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  1. £250 for the lot inc postage to UK. 1 SR250 battery version Remote control Unboxed, used 1 ZXT30 with PSU Zigbee repeater Unboxed, used 2 NCZ3041 Motion sensor New, boxed 1 NCZ3043 Ceiling motion sensor New, boxed 2 NCZ3043 Ceiling motion sensor Unboxed, used 2 NCZ3011 Window/door sensor Unboxed, used 1 NCZ3014 Garage door sensor Unboxed, used 2 NCZ3202 4 button fob Unboxed, used 1 ZCA-WCS10-R-ZP with PSU (EU) Wireless contact relay 1 ZCA-WCS10A-2-ZP battery version Wireless contact relay
  2. Hi, I am selling my HDMI matrix as I no longer need it. It is the 10x10 Control4 LU1082D 4K with audio downmixing matrix built in. It comes with 8 of the LU1E Balun receivers. Serious offers only please. It is like new. Retail over £9k. Thanks Dean
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