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  1. Yeah, I agree that everyone has a story like this with some brand. I'd also say, things will go wrong at some point with everything. I'm just trying to understand how well the support side works with Ubiquiti when things go south. Yes, I have a backup. Yes, I've done the factory reset (last time this happened on Jan 28 I did both assuming something had been corrupted). I'm not using the SFP ports regularly, but in testing the last time this happened, I threw a RJ45 SFP module into the LAN SFP port and connected copper via that SFP. When the switch goes down in the UDM pro (all 8 RJ4
  2. Call this Karma, but everything went down last evening at 1:03AM, so I reached out to support via chat this morning. They basically told me to RMA without doing any troubleshooting. I pushed back, because I'd really like to find out if it's the device or something else. I was told that the only way to get logs is to get the UDM to be responsive, and get into the interface or SSH. All the RJ45 ports went down, and the whole network shows offline on the UDM touchscreen (0 devices, 0 clients, internet 'OK'). Wanting to get the logs, I hooked up to the SFP port, and could SSH into the ma
  3. Yeah, the UDM has auto install updates turned on for its firmware, so firmware is current ( and the network is on 6.0.43. When this happened, the UDM was completely unresponsive from the LAN, including SSH. Have you had a decent experience with the live chat?
  4. For those of you using Ubiquiti on installs, is there a "pro" version of support for hardware issues? I have a UDM pro that decided to stop functioning one morning at 6:15am - luckily it was on my network and not a customer's. I was working on my laptop hardwired in the office, and all of a sudden internet just stopped - had been happily running for a year without issue. UDM was completely unresponsive (ICMP, refused to route LAN --> WAN) although all of the lights were still on and blinking and the WAN connection was still up. Rebooted it about 5 times, and eventually tried using
  5. My SR260 remotes all went from 2.1.120 to 2.2.27 with this update. 2 updated on their own. 1 got stuck downloading, and the one stuck remote seemed to stop all of the rest of the remotes from going. I had to reboot the remote that partially downloaded, and then reboot the rest of the remotes. About 60 seconds after a reboot they'd update.
  6. Did you ever get beyond this? I've been getting this for the last few days.
  7. I have it, and it seems to sync up states, however I do see some bizarre things here and there. For example, if I turn off a water feature (slide) from C4, sometimes the slide will go On / Off / On / Off / On / Off / On / Off (over and over for a minute or two) - this doesn't happen, but when it does, it makes you wonder what's happening. When this is happening, you can see the slider on the touchscreen going back and forth on it's own... I've also seen the same thing with the lights, where the lights will turn on, you'll change the color using C4 on the touchscreen, and the lights will tur
  8. IntelliConnect is a new Pentair system that came out last summer. It gives control of a few devices (intelliFlo pumps, heaters, intellibrite lights via 1 of the 2 relays). It doesn't have valve controlling capabilities that the older systems (EasyTouch or IntelliTouch) or the newer Intellicenter has, nor the expansion options, but meets the needs of many pools. There's no Control4 integration at this point for the IntelliConnect.
  9. I've been getting the same messages, but I have been ignoring them. Do I need to worry about them? The email that I got today says "Your trial is over"... Curious if anyone has gone beyond the "trial" end date, and if so if it quit working...
  10. So now that there's a way to lock down individual touchscreens, is there also a way to lock down individual 4Sight users? They show up in the Identity agent, but aren't available as selections in the Access agent... From what I can gather, they all lump into the "Default" bucket, which could be customized, but it would see like a common request to limit some 4Sight users more than others (kids vs parents, owners vs visitors, etc).
  11. Is anyone aware of anything in the pipeline to add XTRA channels (streaming only channel numbers > 1000) to the SiriusXM driver (Or maybe there's already a way to do this that I just missed)? Right now I have a work around by playing it on a TV and joining rooms to the session, but that's not ideal. I'd rather just have a native way to do it in the Audio driver than having to use video as a bandaid.
  12. I know this is probably an odd ask, but I replaced a 1U amp with a different 1U amp. The amp had a blank 1u above it (which was snug). The new 1u amp is ever so slightly taller, and the 1u blank no longer fits. The top edge of the 1u blank is rolled 90 degrees to make it strong, so there's really no way to force it. It's a 42u rack, so outside of trying to slide everything above the amp (60% of the rack) 1/16" up, is there a known shorter 1u blank, vented or unvented to fix this? I didn't know where else to ask, so thought I'd check here to see if anyone else has run into this. Sent fr
  13. Much of this comes from the security system - the motion sensors / door sensors / garage door sensors, etc are all tied to the security panel, and even though they aren't in the project as an official sensor, they show up under Security | Alarm | History tab. Under Locks and Sensors, there's the door locks, and they also have a "History" tab, where you can see when each door was locked. Garage doors show up here too, since they have a sensor tied to them (the "Garage Door (Sensor)" driver.
  14. This may be a dumb question, but I like having history on - it's helpful to troubleshoot devices, find where there's dead batteries (say in a Lutron occupancy sensor), etc. That being said, do you have to expose this to every user that has access to your Control4 system? We have nannies and housekeepers that have access, and I don't necessarily want them to be able to peruse through the history to see when I'm moving around the house based on occupancy sensors, when I leave based on alarm status, etc.
  15. Not sure if this has ever been shared, but if you don't want to go through the trouble of debugging an app to find the QLAUNCH command, and you have the app on your android phone, there's an app called "Fully" kiosk browser that's meant to lock the android device to only a specific app - well, as part of that, if you use single app mode, it shows the QLAUNCH command for an app. I quickly found the updated QLAUNCH for the peloton app by using my phone. Saved the time of debugging it...
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