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  1. https://www.netatmo.com/en-us/helpcenter/weather/1/anemometer-installation-and-precautions/337
  2. Go to advanced/system/timer and set the timezone and daylight savings time settings. Ensure you have a good ntp timeserver and that the cameras can reach it. Be sure to tick the radio button for sync every hour.
  3. I think the right sized version of their cable is a decent option.
  4. I'd consider running a fiber hdmi cable if you go to the trouble to replace the one you have. Or run two plus a couple of cat6 while you are at it.
  5. It's possible you didn't realize I was speaking about the market of puck products rather than specifically C4 pucks. There are pucks that are dual load and dual switch. Shelly has some.
  6. Yes, and various pucks like Shelly(1)(2)(2.5). They can all work with various levels of effort and configuration. I'd still prefer a retrofit C4 puck on Zibee. At the moment I'm working out proof of concept for using Zigbee2MQTT so I can use a wide range of Zigbee products integrating with C4 using MQTT. I'm also using Tasmota firmware (using MQTT) on various Wifi based products like those Shelly pucks and various off the shelf Wifi based switches and even RGBW bulbs. My two main objectives are: Ensure all lighting control is local and does not go to or use the cloud. Use the switches we like for the majority of the locations in the various homes. At the moment this is the Legrand Adorne line. I wish I could just fast forward this technology 5 years because at the moment the options are wide with trade-off's. In 5 years I'd imagine there will be some strong winners and better products. There are some products with great smart internals, but the build quality is crap. That's where C4 is a solid choice if you like the look. Nice products at a cost relative to the build quality.
  7. Wow. Those things are cheap for the feature set. Nice find. But...
  8. Yea. You have no idea how much time I have spent trying to find a similar solution for the US that works with C4. I was hopeful they finally came out with something.
  9. Is this new as in a recent release or is this referring to the puck that's been around? A puck is typically installed in the junction box of an existing switch or can be installed before the load. It can allow you to use a non smart switch to make it smart. I like this image of hundreds of dimmer switches on a wall. Very post modern.
  10. You can have some context by person when you set up voice profiles. More of this becomes possible when using Alexa for Business in an environment that has multiple Alexa devices/sources. Not only do you get metadata on room context you can also get private skills. With device context you can say "Alexa turn on the TV" and in the skill you know that the device is in the media room so you can turn on the tv in the media room. You don't have to say "Alexa turn on the media room tv". https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/alexa/post/09acb84e-6d56-463b-959c-9e15c3ed3893/announcing-more-personalized-skill-responses-when-alexa-recognizes-a-customer-s-voice-developer-preview
  11. I think there is an untapped market for features that merge contextual information on the screen. I'm not sure people know they want it yet. That is overlays/picture in picture/toast notifications/tiling etc. The tricky part is how to make all that work with the flexibility to do it with the content people are watching. Also, what methods do you give people to interact with the screen and content and how do you manage sound for multiple sources. e.g. If I am watching netflix 4k content I want a alpha channel mixed toast notification for camera alerts to show above netflix. I then want a way to "select" that toast notification to then switch to a pip overlaid on netflix of the camera feed. I then want some way to select of the sound is mixed from netflix and the camera feed. Today if I want to do this it requires a lot of complexity. I'd like that complexity reduced. If you can reduce it in a vendor agnostic way then more people will find ways to become more efficient and enjoy the features. If we didn't have to deal with a lot of encoding and tradeoffs with audio formats I'd be a lot happier. It's possible I'm an edge case. Many of us multitask or mix content by watching the tv with a smartphone or tablet in-hand. More than one screen. Not everyone wants a tiled screen with video, tickers and web feeds. I do. I think this has a real purpose in a commercial setting like bars and waiting rooms etc because there is a real need to deliver content and entertainment at the same time.
  12. What makes you think I am angry? I'm being direct. Big difference. You appear to be moving your problem around. You have a poor product that makes a lot of noise. You didn't pick this product. Your dealer did. You are not happy with this product because it makes a lot of noise. It's a bigger noise problem because your equipment cabinet door doesn't shut because it wasn't designed to have air flow and you have to leave the door open. Since you don't seem to want to actually fix the NVR noise issue you have moved it from the equipment closet to a living space cabinet. Now you have a noise issue in your living space and you want to reduce the noise by adding insulation which would likely lead to a heat problem since the only real way to reduce noise is to eliminate air gaps. It really looks like you are moving your problem around where the solution is to get your dealer to fix the NVR under warranty. It's also been stated that you can replace your fan without voiding the warranty if you don't want to get your dealer to do it. Open it up and take some photos if you are unsure about how to replace the fan. I'm sure that a majority of the participants of this forum can look and tell you what you need. You might not like hearing it, but I'm fairly certain I'm just calling out the obvious.
  13. I think we have covered this in your 3 other threads on the same topic. If the NVR is making noise get your dealer to fix it by either fixing the fan or swapping the unit.
  14. Ah, you want the sound to come out of a specific alexa enabled device. Gotcha. You want something like what this does for Smart Things. https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-echo-speaks/142252
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