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  1. Looks like your dealer just lost your business. There are plenty of great remote dealers, including @msgreenf, that will easily work with you for those changes for a fair price.
  2. I don't like to dig up old threads but this is my exact issue right now for my old TV. Everything is configured in Composer but "Connected to Network" remains as False. I have been able to test via Putty successfully so everything looks to be correct from the TV side. Anything else I can check? And for anyone else that runs into a Sharp in the future this PDF was helpful: https://siica.sharpusa.com/portals/0/downloads/Manuals/PN-UH601_701_Operation_Manual.pdf Putty Settings - http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,10365.15.html: Terminal: Implicit CR in every LF (checked) Terminal>>Keyboard>>The Function keys and keypad: VT100+ Session>>Connection type: Raw Session>>Host Name (or IP address): <tv_ip_address> Session>>Port: 10002
  3. I have an AVR-X3400H that upon power on leaves the current volume on the screen until a volume up or down is pressed. After that the OSD displays and hides as expected. I can't for the life of me find the setting in the receiver, is it possible that it is in the programming somewhere?
  4. I'm happy about the addition of the Amazon Music driver. Like msgreenf said, since it comes with my Prime subscription I'm happy to have another commercial free streaming choice. I just deleted the overly complicated HEOS integration that really only worked in the one room with the Denon.
  5. Hi another Kudos to Neil. He hooked me up with a HSIM and some pointers on some additional programming. Talk to you soon!
  6. That should work as well as Audio Control BLD/R/X. https://www.audiocontrol.com/home-audio/av-signal-extenders/
  7. I'm looking for a dealer to purchase this driver.
  8. This looks to be the same thing he was posting: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/matterlink-multix
  9. For me it was the way I could incorporate the Z-Wave locks I already owned. You are correct, not a required piece but it looks a lot better on the wall too.
  10. It probably would but I didn't want to sign a four year contract with them so I went the DIY route with AlarmGrid.
  11. That is correct. For anyone else that inherits a prewired home with a Honeywell Vista system what I did was: Remove ADT Pulse Hub and Communicator Install Tuxedo Touch panel Install iGSMV4G Communicator Install 4232CBM Month to Month monitoring will be done through AlarmGrid/GeoArm that also gives access to the Total Connect application and will integrate with C4.
  12. Hi all, I have two 914 Z-Wave that were paired with an Alarm.com system. In reading around I see that C4 has it's own very expensive version of the 914 locks and that some have retrofitted Zigbee modules. I'd like to protect the investment I already have so I was hoping if one of you could confirm that I could swap out the Z-Wave module for this Zigbee module? https://www.ebay.com/itm/232707254728
  13. I need a centrally monitored alarm for my insurance and Alarm.com is relatively cheap unless I'm missing another alternative. I also only care about "controlling" my garage door remotely and the Alarm.com integration of MyQ is free and seamless unlike what I'm seeing for C4.
  14. Hi all, I just purchased a new home and I am taking this as an opportunity to venture further into home automation. My previous home relied on Alarm.com and Harmony remotes but the new home is pre-wired for whole home audio and comes with a pool equipped with Pentair ScreenLogic so I'd like to do something a bit more integrated. I have a coworker that has highly recommended Control4 and I think I have most of it figured out but I was hoping someone could help me understand the best way to integrate an alarm system. I would like to keep a centrally monitored alarm that would work with the MyQ garage door and two Kwikset Z-Wave 914's that I removed from the old home. I have read that the DSC Neo is one of the go to systems so I guess my question is whether or not that Alarm.com can manage the Garage door and door locks while still allowing Control4 to monitor/set alarm states? Thanks in advance!
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