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  1. Same. My transformer had an Intermatic timer in it. Pulled it out and installed the Kasa and presto no more resets from DST or power outages.
  2. Old thread I know but since someone else dug it up I thought I’d mention as a comparison Bali Somfy via Costco for 58” x 74” were very similar in price and integrated via Vera very easily.
  3. I did some more digging and it communicates via WebSockets. I did a wireshark on the communication between my laptop and the fireplace's webpage and it seems to be very simple commands. That said, would the Chowmain Generic IP driver be able to accomplish the task of sending the on/off commands?
  4. I just got a new fireplace that connects via WiFi and has an app and is supposed to be able to be controlled via Alexa but also has local HTTP access. I did a little homework via the console and found the following example outputs when turning the fireplace on/off, the heater on/off, turning the accent lighting on/off and selecting a different LED "theme." To keep the request simple, how would I be able to just send the fireplace on/off command? Down the line it might be nice to be able to play with the other settings but right now just being able to turn it on and off based on some condition
  5. Crazy I missed it before; I even had it filtered by Mi Casa Verde too. This should be easy now. Thanks!! 10 minutes later...it was that easy! After adding the new blinds to the C4 Blind Group the groups can be controlled by target value as well. I'll work on Alexa via Vera later but just getting them on a timer for sunrise/sunset/etc will limit the amount of time anyone should be interacting with them anyway. Thanks for pointing out the obvious!
  6. In regards to Vera I'm learning that now :); apparently even more so now that they sold the company. It seems to have a unique following for tinkerers as simple things like grouping are less than intuitive for a product that should be mature at this point.
  7. Based of the recommendations from the Inexpensive shades or blinds thread I recently installed the Bali Z-Wave shades in my home I purchased from Costco and connected them via Vera. Everything works from a generic open/close/stop but it seems there is no way to set the % open/close in Control4 even though Vera appears to be tracking the state. Also, the shades still don't appear in Alexa after a Discover/Refresh, are shades supposed to work via Alexa? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the heads up on the LEAP driver. For the scene control alone I think I’ll make the switch from the Caseta Brjidge driver.
  9. I saw this announcement today and it sounds promising based on those that are behind the alliance including Apple, Amazon, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance. https://zigbeealliance.org/news_and_articles/project-development-to-reality/
  10. Very cool to see some development around this.
  11. This is as good looking as you’re going to find I believe: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10469 full list of all motion mounts: https://www.monoprice.com/category/mounts-&-stands/tv-wall-mounts/full-motion-tv-wall-mounts?&menuDisStr=full motion tv wall mounts&sort=sellingPrice desc&TotalProducts=77
  12. It's not really "integrated" but it works for me. The ADC-SEM210-VT-VZ includes a Z-Wave module that connects to my Kwikset locks I already owned. I setup the automation of the locks within Alarm.com not C4. When the panel is armed, the locks lock, etc...That can be triggered by C4 through the HSIM. I don't have other crazy automations in the house but I would think you could setup whatever triggers you want in that respect. As an example, when Garage lock disarms the system, turn on lights and play music. The lock communicates over Z-Wave to disarm the system, the HSIM sees the state change a
  13. I used a HSIM off of my Vista panel connected to Alarm.com using the ADC-SEM210-VT-VZ.
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