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  1. I toggled the “Apple tv control” menu and rebooted my main controller. That seems to have fixed the issue.
  2. I am also having issues with the apple tv 4k ip driver for the first time. The funny thing is that all of my iOS devices, regardless of iOS the version, stopped controlling both of my apple TVs via Control4 app, while everything still works via apple’s Remote app, SR and Neeo.
  3. Not sure what happened but its working now. Lol Thanks again for the driver!
  4. Forgot to mention that this issue was happening with the official driver as well, not just yours.
  5. Thanks for the driver, man. It looks great on my phone. On the Neeo remote the icon shows up fine under the Watch menu but not on the Home screen. Not sure why. Thanks again for the driver!
  6. I doubt there is any extra functionality or variables. The only driver I use from the RA2 Select suite is the Fan one. Cant beat a solid 4 speed fan controller for $40.
  7. I have never actually attempted to add over 50 devices to my caseta because I use 2 bridges. In theory it should have worked. Assuming you have added the correct IP address to the RA2 repeater Driver, here are a few steps you could try: 1) Bind a device with an ID lower than 50. See if that works. 2) Use a R2 Select Dimmer driver instead of the caseta driver.
  8. If you already have a working Caseta system integrated with Control4, you will have to rebind all your devices from the Caseta Bridge driver to the RA2 Select Repeater driver. But that's all there is to it.
  9. Again, go ahead and read the driver's documentation. It will help you understand its capabilities and limitations.
  10. You need to read the Driver doc page. It's all there. 1) Configure all devices on the caseta bridge first. Add and name all of them; 2) Enable Integration or Telnet Support on the Advanced settings (or something like that); 3) Add the RA2 Select Bridge driver and configure it's IP; 4) Add the devices to your project using either Caseta or RA2 Select drivers (Lighting, Switch, Fan etc). I would suggest only using RA2 Select drivers as they work the same; 5) Open the Caseta app and export the Integration Report (something like that). This will give you all the IDs 6) Go to Composer Pro and do the correct bindings. That's all.
  11. Thanks to all of you. If Cedia is ever in Dallas again, I will get you all free beer.
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