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  1. Yes. I’m on 3.1. However my surveillance cameras don’t stream to it. I don’t know if that’s due to my poor ability to setup sub streams or the mismatching of equipment.
  2. Just bought my parents a rack and an HC250 to get their theater system looking fresh, but now they want a pair of outdoor speakers. Will the triad work in 2.9.1? Is the heos link a possibility? Would like them to have separate or simultaneous streams. thanks for any input
  3. How much for the T3 shipped to New York. Total.
  4. Is it free? Just downloaded it, runs great, but assumed it wouldn’t be free.
  5. Hmm. No I don’t believe so. This has also only be experienced on iPhone. Refreshing now.
  6. Tried loading cams about 10x this morning.
  7. After update to 3.1 I cannot view any up cameras. Also I cannot login into express anymore, even though I’m using the same credentials that successfully get me on to dealer.c4...
  8. Somehow in one swift motion I destroyed my lighting. All my lights are named “chandelier” instead of the name they are assigned in pro. This happened either during OS3 update or while I made a scene on my iPhone or I have no clue. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I have no independent control of lights except all off or all on apart from keypad control. thank you.
  9. That and I glued the the power button to the on position and added a z-wave appliance module to handle the on/off. Used a standard Nintendo icon from database.
  10. I just integrated an old N64 made in like 1996 and I also use an incredibly old contact I found in my 160 year old house to input into my new DSC Neo to handle my front door. Which was convenient since it would be most used and battery life... Was wondering if anyone else had interesting cases of old stuff in a current OS3 project.
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