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  1. Is there any progress on this? - whenever I choose any playlist - I just want to clear the existing queue first because if I have shuffle on for the playlist - it now just keeps adding the contents of each playlist or favorite to the existing queue which makes a huge mess. Is there really no option to clear the queue from the Control4 app or touchscreen???
  2. Does anyone know how to replace the existing queue when choosing a Sonos Connect favorite? - it seems it doesn't replace the queue but adds the favorite to the top so if you then shuffle - you get all the old tunes that were already in the queue mixed in. Not the desired choice! Thx!
  3. Actually I did get it to work - have to select the entire room - not deezer or Sonos to assign the command to the room. Right?
  4. Can you please elaborate - can't find it anywhere... The deezer driver itself doesn't offer skip/previous that I can see. I do see the room itself has this but can't seem to get it to actually skip to next track. Thx!
  5. Is there a way to assign previous or next track to a keypad? - trying to do this for the Sonos Connect... or even Deezer.
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