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  1. correct, default password for root is gone, but you can still connect to C4 via SSH from the Composer Pro, not sure if HE has that feature.
  2. My doors and a fireplace are connected to VCRX. The problem is when I open the garage from the car I am using the buttons on the rear view mirror and Lutron does not know about the door state change. That's why I wanted to get the door state from the camera image I don't have any zigbee, only z-wave and clear-connect.
  3. Thank you @Jeff W Sounds like I am stuck with a default circle icon for the garage door. While we are on the garage topic. I have some experience with image recognition in python and wanted to try this in LUA. What I have in mind is a garage door state sensor without the sensor. Actually, I would use a sticker on the top edge of the door as a sensor. Then If I can do an pixel compare logic in LUA for a specific area of the picture from the garage camera I may be able to figure out the state of the door. Don't think it's gonna be as reliable as the actual sensor, but this would give me an opportunity to write some LUA code.
  4. Speaking of the custom buttons, is there a way to show an image of the garage door instead of the default circle with horizonal lines that C4 provides by default? Also, to get the ID of the keypad, I don't bother with the report. Just telnet to RA2 repeater and go press the button that you need to ID for your programming. It will show up in the telnet session. Not sure if generating a report out of RA2 is faster than using my button identification method. Thanks
  5. Forgot to mention I am using the navigation agent to show the camera feed on T3
  6. keypad_radiora2_lutron.c4i Visor Control Receiver does not need a driver, you only need RA2 Main Repeater driver and the ID of the RA2 Keypad you are using to operate the doors. When I open any of the garage doors from the wall keypads I get the garage camera to come up on T3 to show me if the doors were left open When Garage->Keypad 11 button 1 is pressed Jump to camera Garage -> Camera in Kitchen -> T3 for 10 min (I wish there was an option for 30 min)
  7. You would need to add a custom agent button and link your lutron keypad button ID to the C4 custom button in programming. Let me know if it makes any sense ?
  8. Hi, Is Driver Editor still supported? I am using DE 3.0.1 which seems to be old, but don't think anything newer was released. Anyway, I am able to open DE and cerate a project, however if I try to execute my code on the director I am getting an error after selecting the director from the list. The error states "connect with composer pro first to add the ssl certificate to the cache" Is there even an option to add ssl certificate to the cache in composer ? Thank you! EA-5 with
  9. @Dueport So HE or Dealer the only two ways to add custom URLs and no way of adding them from the C4 app? Thanks
  10. I had the Internet Radio driver added earlier today and one of the custom links. When I open Room -> Listen -> Stations - > Sources -> Internet Radio is now an option with a custom stream link, but no option to add other custom stream links form the C4 app on the phone or a touch pannel. Are custom stations added by the dealer or I need to use C4 HE app to add more links ? Thanks
  11. That's what I don't have. Room -> Listen->Stations -> (I only have Stations, Sources, Genres)
  12. https://www.control4.com/help/c4/user/userguide/content/topics/entertainment/basics-listen.htm Don't think I have the native streaming station. Is it called something else?
  13. Hi, It seems that many online radio stations have disappeared from TuneIN. Is there an option to add a custom URL to any of the streaming apps in C4 ? Here is a list of the streaming URLs http://rs9.stream24.net/europa-park-radio.mp3 http://ep128.hostingradio.ru:8052/europaplus256.mp3 Thanks
  14. Anyone using Mi Casa hub, how did you guys solve the rogue DHCP server ? If you have Mi Casa connected to your network it will start giving out addresses and in most cases will interfere with your existing network. @evil0ne Do you have each shade on a separate channel ? Also, is it possible to have shades linked to a hub and a remote at the same time?
  15. @C4 User Thank you! C4 Group Blinds driver worked, however it introduced another problem. Whenever I try to control any of the shades individually they work flawlessly, but if I used them in a group, 9 times out of 10 one of the blinds will loose communication with a controller. (Z-Wave) Will try to put blinds on separate channels, but not sure if that's gonna resolve the problem.
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