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  1. I will need to get an IntesisBox but the Aircon I tested it would have only be compatible with the IR version anyway so also only a 1 way control.
  2. The only work around I was able to do is using the Heos Favourites and then use single, double or tripple tap programming on the keypad. sadly no cycler from the room control driver
  3. i‘m based in the tropics and in most projects Split Aircon units are used. I just recently started to test at my place how to deal with IR based Split units using the Z2IO for IR out, temperature sensor and I added a reed manget contact switch so that Control4 gets some feedback if the Aircon is on or off in case my wife uses the standard IR remote of the Aircon. For the Programming now when the relax light scene in the bedroom is triggered and the Aircon is not on then it will switch on to a set preset. For the schedule I set the aircon to something like 22c to cool down the bedroom in the evening and then slowly the temperature will go up during the night to around 25-26c. @msgreenf I‘ve never used a Nest or Ecobee as they are not easily available in Indonesia. What smart features would they add when all your doing is controlling an Split aircon units and not heating as well? Not needing to think about heating is one of the reasons I moved from Switzerland into the tropics more then 10 years ago 😅
  4. This driver is great. I tested Amazon Alexa voice commands before but it was supper slow. Maybe because we are based in Asia and it uses the cloud to execute the commands. Now using this Driver with Homebridge voice commands via Siri are supper snappy. Very Awesome 💪
  5. Great driver, been using it for the last few days with a Daikin Split AC which does not have the possibility to use wired control. Used a C4-Z2IO for IR output, Temperature Sensor and wired up a magnet contact to have some feedback if the Aircon gets switched on with the Remote VS a Control4 interface. Hoping we will be able to use this driver and the other Daikin Wifi drivers in the future as we want to use it as a selling tool for retrofitting the many Rental Villas in Bali with the main benefit to lower AirCon electricity bills.
  6. Very interested in using this driver suite. Shelly is not available in our region so we are considering to become a reseller of them. Will need to get a few units for testing first.
  7. Hi Alan, I was wondering if we can make this work with the Nvidia Shield and the Plex Mini Driver as the Shield has now an official IP driver. Still looking for a good solution to show clients view of Local content on the touchscreen. Also considering to get a Zappiti player with the driver but they are a bit difficult to come by where we are based (Bali) Any Plans on doing a similar Driver for Emby? Emby has become our Media Server Management of Choice Best Regards
  8. In my house I actually have my Xbox One X connected to the TV directly and using ARC mainly to be able to use Variable Refresh rate and so that my Samsung TV engages Game mode. I ordered a HDMI 2.0 Splitter with edid management and I'll be testing if the splitting will eliminate the audio delay when enabling Atmos for gaming. Currently I switched Atmos off and the audio delay is much better now.
  9. I'm in the same predicament where we have a project right now with two HDMI 2.1 Samsung TVs and PS5s. We did get the latest Yamaha AVR with HDMI 2.1 support. But that is not enabled yet and actually if you read some industry articles online regarding AVRs and HDMI 2.1 it looks like they all use the same Panasonic HDMI chipset which is not spect right for HDMI 2.1 Gaming features 🐌 A big Issue with eArc Atmos and gaming feature is that it introduces a slight delay in sound and unlike video where you can easily sync it up with games you do not want to do that as it would introduce additional input lag. I'm hoping that down the line we will get decent HDMI 2.1 Splitter to work around the Game consoles to feed the signal into the TV and AVR at the same time to get the best of both worlds.
  10. Thank you for the insight and comparison to the Harmonies. I'll look into it and try to get a EA3. Best Regards, David
  11. Yes they have become more relaxed and offering 15 rooms per account as far as I know plus you can set-up a pro account to manage multiple account and more easily change settings remotely. But if been frustrated several times with the limited functionality of the harmony remotes and that they don't offer proper control of software over IP. I've installed probably over 30 harmony remotes but am now looking into something more robust and my friend suggested Control4. What would be a good Control4 hub to buy first to use mainly as testing and proof of concept? I want to get on hands experience fist control4 first before I offer solutions with it to my clients. Any recommendation is appreciated
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