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  1. You would be far better off spending the time and money to increase your competency with the Cisco environment you already have, IMHO. You don't have to become a CCNA to be proficient. The learning curve will flatten out, if you are dedicated.
  2. Would it be easier to give your C4 equipment to a stranger? Depending on what you have, I'll gladly pay for shipping. Please PM me with details.
  3. I have three Nest thermostats and three Nest Protects that are fully integrated in my Control4 environment. Recently, one of my Nest Protects reported a carbon monoxide sensor failure and the entire unit needs to be replaced. Will I be able to purchase a new Nest Protect, add it to my existing Nest account, and subsequently add it my C4 environment like I was able to do originally?
  4. Yes, I have experienced the same frustrations with the Disney+ app only. I am looking forward to updates from Walt.
  5. My mistake. I thought "Cabin Mode" was associated with being able to specify the IP address of the controller, or the app using the last known IP address as shown under "IP Address". Thanks for clarifying.
  6. I'm still looking for suggestions on how to troubleshoot this from the experts. Any ideas or suggestions? Here is what I found this morning while playing iHeartRadio and hearing dropouts: /var/log/debug# tail -36 audiostreamer.log 2019-04-10 10:14:28.655 -0600 ea3-XXXXXXXXXXX [5790] ERROR: ::0: Expected to read 6 PS bits actually read 99. 2019-04-10 10:15:00.005 -0600 ea3-XXXXXXXXXXX [5790] ERROR: ::0: Expected to read 6 PS bits actually read 100. 2019-04-10 10:15:30.405 -0600 ea3-XXXXXXXXXXX [5790] ERROR: ::0: Expected to read 6 PS bits actually read 99.
  7. It is happening all the time. I heard drops during the tests today.
  8. I am trying to determine the cause of audible dropouts every couple of minutes when I play iHeartRadio. EA-3 2.10.6 iHeartRadio Driver 65 System Diagnostics: CPU 20-40% Memory 655 MB audio3streamer 10-12% audioclient 6-7% Audio_Timing 2% From the EA-3, an nslookup indicated iheartradio.com as: Based on this, searching from System Diagnostics/System Info/netstat, I discovered: were the established conne
  9. I am wanting to learn how to configure pushover notifications and would like some assistance. My simple test case is to send a push notification to my iPhone when my adaptive lighting turns on. I believe the Berto driver is communicating correctly with my pushover web account because when I put my pushover username and password in the Composer Pro Berto properties page, it automatically: 1) Populated the User Id 2) Populated the Secret 3) Populated the Device Id 4) Displayed the introductory pushover confirmation 5) Send a push notification to my iPhone
  10. 2.1.117 is the latest for the SR260 remotes. Don't tell WAP 😀
  11. Is the version greater than 107 from 10/17/2018?
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