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  1. You can have Assistant play music or other items...just set the command up as a routine in Google home, and then launch your different commands from there. I have one setup that dims the Control4 lights in my family room to 35%, plays a specific colored fireplace video on the TV in that room, and plays Hedwig's theme on the Google home itself... It's a Harry Potter "magic spell" I use before reading a chapter in the book to my kids at night.
  2. Hello! We just purchased a house that has a Control4 system installed (numerous light dimmers, whole home audio, family room A/V, a few other rooms with video connections and 3 old touch screen panels). The system looks like the last software update was in 2011, and sits at 1.7.xx. I need a login setup (according to the in wall screens) in order to have access to some of the media options (it says I have radio choices, but nothing plays). I'd also like to get the wall switches upgraded as then I should be able to control lights with a google home (through a Wink or Smartthings Hub...unless the Control4 Hardware can do that). Hardware wise the system has a HC300 and a 16 channel box, as well as a non-control 4 amp a couple of switches, and power over cat5 boxes. Anyone interested in helping kick off this project? ~Rev
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