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  1. https://www.control4.com/press_releases/2007/09/06/high-performance-hc-1000/ Just like +10 years ago, C4 introduced HC1000, price tag was $1500. My guess the cost of R&D of CA-10 is cheaper than EA5, it's just a pc platform, more profit for the company if they can push in sale, very interesting. And not sure about power consumption 24/7 for the CA-10 alone?
  2. Is this the return of HC-1000( with power/redundancy) which runs mainly as director ? and EA runs Zigbee?
  3. Is there any tricks to load saved 2.9.1 projects that has unsupported (EOL) devices like hc300/200 , C4-TSWM7-EG-B touchscreens.. etc. onto 2.10.3 controller. TIA.
  4. how do I know if hc800 come with intercom license or not ? through MAC address ?
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