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  1. I am looking for a solution for a client who wants to have his swinging man gate controlled. Client wishes to unlock via local keypad and remotely via Control4 app. I am looking at magnetic locks and electric strikes. Hoping someone has successfully gone down this path and will share the setup they used. Thanks.
  2. I'm looking for some direction on using Alexa for voice control of multi-zone music. Currently the system has one Sonos Connect, one C4 Music Bridge, one C4 8-zone matrix amp, and an HC-800. There are 8 zones in the home currently wired up with speakers. With Sonos it is very was to say "Alexa play James Taylor in the Kitchen". Alexa responds by playing various JT songs from Amazon Music in the Kitchen zone of the Sonos. Very easy via Alexa to pause, raise / lower volume. Using the existing C4 8-zone amp, am I able to get to a similar one-command for Alexa? If not, how many commands would it take to get the Sonos Connect to be streaming from Amazon Music in the Kitchen? Does it make sense to add a few more Sonos Connects for zones with the highest use of Alexa? If cost were not a concern (ease of Alexa commands being the priority), should I pull out the c4 8-zone matrix amp and replace with 8 Sonos amps? Or add 7 more Sonos Connects giving each zone its own Sonos (and defeating the purpose of the matrix amp)? Any other options you think would be worth considering? Thanks.
  3. I got this information from Snap AV inside sales. I asked for clarity as I found it hard to believe. "the LUMA will do either record or convert but it can't do both".
  4. Will the LUMA DVR both record and convert all analog streams to IP streams? I heard the Luma DVR will do either but not both.
  5. I have a 10 year old setup with coax plus low voltage wiring to the cameras. Rewiring is not an option. What I want to end up with is - analogue cameras - DVR that is networked enabled allowing remote viewing - integration with Control4 so cameras can be viewed via C4 app on iPhone, on TVs in house, and T3 touchscreens - some control over the DVR via the C4 app What have you installed that works? Thank you.
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