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  1. I written a driver.. if i encrypt that driver. It is not working. but if not encrypt driver is working fine.any one have answer share to me..so how should i encrypt driver and if i use squish lua(None) it works.but if i covert the same driver to rar file.it shows all the code.however i was used squish lua(auto defined,and manual defined).it not works. how to rectify the problem
  2. how to read relay ON,OFF through lua code..any one have idea
  3. How to write light dimmer control through relay..if any one have a idea. how to write driver
  4. k1993

    2n relay

    how to write 2 way relay for dimmer... i tried to write relay driver for dimmer.my dimmer light navigator working. i connected led light to relay. control4 navigator shows light on. but that led light not blowing.. how to opended and closed relay status.and send to navigator
  5. hi msgreenf . i am new for driver development. if i want become a driver development.what should i have prerequisite..
  6. i solved that error now i got this error .I have written satelite driver. but while configure time network connection port number not generating on driver.xml.. driver.xml
  7. I have written satelite program. but while configure time network connection port number not generating on driver.xml..please any one have answer reply to me
  8. I wrote a satelite project but i got error proxyid and connectionid mismatch A matching Connection ID and ProxyBindingID could not be found. For each ProxyBindingID specified, a matching Connection ID must be specified. DriverValidator - FAIL: No matching class name was found under the matching connection. The class name must match the the proxy name. The class name is also required to be in UPPERCASE.
  9. i new for driver development ...I got this errors. "The class name must match the the proxy name". any one have answer
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