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  1. It's not really "integrated" but it works for me. The ADC-SEM210-VT-VZ includes a Z-Wave module that connects to my Kwikset locks I already owned. I setup the automation of the locks within Alarm.com not C4. When the panel is armed, the locks lock, etc...That can be triggered by C4 through the HSIM. I don't have other crazy automations in the house but I would think you could setup whatever triggers you want in that respect. As an example, when Garage lock disarms the system, turn on lights and play music. The lock communicates over Z-Wave to disarm the system, the HSIM sees the state change and then would do whatever you want it to do. Not as elegant as I think you were hoping for but it works and means I didn't have to buy a bunch of new overpriced locks.
  2. I used a HSIM off of my Vista panel connected to Alarm.com using the ADC-SEM210-VT-VZ.
  3. Thanks google and @StephR! That was less than obvious.
  4. Kind of interesting to me as well. I bought a new TV for a workout room and I specifically bought the Samsung because I “believed” it was the easiest to integrate. The statement from 2017 “Control4 capability on 2017 televisions is forthcoming for its: QLED, MU“ led me to believe that my 2019 MU TV would just show up as a SDDP device. The device clearly has IP control because Samsung’s SmartThings app has no problem controlling the TV remotely so I think it is odd for Samsung to purposely not support C4 on the device. The TV is for an ancillary room that really only needs on and off control so I didn’t think I needed a high end model but my mistake for not searching the database first 😀.
  5. I see the bond on Amazon for $69 refurbed. I think I’ll give it a shot and see how it works on it’s own for my Minkas and then reach out for the C4 driver.
  6. I searched Minka and this popped up specifically: https://bondhome.io/blog/minka-group-partners-olibra-offer-fan-connectivity-smart-homes/
  7. Looks like your dealer just lost your business. There are plenty of great remote dealers, including @msgreenf, that will easily work with you for those changes for a fair price.
  8. I don't like to dig up old threads but this is my exact issue right now for my old TV. Everything is configured in Composer but "Connected to Network" remains as False. I have been able to test via Putty successfully so everything looks to be correct from the TV side. Anything else I can check? And for anyone else that runs into a Sharp in the future this PDF was helpful: https://siica.sharpusa.com/portals/0/downloads/Manuals/PN-UH601_701_Operation_Manual.pdf Putty Settings - http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,10365.15.html: Terminal: Implicit CR in every LF (checked) Terminal>>Keyboard>>The Function keys and keypad: VT100+ Session>>Connection type: Raw Session>>Host Name (or IP address): <tv_ip_address> Session>>Port: 10002
  9. I have an AVR-X3400H that upon power on leaves the current volume on the screen until a volume up or down is pressed. After that the OSD displays and hides as expected. I can't for the life of me find the setting in the receiver, is it possible that it is in the programming somewhere?
  10. I'm happy about the addition of the Amazon Music driver. Like msgreenf said, since it comes with my Prime subscription I'm happy to have another commercial free streaming choice. I just deleted the overly complicated HEOS integration that really only worked in the one room with the Denon.
  11. Hi another Kudos to Neil. He hooked me up with a HSIM and some pointers on some additional programming. Talk to you soon!
  12. That should work as well as Audio Control BLD/R/X. https://www.audiocontrol.com/home-audio/av-signal-extenders/
  13. I'm looking for a dealer to purchase this driver.
  14. This looks to be the same thing he was posting: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/matterlink-multix
  15. For me it was the way I could incorporate the Z-Wave locks I already owned. You are correct, not a required piece but it looks a lot better on the wall too.
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