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  1. I have two rooms in my setup. A couple of days ago all the lights (which are all in one room) have stopped working. The lights are controlled by a six button switch keypad which I believe the first four buttons are "bound" to the light pucks. There is no response at all when pushing any of these buttons. Also when I connect to HE I don't seem to be able to turn on/off any of the lights directly. The other room works fine - however thinking about it the other room is only controlling the home theatre system/tv etc. So it could be that everything on the Zigbee network is not working. I have tried restarting the controller but that made no difference. Anyone have any suggestions? Regards, Jason
  2. I'm a HE user and I'm doing some expirements with integrating Google Home to trigger actions in C4. My first thoughts have been to define some scenes (advanced lighting) in Control4 which have programming behind them to perform any actions as necessary. For example I have three scenes "Watch Apple TV", "Watch Foxtel", "Turn off TV" which do the necessary steps in C4 (tested successfully). My Google Home has been linked successfully and I can turn lights on and off etc. However it seems very fussy when starting scenes. "Hey Google Start Scene Watch Apply TV" works fine - good start. "Hey Google Start Scene Watch Foxtel" never worked. Instead I got this working by renaming the scene to "Watch Cable TV" and then "Hey Google Start Scene Watch Cable TV" works fine. "Hey Google Start Scene Turn off TV" doesn't seem to works. I've also tried a bunch off combinations and they all don't seem to work (all get the message from Google that it doesn't understand what I want). It seems to me Google gets caught up on some of the key words and doesn't recognize that they are just scene names. Does anyone know if there a better way to be doing this? ie. some way to make Google Home realize it is just starting a scene from the C4 link. Also the only way I seem to be able to get Google Home to pick up new scenes (and name changes) are by unlinking and relinking the accounts. Surely there is a better way than this? Thanks, Jason
  3. Just a quick update that the msgreenf did the upgrade quickly and efficiently. Now happily running on OS 3.1. Thanks, Jason
  4. My C4 system is running OS 2.9.1 at the moment. I was not overly impressed with my local dealer when we did the original installation hence am open to using a remote dealer for work going forward. How much effort/cost is involved in a OS update to the latest recommended version (presumably 3.1?). What are the odds of things getting broken that require a onsite visit? I'm Australian based so one exotic interation might be our Foxtel IQ set top box. A key driver for the update is to get access to the Google Home Assistant integration. How much effort is involved here on the dealer side? I have a Composer HE license and am fairly capable of doing some of the integration where possible (with HE restrictions). Regards, Jason
  5. For anyone else who ever comes across this issue .... we had another blackout today and it is now fixed!! My attempts at powering off the controller with the lights in various states had failed, but apparently the power going out on the controller and the dimmers in unison (while the lights were off) was enough to correct it. Regards, Jason
  6. We had a power blackout tonight and after the power has come back on our three lights on dimmer switches are reversed from what Control4 thinks. Ie. when there are set to 0 in Control4 the lights are on, and when set to 100 the lights are off. Our scenes that set the lights off also don't work (the lights come on). I've tried turning the lights off and then power cycling the controller however the same issue still occurs. Any simple fixes to get the lights back working properly? I have ComposerHE and the Monitoring settings in there show the same as the Control4 app. The dimmers are all models C4-DM201-Z, and the controller is a C4-EA1 running 2.9.1 Thanks, Jason
  7. Our Control 4 system was setup a few months ago and we've just noticed that when controlling our cable set top box some of the number buttons don't work (both on our SR260 remote and when using the C4 app on our mobile devices). ie. The 0,1,4,7 buttons don't work - the other numbers work fine. This is a bit painful if wanting to go directly to a specific channel (ie. 501 - have to go to 522 and then do channel down lots of times, or browse in to the channel guide and select the channel from in there). I have emailed my dealer and am awaiting a response, but in the meantime am wondering if the is anything that can be done in HE to fix it. Any thoughts on why it would occur? Thanks, Jason
  8. Actually just found the Chowmain Generic TCP driver which sounds like it should be on my list. https://www.drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/generic-tcp-command-control4-driver-chowmain/ Regards, Jason
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations on any useful drivers to get installed on my Control4 system? eg. anything that would allow a customized HTTP/REST call as an action? (which could trigger an event on a external system). Regards, Jason
  10. Excellent - downloaded the version from the PDF RyanE posted and it is now working! Interestingly the HE version under customer.control4.com/software/downloads for me is still an old version that doesn't work. Regards, Jason
  11. My C4 system was installed about a month ago. I notice that it has been installed with version 2.9.1. Is it reasonable that this is the version installed by my dealer? Or should I be questioning them as to why it wasn’t done as 2.10.X? Thanks, Jason
  12. Hi I’m new around these parts. I had a small C4 setup installed about a month ago, received my HE license about a week ago and found this forum when trying to get it to work. I’ve read that there are some great dealers on here that can do remote work on C4 systems. So far I’d say I haven’t been impressed with the local dealer I used to install the system (various things I was told told during the pre sales and installation were factually incorrect, they have been very unresponsive to emails/phone calls leading up to the install and the installer sent out was very junior and spent more time on the phone getting assistance than actually doing the install). I work in IT and can do all the hands on things myself, so could probably most likely get by using a remote dealer. I’m wondering if there are any region restrictions for dealers? Ie. Can they only support customers in their country? Regards, Jason
  13. Just got my license for HE today... and having issues logging in. Glad I found this thread as it has stopped me pulling my hair out for the next few hours! I'll keep watching for a fix. Regards, Jason
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