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  1. Walt’s electronics or something the like.
  2. I’m no troglodyte! I try not to resist change. I’m only 28 and the only system I have ever installed was my own, 4 years ago. When I thought about getting into selling the product, I used to brag, to all those who would inquire, that the big red four would explain it all. Now, as of OS3, the big red four brings up a screen with only half the operations it once had AND its less easy to explain. i want the future to include the grid or circle of the watch listen lighting shades like it once had. I’d love individualized backgrounds for each room. i also find it very difficult to use one rooms nav to setup another rooms media. also! Why does sprinkle on, show grass, while sprinkler off, shows water at spray. I HOPE I’m not the only one I do realize c4 isn’t catering to just me.
  3. Come back when you’ve lived with both.
  4. My 5 inch was remove in order to move to 3.0. Day later it started to work again. Pretty happy about it. Never even re-identified it.
  5. I have a arris cable box that has a 3.5 mm port labeled IR ext/Serial in. I hate IR emitters so I’d like to utilize the 3.5 mm female. What protocol would this use? I don’t have anymore serial ports. Thoughts/opinions?
  6. I think Alexa integration is USA only. Not certain.
  7. It’s normally recommended to edit an existing driver. What device is it?
  8. Yale or kwikset. Def purchase through c4. The zigbee modules are not universal.
  9. I don’t believe so. Haven’t touched my system and ages besides for the That was the day I lost moving images for all my cameras on iOS devices. On screen Nav still displays movement.
  10. Bluetooth audio delay is much smaller imo.
  11. What about authentification? No dog in the fight, just curious.
  12. Don’t quote me, but no.
  13. There are devices that mimic Bluetooth headphones but have L/R out. Just make sure the ones you get come in TX and RX and make sure you get the RX one. To receive.
  14. I supposed I just assumed. I’ll do some research though. I’ve heard of gate lock integration. May have to use an out door mag lock, then maybe get creative with the method authentication.
  15. I don’t believe their exists a zigbee solution , but I’m sure a mag lock out to relay would do the trick. Might as well run another wire for the open/closed status too.
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