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  1. Well, it failed again and I held it busted until the dealer could get in to look at it. Despite the guesswork here and the maligning of the user not knowing the network, there appears to have been absolutely nothing wrong with the network. One of the drivers (I didn't get which one) was failing and crocking the EA5. Hopefully this will end it. I did get the dealer to turn up the debug logging just on the case this happens again we'll have some more data.
  2. I can go either DIY or let the techs do it. But if I'm reliant on the C4 and the techs I don't want to be told to call back in three days when my whole HA system is crocked. They're going to have to provide a modicum of support capability (either them or DIY) on the weekends. Even my plumber and electrician and well guys will come out on those type calls in emergencies.
  3. Well the C4 dealer set up the network with the exception of using the CenturyLink router in bridge mode as I had previously config'd it. The network has been up for several months waiting for the builders to do the finish painting so the speakers, touchpanels, etc... could be installed. I came along behind him and checked the network config since that I did know about and found nothing that needed to be changed. Yes, while everything smells like a network problem to people, it is strange that nothing else on my network seems to have been affected and if it had been a network problem you would think the EA5 could have recovered without the power cycle which was all I had to do to get things back (except for one touch screen which I had to manually reboot, it was still stuck in the intercom app displaying "connected to %s", that's clearly a software bug, network issue or not). If there was a network issue, it sees the EA5 was not able to recover itself after everything else on the network did. At least now it's Monday and both the dealer and Control4 themselves have reached out to me.
  4. No, my network is secure without known default passwords and other gambits. No, there is no port forwarding now (there was, but it was very isolated in what it was accessing...most of my test stuff is in AWS both to get it off my internal net and because my bandwidth to the internet is so poor). I was dealing with computer security and networking issues since the 80's. You can insult me all you want but the simple truth was, the problem went away when the EA5 was rebooted. If there was a networking problem, it was the EA5 that was causing it, though nothing but the C4 stuff seemed to be affected. So yes, the c4 can be made secure, but still when your held hostage by a dealer who doesn't seem to care, it all works out to about the same thing. It seems that everybody wants to harp on one aspect of my complaint with the misinstall of my system without addressing the other issues. Finally heard back from my dealer and hopefully he will have an answer. I didn't design this installation, I went with what he suggested. Thanks to some of you who decided to offer suggestions rather than insults, I have some specific things to ask/tell him. For that I thank you. Yes, I am in the US (Not the UK). Yes, I'm talking about the touchscreen intercom feature.
  5. Having a crocked system is not a cause to "make a huge deal?" Yeah, so the fact that the thing is innately a security hole isn't a big thing given the fact that it's sitting on a home lan, but the real issue was the fact the thing wasn't working at all (for still yet undetermined reasons) and there was no support. Sorry, if my expectations were too high. Yes, I'm disappointed with my installer. Didn't even hear about a consumer version of composer before I started trying to unravel this thing. But I don't understand the persistent trend here to insult someone who came looking for help.
  6. It's not satellite, it's two bonded (A)DSL pairs that only have 768K up (for an aggregate 1.5). However, if there was a network problem it appears to be entirely within the EA-5 because the issues went away doing nothing other than power cycling that unit. Thanks for those who decided to denigrate me about my understanding of networks and network protocols. Yes, I apologize for being a bit irate. I understand Control4 is a closed system and leaves me beholden to the dealer, but frankly, I thought that that meant that the level of support was going to be better than to leave me begging internet forums for hints (and yes, I did ask specific questions with regard to the Pandora in other threads and pretty much got a "works for me, problem must be on your end" answer). Anyhow, as near as I can tell, something seriously wedged the EA-5. Being a LINUX box, I probably could have ssl'd into the thing and diagnosed it further, but I was a bit disappointed I had to do that. I was expecting a company that claims to be ENTERTAINMENT based doesn't have even skeleton suggestions on the weekend. Relying on "Joe's Home Theatre" to answer his phone/email on the weekend is not the level of support I thought I was paying for. Still trying to figure out whether keeping (let alone expanding) this system is worth the pain and suffering. If I wanted to support everything myself, I'd have just bought a bunch of Raspberry Pis.
  7. It doesn't need to be video (though that is a plus), but it should at least give voice service. I don't need it to be in the "cloud" just so I can talk to the front door from the far end of the house.
  8. Nope, no SSL at all. Not even with a self-issued cer Can't get anything useful out of the website. Even with a 4 sight license it just grinds around and comes up with a perpetually empty screen with only a c4 logo on it.
  9. I have a RING and it has major issues with the fact that out in the backwaters here we don't have 2MB UP that the thing insists upon. Anybody have another doorbell recommendation that works with the C4?
  10. Of course that doesn't address the stupid fileshare issues. I can fix those but I suspect I'm just going to have to further firewall off the EA-5 and hope it doesn't break anything. On the other hand, the fact that it's leaky as a sieve allowed me to put my own wall papers on the thing (my dealer had no idea how I did that).
  11. Thanks, apparenly my EA-5 was crocked for some reason (lots of other things were also failing). It came back after I power cycled it.
  12. Yep, not relying on the Ubquity to route anything (except going out over the internet). Internally, it's all on the switch.
  13. The AppleTV seemed to work fine after the Control4 itself was uncrocked. Definitely was hosed up (probably a network issue, but it was internal to the C4 system. Everything else on my network, Macs, PCs, Printers, VOIP etc... worked fine....anything not part of the C4 system.
  14. The main processor (the one I power cycled) was is an EA5. It's the only one I touched. There's also an EA1 on the main TV (80" Sharp Aquos/Apple TV). I didn't touch anything but the main EA-5.
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