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  1. Found the answer thanks This model won't have volume increment steps like the newer one. 4% increments vs 1% increments on the newer model. Something like that. Specs say the newer matrix can do smoother 1/2 db volume steps.
  2. Hi Thanks for the replies. The Audio Matrix is C4-16S2-E-B and the firmware is "03.24.43". Do you know if this hardware can do 1%. Thanks
  3. My system has a starting volume for each room set at 20%. Then the increase or decrease is set to 4%. Does anyone know where we can change this? Thanks Andis
  4. Hi, I want to buy 4x C4-NWB57C either plastic or metal. Thanks Andis
  5. Hi, i would like to buy a used Wall 10" white. Thanks
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