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  1. I need a programmer to help me program these doors. If it’s possible if we can do it right now.
  2. I would like to update my systems software to the newest os.
  3. do you still have the 4 keypad dimmers?
  4. I have a control4 matrix in mint condition. I bought it and then cancelled the project. C4-16ZAMSV3-B $400.00 plus shipping
  5. ill buy it from you if your willing to program it for me into my system
  6. ill buy it for a lower price
  7. i can get you definitive techonology dt series for 100 dollars each
  8. I need a good amplifier for 16 zones. I know I would have to go with 2 amplifiers. What are some good brands beside control4 amps
  9. I will sell you mine for 800
  10. I got 50 speakers for sale. Def Tech dt 6.5r In ceiling Would anyone be interested
  11. i got one for sale. control4 matrix
  12. Can someone install a driver for my HVAC system?? https://homeation.com/app-details/Carrier_Infinity_Driver_for_Control4
  13. so I dont have to buy the SAM module? Just get this driver for my thermostat?
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