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  1. How do I get rid of bugs in motion detection? Like literal bugs, like moths and other flying things that the night vision picks up spectacularly well. I've tried decreasing the sensitivity but I'm as low as I can go without missing legitimate motion events. I've also tried trimming down the motion detection area to just key places where people are likely to be, and that has reduced the number of events considerably, but not enough. I haven't been able to think of any other reasonable ways to filter out videos of bugs.
  2. My kids enjoy changing the color on the remote. I thought I would try to make it a little fun for them by having the remote change its own color periodically. Also when I’m using it in the evenings I want it to go back to white.
  3. I'm running 3.1.3 and I have Composer HE. From the Properties view of the SR-260 I'm able to set the text color. However, in Programming, I don't see a command or a variable for the device to set it (I can set things like backlight levels, but not the text color). Am I missing something, or is there an alternate way to set it programmatically?
  4. The PDF in the reply two or three above has a link to a .pkg file that contains a native Mac app to manage Luma NVRs. Its interface is a little different than the old Safari plug in, so it takes a bit of adjustment and getting used to, but once you do it’s pretty good.
  5. I'm having this problem as well, including not being able to see which threads have unread messages.
  6. @msgreenf, to follow up, I did end up replacing the HC-200's with EA-1's and updating to 2.10.6, and now I see the option you're talking about. However, as @Cyknight was saying, that's not the right option. Instead what that does is make it so when I tap the top button, it restores the light to the previous dim level, rather than the preset on level. It looks like the top bar on the switch is my best bet right now. I'll see if I can figure out what's going on with the ones that aren't working.
  7. I've tried pushing the top bar, but it only works correctly on about a third of my dimmers. Some of them it doesn't appear can be pushed in at all; others can be pushed in like the ones that work, but that doesn't turn off the lights.
  8. Thanks! But the only thing I see in "Misc. Settings" is "Enable Auto Off". I'm running 2.9.1, was it added in 2.10? I don't think I can update because I have a couple HC-200's.
  9. With our old dumb switches, if the power went out while the lights are on, we could still flip the switch so that the lights wouldn't come back on when the power did. With the C4 switches and dimmers (C4-APD120 and C4-SW120277), they seem to have a memory so that they'll go back to their state before the power went out. But if we go to bed, we don't want all the lights to come back on if the power comes back on in the middle of the night. Even a brief flash would be disruptive, so although I could set a rule to turn off all of the lights when the project loads, there will still be a time where
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