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  1. Curious about what you are doing with Thingsboard. What data are you publishing and how are you using it on the Thingsboard side?
  2. I think I'd make it clear to wire the junction box for the fan "normally". Meaning run two circuits from the wall location. An electrician would do this out of habbit/code anyway so don't ask them to do it any different. For sure if you wire hot you want the controller to work. If it doesn't it also would not work when you toggle the power using a switch. If you need to toggle power when you wire the box hot you can always flip the breaker. As noted these controllers use a remote and can be controlled using wifi. When your wifi goes down they actually fall back to AP mode so you can still access them.
  3. You are sort of DIY, right? If you had to make it work you can go from zigbee to MQTT to C4 and back. Probably better to just buy things that integrate with C4 though.
  4. Easiest solution is to simply use different bulbs and call it a day.
  5. I say good plan. You have clearly researched.
  6. How's the pandemic treating you? Looks like this is a new member. So it's either a real person that is not super experienced or skilled in forum use OR it's a bot laying down a history in the forum.
  7. You can also wire these controllers remotely to the fan. They don't actually have to be mounted above the fan. In the case of an outdoor fan you could mount them inside or in another enclosure. Yes, outdoors you want the breeze for sure. Big blades and dropped from the ceiling. I have some cheap hunter outdoor fans that move a lot of air. I like them because their blades haven't drooped in the humidity even after years. I hate to admit it, but I think I leave them on 24/7. Keeps the bugs away.
  8. Gotcha. Minka has a pretty wide range of fan types. I have some and like them. For sure if you want or need air velocity for the feel you want to pick the right fan. I mostly use fans to turn over the air in large spaces and don't want to feel the breeze. Just air mixing. I like keeping some of them in winter mode to ensure seating in the middle of the room isn't a wind tunnel. Like you I have fans that suffer from memory and switch delay. It's annoying. In fact I just got something I'm calling a Fandelier. Big multi crystal chandelier with a small internal fan. I love the fixture, but its DC and it has the worst of the worst controller. It beep when you give it power. It beeps when you change any control. It doesn't remember its fan setting. I have yet to find a replacement for the controller. I have changed the lighting to be controlled by a second circuit because it didn't dim 300w of lighting. The fan is terrible, but this thing is in a big dome vault in our master and we just needed it to move the air once in a while. Wish I could get a Bond controller for DC motors. The other Bond controllers I've hard wired on where there used to be a switch. Now its remote or app/hub/api or breaker . Solves the switch problem. The bond remotes are learning remotes. I *think* you can use other remotes if you don't like the one that comes with the fan. It's an OK remote. The mount is improved over what is shown in the product pictures. Depending on Minka fan you can retrofit it with the universal bond controller. I haven't personally seen a Minka with DC, but it's possible. That would be a problem.
  9. No fan modification. Just replace the current controller or add this one. I have these and they are cool, but there are some minor annoying aspects that you may or may not find annoying. The wifi flipper/dongle/paddle/eyesore needs to be placed outside of the fan housing where the fan meets the ceiling. Don't use the instructions in the silly video. They show sticking it to the ceiling way outside of the fan housing for the junction box. I mean you can do that, but that sure looks terrible. The dongle is meant to snuggle up under the edge of the housing with only half of it sticking out. They include a couple of thick spacer bushings you are meant to install between the junction box/ceiling and the fan craddle to make space for the dongle between the ceiling and the trim of the fan. So the annoying part of this design is that there will be some form of a gap between the ceiling and the fan trim ring. You can get creative and modify your fan trim and not use the bushings etc OR you can play with wifi without the flipper exposed. If you do not use the hub with the fan controller you are using the cloud to control the fan with the app or you are using the remote. I believe the cloud and app don't really have a restriction on number of devices. The app isn't terrible, but it's not the greatest. They could improve on the widgets. I do not think you can connect a controller to more than one fan. I think they are worth the $60 bucks and 5 minutes it takes to install. You also get some opportunities to control them using API's.
  10. Bump in a discussion thread with no other content is meant to bump the thread up to the top to get attention. It's typically only something the original poster does. It's not a fist bump. Bumping a thread is often considered rude unless it's totally obvious that people have missed the thread. Bumping for someone else is weird and looks like the OP is using more than one account...
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