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  1. Thanks all. I agree. No remote control. But sensor to alert me if open or closed is a good one. Thanks
  2. How can I adapt my cover star pool cover open/close switch to C4. The switch is outside. Covered. I also want a sensor to show if pool is open or closed. When it rains, we need to open it. So automating this process would be ideal. Thanks
  3. how do i enable my alexa speakers to announce someone at door when the C4 doorbell is pressed?
  4. Apt has PTAC unit. Manufacturer offers 24v board or Pro1 integration. i need remote monitoring and control. Sensibo doesnt give feedback. will C4 therm work with a PTAC system? Or can I integrate Pro1 wireless with intelisis box?
  5. i couldnt find where to grant permission on hayward site or om,i logic site?
  6. I want to get the doorbell and other announcements to play thru my sonos system. i have wireless speakers and its much more flexible than the zones i have thru my C4. how can this be done?
  7. i have two URTSI II units to install. i will get the driver you recommend. any hits or notes on install I should be aware of?
  8. Did you solve your problem and did you use the URTSI ? I am setting up my somfy integration. I have the shades installed and will use URTSI unless any if their new gear is better for my C4. Thoughts anyone? Thanks
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