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  1. Understood - and now sorted. Many thanks. I.
  2. Thanks, both. The external lights scene comes on 1 hour before sunset and turns off at 22:30 (with a different scene coming on at 06:10). So I just need the PIR to trigger the lights during darkness (so between 22:30 and 06:10) for 10 minutes if someone walks by. I think I've got it (see attached). I've set the timer parameters to activate or deactivate the scene. When the timer starts, the scene is activated. If the timer is on (i.e. the PIR is re-triggered during the 10 minute period), it resets and stays on for 10 minutes more. When the timer expires - lighting scene off. I'v
  3. Some help required, please....I have a PIR sensor linked to C4 via a contact switch. When the PIR triggers the contact switch I want an External Light scene to run for 10 minutes (and if the PIR has been triggered during that 10 minutes, to extend for 10 minutes beyond the last trigger point).The External Light scene comes on 1 hour before sunset and off at 22:30, then on at 06:10am, hence the Conditional at the start of the program. So the intention is, if its dark and the lights are off, they come on for 10 minutes after the PIR last senses movement, then switches off. Its not working.....ca
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