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  1. Any of you find a solution for this problem? I have the same issue As an aside, how do you reboot? Is there a way to do it through composer HE, or do I need to physically reset the power on the EA-5?
  2. Not to name names, but this looks like a company that rhymes with trayveon :) They are a good company, did my install. Definitely not the cheapest, but very professional and thorough - they will get the job done and in the end it will work the way you want it to. Support is very good as well, if it's not working the way you expect it to, they will come out and fix it and won't charge you for it.
  3. Trying to program the back button itself. I've already used up all my custom buttons for other things.
  4. Have DirectTV, and right now the skip forward button advances the program 30sec, but the skip backwards button only goes back about 5 sec. How would I program the button to go back 15 seconds (emulate pressing the button 3 times). My first go at it just had it stuck in a skip backwards endless loop!
  5. Yes, in addition to the audio, you should have live video from the door station camera when a call is initiated. Something is wrong with your setup.
  6. Thank you! I’ll try this when I get home. Sounds like exactly what I need, especially with the toggle.
  7. I'm sure this is possible, just haven't figured out the proper programming and wanted help in doing so. I want to program a button on my remote in my Family Room to turn the sound on in the adjacent Kitchen so that whatever is playing in the family room can be heard through the kitchen speakers. I need help with the programming part. Any suggestions?
  8. Is there a way to view a log of the user codes entered in a DS2? So I can see who entered what codes and when? To see when the cleaning lady came, or the delivery guy, etc...? I have set different user defined codes for different people.
  9. Clearly I don't know what I'm doing I think I can do everything I need to do via composer. Thanks
  10. I just had a new DS2 installed and have seen posts about the web interface. How do I access that? Can you share the IP address?
  11. Thank you! This makes sense. I'll discuss with my dealer.
  12. Not sure I understand how this works. Sorry if it's a stupid question, but what would that look like and how would it work?
  13. I saw this question asked 5-6 years ago, but was wondering if the answer has changed. In our previous Elan system, we could make announcements through our home phone line and be heard through all the speaker zones. Is there a way to do this through Control4 now? Or have audio from an in-wall touchscreen output to all/some audio zones?
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