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  1. Yes this is precisely where I'm at in the thought process, and Ryan confirmed some other suspicions. Thankfully C4 offers a driver development course but definitely not a strong area for me.
  2. Yeah I like using a pair of wireless usb headphones. MCEC does have it as VK_vol up and down and another vol+/- but they're not working right now. Could be bugged. On the C4 side hitting vol up/down on the sr260 doesn't send anything in the log of MCEC for me.
  3. Oh you know, to walmart, dollerama...the essential businesses. Yes! I used it for Steam's Big Picture Mode. The idea is to eventually get a video matrix and add the computer as an input. One thing the driver doesn't have is volume up or down. Garry put in the github that he won't be updating it so I have the c4proj open in driverworks but I'm not sure exactly what string to plug in and not sure if that would even work and play nice with navigator.
  4. In this downtime I programmed my home system to do a couple things when I leave. A double tap on my essential switch delays 15 min, then turns off my lights and puts the computers to sleep (using chowmain's generic tcp comand driver and eventghost) When I come back home my motions set off a WoL packet to wake my machines and turn on my lights. Additionally any computer activity will turn off the lights in other rooms. This is done with MCE Controller desktop software and the User Activity driver both from Charlie Kindel.
  5. ^ Don't mean to necro the thread but yes this works on 3.2.1.
  6. There's an alternative called Nox. It's still geared towards gamers who want to play android games on their PC, but in more recent updates they have dialed down the anime ads. I like it because it has network bridging built into the settings, bluestacks didn't have that and would make it hard to find my system sometimes. I also had to change the Resolution Setting to "mobile phone" to get the room names to show up. I also like how I can make a shortcut to the control4 app and put it on my desktop. Starting that shortcut open nox and starts the control4 app.
  7. Yes, but not through normal channels. You may have to try to find a dealer willing to sell you one without support, or roll the die with a used unit. You'll have to figure out how to learn composer pro and thats after you get yourself a cracked version. Also you'll need the same tactics to get yourself most drivers beyond the ones to control your tv, receiver, etc. This is largely a dealer forum, but there are boards dedicated to this very topic, just takes a little googling.
  8. Here's how you factory reset the EA-3 1 - Insert a straightened paper clip into the small hole on the back of the controller labeled FACTORY RESTORE. 2 - Press and continue to hold the FACTORY RESTORE button, the controller will reset and the caution LED will turn solid red. 3 - Continue to hold the button for about five to seven seconds until the caution LED blinks orange twice . After the caution LED blinks orange twice, release the button and the factory restore process will begin. *The caution LED will blink orange while the factory restore is running. When complete, the caution LED turns off and the device will reset. If this doesn't work you'll likely have to call your installer for some kind of RMA help to fix this.
  9. Hey there! I responded to the github but for anyone crawling the web I also used https://github.com/garrynewman/Control4.MceControllerDriver with Charlie's desktop MCEC software.
  10. MCE takes just a little bit of set up but it's pretty straight forward. I'm loving controlling my pc from the couch with my sr260. It was updated a little further today too. Thx Charlie!
  11. Have 2 pairs of the sleeve and charging station in black, completely sealed. $450 CAD OBO before shipping from Toronto Ontario.
  12. I've been turned off of using IP controls completely for TVs. A solid IR connection is the way to go. As for discreet codes I recommend Remote Central's forums!
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