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  1. Thanks to all of you. If Cedia is ever in Dallas again, I will get you all free beer.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks a lot for your input!
  3. Everything runs well. No delays at all. Memory never reaches 400mb and CPU around 0~2% (maybe a little more) while sending commands or running macros. The HC800 is an awesome controller. Too bad it is reaching EOL. Thanks for your input.
  4. Understood. Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. Ohh got it. I thought that was a limit for zigbee devices. So, in theory, If I have a large home with 100 zigbee light loads, I would need 2 EA5 and 2 Zservers to be within C4 recommendation. (Not even counting AV devices). Anyway, I really appreciate your advice. I will look into it a little more. I might just have to get an EA5 then, even though I still think that the EA3 is comparable with the HC800 (in terms of power). thanks a lot!
  6. I agree with your statement. I just dont understand why the EA3 is advertised to handle a mid size home if it cant handle my mid size system. Haha. Specially since the majority of the stuff that can cause a system to slow down (zigbee devices, music, navigator) will be offloaded to another box. thanks!!
  7. Hi all, Quick and stupid question: I planning to upgrade my system to a newer EA controller and wanted to make sure the EA3 can handle a small/mid size system and be a direct relacement to my HC800, or I must get the EA5. Of course the EA5 can handle virtually any system size, but Im finding hard to believe that a simple EA3 couldnt also handle my system. - Network is: Erlite3, cisco sg300 and Unifi AC HD and LR. My network has been solid for years. So no worries here. - 4k sqft house - 6x TVs (5 are IR controlled and 1 IP) - HC800 (Navigator NOT being used) and 2 HC250. One relay used for Garage door and one for Fireplace - 1x T3 - 2x C4 Matrix amp (8 and 4 channel) - 1x 8x8 hdmi matrix (ip) - 1x Apple TV, 1x Roku, 2x Tivos and 1 Htpc - Music is offloaded to a single Sonos connect - Lighting is offloaded to 2 Caseta bridges. Around 50x Caseta loads. - There are 6 c4 Configurable keypads - 3 IP cameras - Alarm by DSC and IT100 Not much automation/programming going on. My HC800 normally runs at 0~2% CPU and 330~350mb of RAM. My plan is to get the EA3 on the network, migrate the project and all my zigbee to it, leaving the HC800 as an “IOX” until it goes EOL for good. Then I will replace it with an actuall IOX. I dont see my system expanding by a lot in the future. Maybe another TV, an extra Apple TV or roku and a few light loads that will be offloaded to the caseta bridge anyway. Can a EA3 handle this? I really appreciate your input. Thanks!
  8. His comment was not rude at all. But anyway... It is very common to charge for a visit depending on distance, availability (schedule) or when we knew the customer is just shopping around. Its just a waist of time for both the customer and the contractor. Just keep shopping around and choose the ones that wont charge you.
  9. I would go with: 3 Ubiquiti AC Pros (Lite or LR) 1 Ubiquiti USG or ERLite 3 With the remaining $40-$50 I would buy a bottle of wine and a few pounds of meat for grilling.
  10. Google.com > Hisense IR codes https://www.hisense-usa.com/sites/default/files/support-doc/Hisense Discrete IR Commands - for copy %26 paste.pdf https://codesforuniversalremotes.com/remote-control-codes-for-hisense-tvs/ https://planet.neeo.com/t/k9k56r/hisense-tvs-discrete-ir-codes-attached If you have URC ccp or Logitech, you will find a bunch of codes there to create your own IR driver. If you have a Hisense Roku TV you could get the roku driver from Blackwire. It will control your TV. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-roku-ip/
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