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  1. nVidia Shield + IRUSB + sideload the android Peloton App onto the Shield = Peloton on a TV, plus the audio outputs available via the Shield. Downside to this would be that you'd lose your stats from your bike, because the Android app isn't getting that info from the bike. The upside to this is that you can upgrade bikes and still get the Peloton classes. 🙂
  2. Both True. IP driver doesn't do power on / off, and doesn't work in certain menu areas, like changing the resolution or audio settings. This can be frustrating, as sometimes when sharing a receiver, it'll go down to 480p. There's no way to get it back to 1080 without the factory DirecTV remote...
  3. It's fixed. Just texted it on a Samsung Note 9, and notifications now work. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. Yes, no changes - Still not getting incoming call notifications from the DS2 unless the Intercom Anywhere app is actively running on Android P.
  5. Then the mosquitoes will swarm, you'll decide you want the lights off for a late-night gathering, and you won't be able to turn them off without changing your programming. 🙂 I have my landscape lights wired up to relays on my Elk. They're on from Dusk / Dawn, but I have switches in my "Patio" room that toggle the relays if I want manual control of them - for example if we're around the outdoor kitchen and people want the outdoor kitchen lights off, etc.
  6. Is the relay on your ds2 set to monostable (pulse)? You can use the relay on the ds2 to trigger the doorbell (assuming that the doorbell voltage for your doorbell is within the range of what the Ds2 relay can handle...), you just have to have the relay enabled in the Ds2 settings, and set to mono stable. If it's set to bistable, then it'll turn on (and stay on) with a press of the Ds2, and then turn off (and stay off) with a second press. This isn't what you'd want for a doorbell, so you use mono stable where it closes/opens the relay with a single press... This is all in the driver settings - you shouldn't need any special programming. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. Sounds to me like the module is losing it's network connection (maybe it's DHCP lease is expiring, and that's when it's going offline). Pulling the network cable, and then reconnecting it is causing a DHCP request, and then it's coming back online after getting an IP. I'd look at the network (swap cables if possible, and if not possible to swap cables move it to a different location, etc) and see if it keeps happening...
  8. Have you created any remote paging ("find my remote") events for this remote? That's what I'd think of when you say beeping on a cadence, because there's an action available to make the remote beep... If not, I'd pull the batteries and see if it goes away...
  9. No, but I've been watching for updates to the Intercom Anywhere app - since the issue appears to be with the application no longer getting notifications unless it's running, I'm making an assumption that they're going to have to change the way notifications are being handled within the app. That means they need to fix the issue, publish the change to the Play Store, and then you need to get the update. I'm guessing that we're talking weeks in terms of the timeline, rather than days, but I could be wrong...
  10. They acknowledged the issue in the email that I got back. They said they're working on a software fix. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. Message sent.... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. I'd have to imagine that we're not alone in this. The thing is that I didn't even realize that it was happening, because we don't have many people ring our doorbell except for delivery drivers, and 90% of the time, they just throw the package and run without ringing the doorbell... I've had two FedEx deliveries over the last two days (they actually ring the doorbell), and I get the Email snapshot from the DS2, but the App on Android Pie (Android V9) will not get the incoming call unless the app is already running. There has to be many, many (Android) customers running into this, and they're just simply not aware that calls from the Doorstation to their phone are (not) happening (yet)...
  13. You'd have to have an additional contact closure sensor for the door (such as what you'd get with an alarm system). My alarm sensors that are hooked up to an Elk M1 can be added as a generic contact closure sensor in a project.
  14. Interesting. This got me thinking. Ran to a T3, and tried to call my phone, and the call doesn't go through. Call from Doorstation to T3 works, and calls between T3s work. I'm running an android phone (Galaxy Note 9) recently updated to Android P (V9) when AT&T rolled out the update last month (about when this started happening). Android P has a number of security enhancements designed to prevent background apps from using your microphone or camera (and spying on you). Intercom Anywhere uses both of these things, because it's for video calling... For a while after the Android P update, I was getting notifications that "Intercom Anywhere has been detected using the microphone in the background" after getting an inbound call from my DS2. I uninstalled / reinstalled the app, and it only works if it's running in the background. If it's completely off, it won't get an inbound call...
  15. I know that I've seen that the Control4 integration to Lutron can overwhelm the Lutron main repeater by sending it too many lighting requests in short succession. I'm trying to understand the behavior of the Snapshot driver when recalling a snapshot that contains Lutron lighting loads. If I have 100 Lutron devices, and I've included all lighting in the snapshot, does recalling the snapshot send 100 concurrent requests to the Lutron main repeater, or does it only send requests for loads that have changed since the snapshot was taken? Wondering if anyone has any experience, or if I need to set aside some time to telnet into the Main Repeater and watch for myself. 🙂
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