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  1. I looked into it, but didn't use it. Alexa for Business will be the most secure and privacy friendly option with the most potential upside and longevity at this time.
  2. What about his statement did you interpret as binary? It is an obvious need for this product.
  3. Lots of choices though for site to site. I'm not sure I could make a statement like a vpn would be way to slow. Plenty of vpn's are making the world work site to site. Almost every major networking equipment brand has a solution. I think it's an interesting idea to connect the two houses. If good internet could be had at both locations or you could get line of sight lots of cool things could happen. I hope that the OP gets it working.
  4. You would have to jump to the 32" Vizio.
  5. Don't think you need the additional upload capacity and the 100 down is plenty for multiple streams etc. Not sure what you have for a router etc, but the Ubiquiti stuff can give you some good metrics on usage and can test the speed provided on intervals so you can really see what you use and what you have. I wouldn't over think it. Get the 100 package and if you find you are really bumping up against it they will allow you to upgrade.
  6. Firefox has multiple methods for blocking or enabling flash.
  7. You can find all sorts of universal din rail mounting brackets on Amazon etc. Mount the bracket on the item and then mount on the rail.
  8. Can be had region free, but you have to intentionally locate them.
  9. Looks like FLIR is the distribution channel for those units.
  10. I think their quality is improving. If you are getting current DL product you may have better luck. I have a 10 year old power switch with the jet engine fan and it's still running strong.
  11. Hikvision has several. Many of them are interior cameras designed for thresholds and such. https://www.hikvision.com/en/Products/Network-Camera/DeepinView/DeepinView-People-Counting-Camera
  12. I think this comes from watching too many movies. If you have a bandit assault you and smiles nice for the camera I think the judge is going to maybe be understanding of your timestamp issue on your residential cameras. You are actually better off not having the timestamp. The NVR is probably properly marking the time on the track. I'm guessing you probably have access to the manual and the google. Basic>network>general
  13. Ah, in the States the x800 is about 175 € on Amazon
  14. Why not step up to the x800 for the added functionality?
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