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  1. I recently sold my home with control4. I have no use for the software on my PC. i have tried the normal method for uninstalling all the software but get the following error message. Messages file "C:\ProgramFiles\Control4\ComposerHE230\unins000.msg" is missing. Please correct the problem or obtain a new copy of the program. I am trying to uninstall ComposerHE 2.3.0, ComposerHE 2.5.2, ComposerHE 2.5.3, and ComposerME 2.5.3. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. @RyanEAre those of us who do not have HE 2.9.1 or later going to get a FIX for our version? if not can we download the 2.10.2 and install it and buy the license?
  3. Just received this email: As a reminder, Control4 secures remote access to homes using the same technology as online payments, banking and other secure online services: SSL encryption based on a trusted certificate authority. We have moved to a new certificate authority provider, requiring new security certificates in our products and tools. We are currently experiencing an issue with the security certificate in Composer Home Edition (Composer HE), which is preventing you from accessing and programing your Control4 system using your installed Composer HE. We are working on an updated version of Composer HE, which will resolve the issue and restore your ability to access and program your Control4 system. As soon as we have resolved the issue, we will email you with instructions on the next steps to restore your Composer HE access. In the meantime, if you have an active 4Sight license and your Control4 system has been updated to OS 2.10 or later, you can use When >> Then for your programming needs. More information on When >> Then can be found here > We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact your Control4 Dealer. Thank You! -The Control4 Team
  4. Just curious? What is the cost of the upgrade to 2.10.2 from 2.5.3. The reason I haven't upgraded yet is that I have 2 touchpads that will not work after 2.5.3. I guess I will lose those when I do the upgrade. Will my dealer have to come to my house to do the upgrade or will he be able to do it remotely? If he does it remotely it should be just the cost of the license? ANY INPUT WILL BE APPRECIATED! Thanks
  5. Yea! I am beginning to think it may be the 9th Friday in AUGUST!!!
  7. I SO appreciate your help! I can now get music in my project! The only thing you left out was after you open file explorer you have to click on the network icon and then enter the info you provided in the address bar after network and hit the enter button. I then created a shortcut to put the folder on my desktop. And yes the media controller is 12 years old BUT it still does the job! LOL! When it bites the dust I will talk to my install about the NAS. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  8. I had to replace the PC that I had when we had our house built in 2006. Control 4 was installed when the house was built. It originally had 1.7 software. The system was upgraded to 2.5.3 and a new HC800 added a few years ago. When the system was first installed with 1.7 it had a folder (Control 4 Audio) on my desktop that would allow me to drag my mp3's into it and I would use the scan in the composer program to transfer the mp3's into my project. When I replaced my PC I lost the folder and now I can't figure out how to set up the folder on my new PC and therefore I can't load mp3's into my project. Can someone please walk me through the process of getting the folder on my PC to send the mp3's to my media controller? I know the IP address and the MAC address of the controller but I can't figure out how to get the two to communicate. Any help in resolving this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance! I AM LOST!! The instruction my installer left me are To Transfer MP3's: Use Home Computer to save CD's to your Computer, after completed, open "My Music" & "Control 4 Audio" Folders. Drag & Drop desired files from "My Music" to "Control 4 Audio". Open Composer, Select "Media Controller", Select "Scan" in the upper Right-Hand corner. After Scan is finished, Press "Shift + F5" to update Navigators.
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