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  1. Hello I've since moved in to the house. There are volume and power switches around the house. I can't figure out why sometimes the switches are lit in blue, others yellow or red. Any idea why?
  2. Update. Arm and leg to upgrade, got a quote, I'm pouring money into other areas in the house (that don't depreciate!) so I'm putting this aside. Can I pick you guys' brain on a few things - in wall speakers. They really don't sound that great, they're about 10 years old. What's the average life expectancy? Put it this way, playing music on my Echo sounds better - distributed video via component The 10 year old plasmas are 720p, decent, can live with or, since Cat 5 is already there, tempted to buy a smart tv and stream. Which causes me to feel the entire C4 set up is worthless. What's the easiest way to get the ability to stream pandora on a system like this?
  3. If I replace with the EA can any of the old stuff be re-used or is that effectively starting the entire replacement project?
  4. Can someone walk me through the evolution of controllers/remotes/screens, models through the years. My goals would be this: spend the least amount of money now to get a system which can use streaming services like pandora, netflix, and amazon prime video. Gradually upgrade to newest over time. New is good but maybe there's a unit 2 years old I could buy used which would do the same trick.
  5. i hear ya, looks ancient in tech terms The screens are old, decent resolution but just weird no HDMI ports, can't plug in my amazon fire, etc. Is there a way with this system to keep the audio/background music only? I could see myself ripping out the screens, replacing just with a cable box in those rooms.
  6. No login info. Doesn't appear to have any lights, switches are normal on walls. There are wall switches with volume controls. If it's all component video I'm wondering why there's a switch and a router. When I turn on the screen on the monitors I get a control 4 menu.
  7. Hello I recently bought a home with a Control 4 system and frankly I have no idea what I have. I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, I have some general ideas what the system does. The system appears to be about 10 years old, installed around 2007-2007. My mysteries... - In the pictures below there were 2 motorola cable boxes. Previous owner before they left had to take those boxes back to cable company. I don't have them - interface on screen is pretty dated. Can anything be updated? Or is this stuff pretty much out of date? - I have screens that were left behind. There's a router and network cords. Does the video leave the cable box HDMI, get converted to digital and get transmitted via RJ11/cat5 cable? ( I haven't looked at the back of the TVs) How would I connect a new TV? - what does the pad on the wall do? I can't get it to do anything - installer is out of business, supposedly sold to a company about 2 hours away Help is greatly appreciated!
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