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  1. Please help. Did someone have a working HC-800? please make me an image of your disk. I will be very grateful.
  2. Hey. I have the same problem. most likely you, as well as me, broke the ssd drive. mine is determined by Victoria, but when tested, it finds many bad blocks, which it can not fix. I installed a new disk, but I have not yet found a working working image from the HC800 working controller. I read that the HC800 is not recovering from the USB Recovery stick. I do not have any connections with the dealer. it remains only to look for a good person who would share the reference HC800.
  3. Hey. I have the same problem. The link flashes and the PC800 does not start. how to flash the controller? I tried to flash through USB install/recovery stick - no reaction. have ideas how to restore it?
  4. and the reason for the failure is the same for us. your controller is not loaded because of the dead disk, and mine through the damaged data.
  5. I also think that the firmware may have flown (it is based on Linux). There was a power failure and the boot sector might have been damaged. I hope that the image of another system will help me.
  6. my sdd disk is working. connected to a laptop and made a backup through liveCD. Theoretically, if I get another SDD drive from a working HC800 controller, will this work?
  7. Hi. I have a similar problem. how did you fix your controller?
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