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  1. That feature is also available in ComposerHE. Note that two of the cameras have the same password password and the others have a different password. It doesn't seem to make a difference as this all seems to be going through the NVR. When I change the password in the ComposerHE camera properties to match the old password that the installers used, the video streams come through fine in Control4 even with the individual cameras having different passwords. Yes, I tried changing the POE password. Did not work. Does changing the POE password simply change the individual cameras' password to be the same?
  2. The screenshot I attached above is from the camera driver. I have access to the NVR and each of the cameras password setting in ComposerHE and have set the password. There is another place, apparently only accessible in ComposerPro. Note that the static picture is being retrieved successfully via control4, it is only the video streams that are not.
  3. The most I could get out of the dealer is "We need to enter the new password into the drive in the system design". I know system design refers to the section in Composer Pro but what drive? Anyone have any idea?
  4. That would require the installer (who has been unreliable). I was hoping to just find this third place the password is stored in control4 before I resorted to having to keep them in the loop on my password changes. With the Luma ip camera static driver, can you still see video streams in the control4 app if you update the NVR password? If I were to have the driver changed, I want to make sure I don't have the same issue.
  5. Same setup. Camera drivers go through the NVR via 65001, etc. Attached are the Luma NVR Camera Management page, driver info for the NVR and one of the cameras, the composer properties page for that camera, and the H.264 URL from the test page that works when the password is set back to the original. To be clear, I can access the feeds fine from the Luma app, it is only through Control4's app in Security->Cameras that the video feeds only work with the original password. This is the only way to access the feeds via Control4's touchscreen.
  6. I have a Luma 8CH NVR with a set of Luma cameras attached (NVR manages the addressing for the cameras so access happens through the NVR). After the installer installed them, I could go to the navigator touchscreen under security->cameras and see still images in a grid and after selecting one camera, streaming video. The installer had a very simple password for the NVR that I needed to change to before I would allow remote access so I changed it. I then used ComposerHE to update the NVR password and the individual cameras' passwords for control4. Note, I did not change the cameras' actual passwords just the password control4 uses to access the cameras through the NVR. (BTW, The individual cameras have passwords different from NVR). Testing the camera in ComposerHE shows the still image URL passing but the H.264 test (rtsp) failing (failed to get resource). Now in the navigator touxhscreen, I can see still frames but video does not appear. I went back to the old password in the NVR and in ComposerHE changed the password stored in Composer for each camera back to the old password and I get images and video again. As well the H.264 test passes. The installer says there is one other place where I need to change the password that is inaccessible to me and requires I give them the NVR password so they can make the change. Before I go that route, my question is, where exactly is this other location for the password? The impression I get is that it is only accessible through the Pro version of the software but the screenshots I saw show the exact same configuration UI for the NVR and individual cameras as ComposerHE. This was in 2.9.0 and still happens in 2.10.5.
  7. rebooting the controller did not fix this for me
  8. I am having the same issue. It worked yesterday and no longer works today. I have uninstalled and re-installed ComposerHE. I am running version 2.9.0. ComposerME still works.
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