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  1. Do you want or need a security gateway/appliance? While you can replace the router with a router you might want to evaluate a your setup and consider a holistic upgrade. What do you have for switches?
  2. I think I would take a few minutes and check the outside plug again. From this photo it almost appears as if you have all 4 pairs installed. I'd also check to see if you have 12v on the green plug. If you have 4 pairs on the plug and the tester shows disconnected 3 and 4 then you can try putting a new plug on it. Or if you want to test further you can cut the plug off it and then test with the alligator clips 3 and 4 to the inside plug to see if the issue is the pug or the cable is damaged at some point in the run. You can also maybe take a closer look to see if that pair for the power connector is really coming from the cat5 by unwrapping wherever they seem to be mating up together.
  3. You can test the pair that is 12v to ensure there is still conductivity on both ends. I'd then wonder about the port on the switch. I think if nothing changed and the camera stopped working and then he tested the camera with another cable attached to the switch and it worked... its either the cable or the switch port.
  4. Up thread he tested it. Also, according to up thread this worked and then stopped working.
  5. The picture of the plug for the camera will be useful.
  6. What kind of PoE switch was this camera attached to?
  7. Yea, just wanting to get clear confirmation since it was not completely clear from the description.
  8. Just to be clear you disconnected both ends of the cable for that camera for the test correct? You unplugged it from the camera and you unplugged the other end of that cable in your rack so it wasn't connect to a switch . You then took the tester and plugged one end of the cable into one part of the tester. You then went to the other end of the cable and put the other end on the cable. You then checked the lights on the tester. All this correct?
  9. Up thread I mentioned the intent of the comment that you refer to as incorrect. No worries. Sorry if I distracted you from your work.
  10. But the point is you aren't hacking C4, right? You are collaborative with C4. Maybe the objective is to be thought of like a rebel pirate subverting the C4 infrastructure with your MQTT's and your IoT's making their silly archaic locked in dealer model seem like a big joke? (lots of tongue in cheek there)
  11. My comment was more meant to reference that folks work with C4 when exploring the limits. Certainly not any sort of criticism of you. Just so you know.
  12. I thought I recalled some discussion in another thread were you changed the way you were doing something with the driver. I'm sorry if that's not the case. I could try poking around to find the reference.
  13. Even this driver has had modifications at the request of C4 to be more compliant. I think people are skeptical that you are doing this with the best intent. That might be unfounded. If you were an active member you probably would have had a better feeling for the type of responses you might get. So you started a thread about wanting to do a thing where solutions already existed. You wanted to do the thing without creating a driver. In the end you are likely able to leverage existing drivers. So, really, everything worked out by having a conversation so don't forget that.
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