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  1. OpenMQTTGateway is maybe a better option for firmware on the sonoff gateway.
  2. I like ice cream. If the OP is talking about communicating over RF then shelly 2.5 cannot do it. 2.5 has no RF.
  3. I know you think that your post and subject make sense to people, but you might want to consider going into a little more detail and context.
  4. Yea, I just had to say it. Hate to think a real issue is being overlooked when water/power/people are mixed. Yes, products like that one. Lots of choices and types. Some like that where you can clip over a line. You don't have to install it near the tub. You can install right off the panel. You then just need to decide if to alert off NC or NO changes. You can use these kinds of things for switching on aux items when another item is hot. Some of these have adjustments so they can switch with higher loads. Helpful when something has a vampire load normally. Simple example is switching on dust collection systems when a saw is powered on.
  5. I guess first try to find out why its tripping. Could be an old GFCI or it might be tripping for a serious issue. Google "Current switch". Should be pretty easy to wire one up to an IO extender.
  6. @Elephant_Man I'd recommend you pick a different career path. You can make better money elsewhere. Also, respect the elders in your field of work. This is a very small world. You can't possibly understand this at 17. You just have to trust it.
  7. Are you 13 and have issues with using complete words? Yes, I'm serious.
  8. Your question doesn't make sense to me. The firmware mentioned for the bridge supports MQTT. As you know that is sort of generic. Davids driver has nothing to to with the bridge.
  9. You are comparing. You yourself are saying its an alternative. That's comparing. Your setup is not without serious issues. I'm glad you like it and as you can see I run some hardware from Shelly. You are posting in a thread for someones product. Maybe it would be best for you to start a new thread instead of hijacking and trying to steer people away from his solution.
  10. I have 10 of these and 30 Shelly 2.5 pucks. I run tasmota instead of the Shelly firmware for control and security. That said I don't think they are better than the DMX solution. They offer some different benefits. I would not compare them head to head.
  11. No. You think that there is some value in information about something that hasn't been released to the public yet (major version software increment). You think it has great value. The shareholder concern is that Control4 under valued themselves for the purchase so that SnapAV was getting a better deal than they should. Rather Control4 didn't really put themselves on the market and let the market decide. I don't think there is any value, but if there was a lot of value as you suggest then perhaps the company sold for less and the Control4 board cheated investors and lined the pockets of SnapAV... or so the story goes. If nobody trades on the information about 3.0 then there is no insider trading. No trades. No trading. Sharing something that is a "rumor" isn't against the law. I'm curious, does the dealer agreement with Control4 state that the dealer has in any way a fiduciary responsibility to Control4? Assuming there is some sort of beta happening for 3.0 I'd imagine that the pending update would not be considered "confidential". If they are telling non employees with no fiduciary responsibility what's in the update and when it may be released then it's more or less public.
  12. Why do you care what people are discussing in this topic and why do you want them to stop? Kind of weird don't you think?
  13. For sure don't feel bad for selling them when you knew they would be useless.
  14. Says the guy dumping HC250's in the sale forum lol
  15. If anything you are proving the validity of the shareholder dispute that the control4 board is sandbagging and giving SnapAV a deal.
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