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  1. I have at least one setup to play Pandora. I can't remember without looking if it's using an EA Pandora stream or through a Sonos Connect... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. One additional thing for #2 - I find myself forgetting to turn off the wake-up agent *before* we leave for a few days. I usually remember once I'm on the road and remember, I can't turn them off because I don't have access to a T3. The only option at that point is to try to make a mental note to catch it the next morning after the agent turns things on in each room and manually turn off all of the rooms that are on as a result of the wake-up agent that I can't disable. Well, I usually forget to turn them off every day when I'm not at home, and come home to a house with audio, lights, and TVs that are on...and have a wife asking why everything is on... For some reason, I find myself wanting to change the wake-up agents often through my phone. I view the wake-up agent as being set for the "normal" scenarios so I don't have to think about it. I only want to adjust it when things aren't normal, like I'm out of town on a Wednesday, or the kids don't have school on a random Monday. The 4 touchscreens aren't in play about 70% of the time...especially if I'm not at home...
  3. As someone that was using the legacy Wakup Agent, #2 is the biggest one for me - the primary reason that I liked that better was that it could be altered from my phone. Yes, I have a T3, but that's 10 feet away, and when I remember that I don't want the Wakeup running for my son, I'm usually in bed...my phone is closer than the nearest touchscreen... I also miss the thermostat control...
  4. How do you find the lock firmware?
  5. So I tested this again on a cloudy day, and the subject was too dark again. I went into the DS2 settings, and saw it was set back to "Outdoor (Highlight Compensation)". I scratched my head, because I had manually changed it to "Outdoor" a few days ago. Well, it looked like the setting from Composer was overwriting what I was setting in the DS2 UI, so throwing this out there to warn others that are manually tweaking the settings. If you change them in the DS2 web interface, you'll also have to sync up Composer, or the settings may get overwritten...
  6. I ended up doing some experimenting. I landed on a brightness level of 10, which blows up the background with overexposure. If highlight compensation is on, it fixes the background but darkens the foreground (and the person that I'd like to see) too much. So in yesterday's lighting which was bright, the best setting is brightness of 10, and use Outdoor mode (not the Highlight Compensation one). This makes for a visible subject, and an overly exposed background, which I'm fine with since I have multiple other cameras that capture these angles. I'll have to test it again on a cloudy day and at night to see how it looks.
  7. Yes, there's 4 lights under there, but they do very little for fixing the exposure problem when it's broad daylight. They work well at night, and it's programmed so that if you ring the doorbell after sunset they come on.
  8. Part of this I know is due to the angle - but I imagine all "doorbell cameras" have to fight this. I was hoping that after the snow was gone, this would get better (not all white in the background), but it hasn't gotten better with the weather. Here's the problem: The DS2 video has the subject so under-exposed due to the bright background that you can only get an outline. Not a huge deal, because I have 2 other cameras that cover this area and have a much better angle, but it doesn't make for a great Intercom Anywhere experience. Is there some setting that you can tweak to over-expose the background and make the subject viewable? There's not many options to manipulate the camera in Composer. Is there a setting in the DS2 configuration web page that helps? I see contrast - not sure if that will help, or if all of this is going to be fruitless anyway, and I should just use one of the other cameras for DS2 default video stream...thoughts?
  9. The question that I'd have is where is the delay coming from (the amp or the controller)... Had an install in an exercise room that had ceiling speakers driven by an amp located in the rack. We added a passive sound bar in the room and an amp behind the tv in the room. Both were connected to the same RCA output in the room. The amp in the room added about 50ms of delay, creating an echo. If you turned on TV with dialog, it was really hard to understand spoken audio because of the perceived echo. Ended up adding an audio delay (via an external device) to the input on the amp driving the ceiling speakers because there was no way to make the other amp "faster". That was close enough that things sound in-sync now...
  10. Did you figure out where to get the driver? I'm looking for it also...
  11. I have Lutron honeycombs working - just checked to see what driver it is. I'm using "Lutron RadioRA 2 Sivoia QS Triathlon Roller Shade" (blind_lutron_radiora2_sivoia_qs_triathlon_roller_shade.c4i).
  12. nVidia Shield + IRUSB + sideload the android Peloton App onto the Shield = Peloton on a TV, plus the audio outputs available via the Shield. Downside to this would be that you'd lose your stats from your bike, because the Android app isn't getting that info from the bike. The upside to this is that you can upgrade bikes and still get the Peloton classes. 🙂
  13. Both True. IP driver doesn't do power on / off, and doesn't work in certain menu areas, like changing the resolution or audio settings. This can be frustrating, as sometimes when sharing a receiver, it'll go down to 480p. There's no way to get it back to 1080 without the factory DirecTV remote...
  14. It's fixed. Just texted it on a Samsung Note 9, and notifications now work. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. Yes, no changes - Still not getting incoming call notifications from the DS2 unless the Intercom Anywhere app is actively running on Android P.
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