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  1. https://atlona.com/omnistream-av-over-ip-dolby-vision/ Interesting. Licensed upgrade to get it.
  2. This. I worked for Comcast 10 years ago. My group tested cable modem deployments and telemetry. If there is a problem with your line or your modem someone knows it. The problem is the folks working consumer support are doing the best they can with their given aptitude and skills. (get what I mean?) In other words you are going to get better support from the Business class service because they have SLA's for responding to issues. You still have the same cable and service, but you will get different hardware and if there are issues with the line they will spend more time improving it. I'll say it again, get business class internet from Comcast. It costs a bit more, but it's insurance for this kind of thing. Also, replace your cables or make sure you know your cables are good. Don't use the one from the cable modem box.
  3. Upgrade to a business account with Comcast. The "service" is better and has different response times for service level agreements. Lease your modem from Comcast so when you have issues they don't play the blame game and service calls wont get you an extra charge. When they come to install the modem be there and ask the tech to test the line and also ask him his experience with the neighborhood and local area. They can sometimes just tell you its messed up. They can be very geeky and want to help also. Different crews for business vs residential most of the time.
  4. Home Assistant is another option if the desire is full control by a technical person. https://www.home-assistant.io/ Integrates most everything. C4 with a hacked license and MQTT driver can get you a nice mix. C4 has some good switches and components. Good AV control. MQTT can get you going on a whole 3rd party set of products that can work with anything. Lots of choices and no obvious right choice really. We are in a time of a lot of change and uncertainty.
  5. None of the systems you listed are probably going to meet this requirement. You will want to define the attributes you want from your whole home system. You have a relatively small footprint to manage. In many ways that's good and in some ways it presents more challenges. Define the experience you want and how you see yourself interacting with the system. It's a good exercise. Like: I want my home to react to my wishes without requiring me to flip switches. I want all of my friends and party goers to see my new home as advanced and luxurious like a five star hotel. I leave my property vacant for weeks on end and I want full control of all systems remotely. I want to leave the house and push one button or say one thing and have the house secure itself, turn off lights, put the pool in away mode and then act like a person is home at night. I want my kids to be able to use the media center by talking rather than using 6 remotes or any remotes. I like audiophile quality in all rooms of my home. etc etc. That will help you with all conversations with dealers. It may also end up telling you that you don't really need or want a whole home system. Hard to say. It may also clearly illustrate that you would be comfortable with all an all open DIY system or a hybrid approach. Based on your post I'm thinking C4 is not going to be your thing. Others here might attack this, but we are at a point where the waters are murky and there are many new options for interacting with various parts of our homes. It is very true that something like Alexa is disrupting the markets. Some people are now content with some alexa devices scattered around the home over 100k systems. In contract my neighbor spends maybe 80k a year on his Crestron system and it works great. About every other month there are 3 AV vans in his driveway and 6 guys servicing the system. He's only there a weekend a month and the place is like a hotel. For what he wants that house to be I think he's getting the value.
  6. OpenMQTTGateway is maybe a better option for firmware on the sonoff gateway.
  7. I like ice cream. If the OP is talking about communicating over RF then shelly 2.5 cannot do it. 2.5 has no RF.
  8. I know you think that your post and subject make sense to people, but you might want to consider going into a little more detail and context.
  9. Yea, I just had to say it. Hate to think a real issue is being overlooked when water/power/people are mixed. Yes, products like that one. Lots of choices and types. Some like that where you can clip over a line. You don't have to install it near the tub. You can install right off the panel. You then just need to decide if to alert off NC or NO changes. You can use these kinds of things for switching on aux items when another item is hot. Some of these have adjustments so they can switch with higher loads. Helpful when something has a vampire load normally. Simple example is switching on dust collection systems when a saw is powered on.
  10. I guess first try to find out why its tripping. Could be an old GFCI or it might be tripping for a serious issue. Google "Current switch". Should be pretty easy to wire one up to an IO extender.
  11. @Elephant_Man I'd recommend you pick a different career path. You can make better money elsewhere. Also, respect the elders in your field of work. This is a very small world. You can't possibly understand this at 17. You just have to trust it.
  12. Are you 13 and have issues with using complete words? Yes, I'm serious.
  13. Your question doesn't make sense to me. The firmware mentioned for the bridge supports MQTT. As you know that is sort of generic. Davids driver has nothing to to with the bridge.
  14. You are comparing. You yourself are saying its an alternative. That's comparing. Your setup is not without serious issues. I'm glad you like it and as you can see I run some hardware from Shelly. You are posting in a thread for someones product. Maybe it would be best for you to start a new thread instead of hijacking and trying to steer people away from his solution.
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