IR driver... He went above and beyond and got on the line with the people at Kramer. Now it works flawlessly! All of these jobs were accomplished at a fair price. I recommend this man/company for anyone looking for an experienced remote programmer. Thank you again, Mujtaba.Khokhar.
  12. I just purchased it and set it up yesterday. So I assume it’s the most current version. this most recent power up took 2 mins for the atv to start responding. Thought I had to go re ID the atv but midway through booting up computer I gained control. It’s not a huge deal.... especially since I have no room for another IR bud on the IO.... updating Apple TV firmware now.
  13. I find that this driver falls asleep sometimes after inactivity and only works again once I use factory remote. When I first identified it I was so impressed with the driver, but now I’m not certain!
  14. The control option inside composer pro doesn’t allow the sources to be highlighted/chosen.
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