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  1. And I never requested 24/7 service. Numerous times we went back and fourth with messages and when he was able to work on the system he did. I never said u have to do it right then and there. If you guys would like to see the chat log I don’t mind sharing it on this post.
  2. I did not throw anyone under the bus. I did not specify the programmer’s name. I have never nickel and dimed over pricing. Whatever the programmer asked I paid. All I asked was for a response to let me know when he is available to work on the system. I think that’s a fair request. And for him to come on here to call me out although I didn’t specify his name is unprofessional.
  3. And to be clear I messaged you in April and haven’t heard back from you. So don’t say it was just 28 minutes.
  4. There was no reason for you to call me out like that. I didn’t call u out in public. All I said was I needed a programmer. how would I know what your business hours are? Your on vacation great but how would I know that? So you don’t need to be condescending. Every time you worked on our c4 system I was professional with you and never questioned your pricing, or your work. All I ask for is some sort of communication so I can know if your working or not.
  5. Had a programmer but no longer responds. I need a programmer to fix my c4 remote and also link two new c4 remotes
  6. Yea please if you can do that. Alarm is working perfectly fine with control4 its just that the notifications that im having trouble with. Do you need access or you already have it. I think I have you listed as my installer
  7. I do have home edition but I cant log into it remotely for some reason. Its a DSC panel
  8. Hey, In July I had my system updated to the new OS. A programmer on this forum did it for me. Since then I stopped receiving text messages when the alarm is armed or disarmed or if something happens with it. I sent the programmer two messages and he did not respond. Can someone help me. Thank you
  9. I need a programmer right now please. if anyone is willing to help with updating my system at this time. I work all the time, and only have tonight to get it updated. Thank you
  10. I need a programmer to help me program these doors. If it’s possible if we can do it right now.
  11. I would like to update my systems software to the newest os.
  12. do you still have the 4 keypad dimmers?
  13. I have a control4 matrix in mint condition. I bought it and then cancelled the project. C4-16ZAMSV3-B $400.00 plus shipping
  14. ill buy it from you if your willing to program it for me into my system
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